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>> Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Happy 2oo6!

I'm in Form 4 this year, 4 Balau. I thought I would never be in Balau for the rest of my life! Pei Fang, Jannatul and Keith is in Angsana. Geez, I thought you gotta be active in co-curriculum and excellent in academic to be in that class. I'm in Balau, with A LOT of famous gals and guys. Only Wan Ying, Wen Jo and Joanne (Teo) are the ones I know better. =/
My form teacher is Pn. Lim XX who teaches us biology and my mathematics teacher is Pn. Ng! Hip hip hoorays!! Anybody who got her, please congratulate yourself. =D
We started add maths and BM already. Pn Tan was so fast that I dont really get what she was teaching. I told you, I dont have business brain, thus I dont have mathematic brain. BM teacher is Pn. Norita. Geez, she looked so fierce and yet, kind. =/
I'm SO messed up with those exercise books; so many books to use, so little I have. =p

I was thinking of being a librarian! Besides of those marks for gerko, at least I have something to do at school. Imagine being a "peasant" in school; that's so boring! Joanne Teo also will be a librarian with me. ^____^

Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightly) and Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen)

I heard that Pride and Prejudice was great, the overall rating of the review was good. That's a must-watch! I'm not sure whether this is the original content in the book, but I know I'll read the book if I have the chance. Geez, I hate literature.

Anyways, I know the fever of Snow.Wolf.Lake has gone, and I got this website with the stories/novel about it. I hadn't had the time to read though. =p

This is a graphic I made for the last few weeks, that's the cute image I told you guys about. =)

Ain't it cute? ;)
I know I overdone with the stars brushes, but I don't have any nicer brush. -_____-;;
Geez, I love the font. =p

I found another 2 cute images! Gosh, my sister has the taste. ;)

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