>> Monday, 19 December 2005

I just listened to Daniel's You Ji (Organic Love). I realized that the fog of obsession blurred the reality cactus, but fortunately, the rain of logic poured down and showed me the sharp thorns. The song was actually just OK, but a nice K-song. I'm beginning to think why am I soo obsessed about Daniel last time. I can't really find a reason besides he's kinda cute, until I heard his falsetto. As magnetic as ever. His voice was weak, I tell you, weak! He sings too clear in the song, so it's kinda "fake". LOL! I'm still wondering, besides his kinda-cute look and the magnetic falsetto, what other else made me vote for him. Hmm. I need to feel lucky, cuz I get outta this obsession thing fast, and didn't buy much magazines. It's like, just 3, just RM6++. Maybe I should delete my account in DFC. Or maybe I should just give up on his new album, or just the pirated ones. Hmm.
I know I'm evil. Do not de-devilise and angelise me.

There's a way to know whether your friend deleted your contact in MSN Messenger.

Go to Tool -> Options -> Privacy. Right click any contact, if it appears "Delete" as clickable, it means that that friend of yours deleted your contact. I checked mine, and 6 people deleted my contact.. T___T

From: 滄海一聲笑- 笑不出還可以哭
Be Happy Newsletter

3 days till the day of PMR results. I'm hoping that I could get at least 5 As! Forget about BM, I never cared about it much (LOL!). We gotta watch the news on 21st. The Minister of Education needs to announce the results (like more improvements or something). After that, we can take it. NOBODY can take the results before he announce the results. I never know PMR is so important. At least not as important as this. Haha. I know I couldn't sleep before that day, so.. you'll be seeing a panda in school. Haha.

Whee~ I earned a few quick bucks! No, not at anywhere, but at home! Till now I earned RM8 or so. I know it's really really little, comparing to that few hundred bucks some of you guys earned, but at least I don't need to go anywhere! I helped my mom to calculate the marks for the SPM Add Maths, 5 cents for each paper. It's low, but those people are stupid, and you can find some zeros anywhere, so it's OK. ^___^

Btw, I consider to sleep in a single bed. No, it's not stupid to give up that twin bed! It's kinda small and it's spoiled anyway. Haha. I can put a table in the extra space! Ooh, cool. =D Oh, a radio too, please. ^___^

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