>> Friday, 20 January 2006

Physics yesterday...
Mr Ooi: "What's the name of the tube for mercury in the thermometer?"
"Mercury tube."
"Thermometer tube."
"Glass tube."
Mr Ooi: "I want a more specific answer."
"Tiny tube."
"Minute tube."
Shu Zhen: "Your turn."
Me: "Huh?"
Mr Ooi: "Wan... Zee."
Me: *@#%^* "Win Zee." I can at least have an excuse if he were old, and read my name "Win Jee" or "Win See" or "Vincci", but "Wan Zee" is so unforgivable, plus his eyesight is good! I mean, he can read his handwriting from the last table. =/
Mr Ooi: "Oh, Win Zee."
"I dunno."
"Nano tube."
"Pico tube."
"Thermometer." (Joe Shen)
Mr Ooi: "Yes, I know it's a thermometer, I ask you for that tube inside the thermometer!"
"I dunno."
"I dunno."
"Tiny tube."
"Glass tube."
"Fallopian tube."
*toin* I like that. =D
Mr Ooi must've thought we're hopeless. Lol.
Btw, some people ask him. "How old are you?" This question definitely comes from the guys, and we're so curious about young, temporary teachers. =D
No answer.
"Why did you come here?"
"I'm waiting for my STPM results..." Eh, Form 6 student can teach Form 4 student meh? And, I finally understand why Daniel is still in his 2nd year in his university.
"So you're 20 lah?"
He acts as if he doesn't know. *snap fingers* Bingo!
We ARE hopeless.

I went for librarian interview today. Surprisingly, I wasnt very nervous - much, but Joanne (Teo) was so nervous. "Relax, relax..." "I cant relax!" "Then have a deep breath!" We were the only Form 4s, plus Kevin Wong. =/ I was interviewed by Hwee Sann and another girl librarian.
*smile* I'm too nervous. >_____<
"Please say something about yourself."
"Umm, I'm Teong Win Zee from 4 Balau." Iish.
"Why did you want to be a librarian?" This was expected. Wen Jo told me before. Lol.
"Umm, I want to accept more challenges, to have a new experience, to discipline myself and to be more responsible." I memorised this. Lol.
"Then why didn't you be a librarian in the lower form?"
"Umm, last time I was very blur, and i don't know when is the interview..." =p
"But librarian work is very hard wan wor..."
"Yea I know..." Lesson #1: You should act as if you know it. =p
"What if exam is around the corner would you still come for duty?"
Oh no. "Yea, I will." A false "promise", but I hope it isn't.
"Lets say, you were given a post in the prefect boards, will you just dump the librarian job?"
"Umm, no."
"Cuz, umm, the prefects are like, a beban (I cant find the word), like you need to do everything very well," Oh no, I said the wrong thing. "But I like the librarian job better." Iish, should've said I hate the prefects' life. Lol.
"OK... so what qualities do you have that we should make you a librarian?"
Oh no, I forgot what I want to say. "I can fulfill my duty even if I'm busy, and umm... I.. can wrap books!?" Iish iish iish.
"Then, are you afraid of the seniors?"
"Not really lah~" Why ask this?
"OK... *tick tick tick tick* half-half wor..." She's speaking to another librarian. "OK, thank you~"
I just realized that they asked a lot of questions. Lol.

I'm lazy to do my theory. Argh. Must complete Grade 8 ASAP. I just hate theory so much. >_____< Teacher said that I'm independent, yea right. I can be like a parasite, waiting by your side by your for answers. ;)

My sister bought a clarinet for pancaragam. RM1k. She should buy a flute la, cuz flute looked much more nicer, the sound is higher. =)


Survey + random

>> Wednesday, 18 January 2006

1 MINUTE AGO: I'm online
1 HOUR AGO: Umm, watching Kim Possible. xD
1 DAY AGO: Umm, busy doing homework.
1 YEAR AGO: Hmm, I was so nervous on BM, that I shivered when I was writing the essay, then I found out that it's just like normal exams. xD
I LOVE: Cute stuff =3, letters, emails
I HATE: Insects, homework, stress
I FEAR: Height, ghosts, almost anything. =x
I FEEL: hungry after I went up to morning session. =/
I HIDE: almost anything.
I DRIVE: no car. xD
I MISS: the drama.
I LEARN: add maths and I hate add maths. =x
I NEED: to be thinner and taller
I THINK: I'm a simple-minded animals with complex needs. =x

First screen name: I don't know.
First piercing: I don't have pierces.
First credit card: I don't have one.
First enemy: I remember I had one.. but I forgot.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: I don't know
Last kiss: Don't even have my first kiss. xD
Last movie seen: Umm.. I forgot.
Last food consumed: Soury stuff.
Last Phone call : Some relative.
Last CD played: Forgot.
Last drink drank: Sarsi, water

I Am : WiN Zee
I WANT: a digi cam.
I WISH: to be thin.
I WONDER: every second
I ALWAYS: breathe
I DANCE: ugly-ly.
I SING: much better than my dance.
I CRY: when I dont want to. -_____-;;
I AM NOT ALWAYS: stupid.
I WRITE: too fast. =p
I CONFUSE: very easily.
I SHOULD: do my homework. =/

NUMBER : 9, 6
COLOUR(S): blue, white, black
DAYS: Friday, Saturday, un-bored holidays
MONTH: none.
SONG(S): JJ's songs. xD
DRINK: water, soya, sugar cane, barley, fruit juice

HAVE YOU...CRIED? : nope, dont think so
HELPED? : i think so
GOTTEN SICK? : nope, don't curse me
TALKED TO AN EX?: don't hv an ex.
MISSED AN EX?: dont hv an ex

Ugh, hate that teacher. Iish. She pissed me off so much. I lazy to type it out, so, umm, in short, I was kicked out, every F4 maruah telah dijatuhkan, Sook Shiang's maruah dijatuhkan so much and I dont think that teacher realized that. Maybe there's a bit of our fault, but it's not ENTIRELY our fault la, teacher. Dont think you're a teacher and an adult and bigger than us then you think that we're so good to bully. We might not dare to speak up in front of you, but the talks behind your back is much more scarier, you know. You'll never know when you'll die. Oops, wrong sentences. =p

Wen Jo's fanfiction =D Purple eyes are so manga-ish. I like brown better. =D

Hmm.. fanfiction.. Do you think I'll write a good one? =D


Worse than crappy

>> Friday, 6 January 2006

Still. No. Fan. In. Class. The school is murdering us.

What happened to Pn. Chuah? The announcement said "...takziah" and mentioned her name. She hadnt come in to our class! I hope she's alright! =(

There's one Indian teacher with short hair and seldom smile (I think) reminds me of Sugus. Eek. *shivers*

2 students transfered to our class: Joe Shen and Yen Leng (I thought she's a Malay! Gomene!). Balau is so big already and the school still want to stuff some more people in. Geez, Joe Shen is deaf.

Jessica reminds me of Jung Se Jin (Eugene) from Wonderful Life because of her short hair...
And Yien Yien reminds me of Amber Chia because of her model looks.
All models looked the same! =p

But soya is so yummy.. =(

Psychologist earns a lot!!?? Great news! =p
Sorry sorry.

I SERIOUSLY love this poem. So cute~~!!

献给 蔚蓝沙 以及 所有蓝纹草的朋友














So kawaii and so sweet!

This. Post. Is. So. Crappy. I. Stuff. Every. Crappy. Stuff. In. This. World. To. This. Post.
I'm hopeless. =p

No, Joe Shen is not deaf. He's simply deaf-er than me.


1st post in 2oo6

>> Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Happy 2oo6!

I'm in Form 4 this year, 4 Balau. I thought I would never be in Balau for the rest of my life! Pei Fang, Jannatul and Keith is in Angsana. Geez, I thought you gotta be active in co-curriculum and excellent in academic to be in that class. I'm in Balau, with A LOT of famous gals and guys. Only Wan Ying, Wen Jo and Joanne (Teo) are the ones I know better. =/
My form teacher is Pn. Lim XX who teaches us biology and my mathematics teacher is Pn. Ng! Hip hip hoorays!! Anybody who got her, please congratulate yourself. =D
We started add maths and BM already. Pn Tan was so fast that I dont really get what she was teaching. I told you, I dont have business brain, thus I dont have mathematic brain. BM teacher is Pn. Norita. Geez, she looked so fierce and yet, kind. =/
I'm SO messed up with those exercise books; so many books to use, so little I have. =p

I was thinking of being a librarian! Besides of those marks for gerko, at least I have something to do at school. Imagine being a "peasant" in school; that's so boring! Joanne Teo also will be a librarian with me. ^____^

Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightly) and Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen)

I heard that Pride and Prejudice was great, the overall rating of the review was good. That's a must-watch! I'm not sure whether this is the original content in the book, but I know I'll read the book if I have the chance. Geez, I hate literature.

Anyways, I know the fever of Snow.Wolf.Lake has gone, and I got this website with the stories/novel about it. I hadn't had the time to read though. =p

This is a graphic I made for the last few weeks, that's the cute image I told you guys about. =)

Ain't it cute? ;)
I know I overdone with the stars brushes, but I don't have any nicer brush. -_____-;;
Geez, I love the font. =p

I found another 2 cute images! Gosh, my sister has the taste. ;)


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