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>> Wednesday, 7 December 2005

You get one wish of anything, what would you ask for? Wish for 6 more wishes.
» Be JJ's friend (It's so impossible)
» Know how to play a guitar
» Good at composing songs
» Have a perfect body (Lol)
» Be rich $___$
» Be more outgoing!

What animal would you be?
A doggie! JJ's doggie! ^___^

Something you want to do in your life:
Hmm, travel around the world and promoting JJ-ism. Lol. The travel around the world part is true. =p

One time there were these Ninjas.. (finish the statement.)
They were shopping for new capes and underwears, as it isn't in the trend now.

One song you could listen to over and over again:
Can I choose all JJ's songs? ;) OK, so I'll choose Hai Pa. ^___^

Coke or Pepsi?
Hmm, aren't they the same? Pepsi.

Something you currently desire:
Umm, go shopping at the music store and go bankrupt. =p

What’s a “hellsian”? (Take a guess no peeking in a Dictionary.)
Hmm, very very very very sian? Or did they spell wrong "hellsing"? Lol.

One good deed you've done lately:
I can't remember a thing.. Maybe, doing my chores? Bleh, I'm very evil.

A funny moment in your life:
Hmm. I can't remember much, but I know there's a lot. Hmm, lets see. Oh there's one day which it's the 2nd last day of PMR. I heard from Pin that Sook Shiang can laugh for 30 minutes non-stop. I challenged her, and that day I would just laugh whenever I saw her face. Lol. But I just laughed for 15 minutes.. LOL!

Five people I pick:
Rene, Jessy, Esther, Cindy, and umm, Mavis?

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