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>> Friday, 23 December 2005

Woot, PMR results were released yesterday! Everyone wore uniform except for some of us. I didn't know, cuz I didn't went to school on the last day. =p But Pn. Ng is good enough to let me take the results. ^___^ I jumped when I got the results! 8As!! I never even dream of having this kind of results. We tricked Pin that she got 6Bs 1A, I want some to fail, but, you know, the others are "considerate".

My cousin got 7As for her PMR. She's really active in her co-curriculum and yet she managed to get 7As. I'm so envy of her, although she didn't get straights. My another cousin SMSed. She asked me how much I got. For a long time I didn't have much fun tricking others. I told her (and Esther) that I got 4As 3Bs 1C, A for Chinese, English, Maths and Geography, B for KH, Malay and Science, and C for Sejarah. To prevent from them believing the results, I added, for my cousin, that "Do you believe it? I don't believe it, I can't believe it, I won't believe it", while for Esther "p/s: I'm naughty". LOL!! Call me evil. ;)

I won't allow myself to have C for major exams, OK?

May Suen is the Top 25 in Malaysia for PMR. Hmm. Predictable.

Btw, what's the extra subject in 9As?

Eventually, my parents forgot that they promised to give me a digital camera of my own if I get straights. They want to buy me a cellphone. I was kinda disappointed. I know, I'm the only person in this world disappointed for getting a cellphone. Cellphone isn't my thing. My mom promised to sponsor RM10 a month, still, I want a camera! RM10 may seem little, but I don't even use the phone for 1 or 2 months! Plus I'll lost it or hit it or dropped it. Although I sucked at using the camera, but at least you have something to do when you're freakin' bored with life and with the cellphone's games! You can improve your photography skills, take some beautiful sceneries, take some Kim Jae Won's face (lol) from the TV... Much more un-lifeless than a cellphone, don't you think so.

Curse me if you want, Nokia/Sony Ericsson/Motorola/LG/Anycall (Oops, this is supposed to be a Korean brand =p)/anything.

Brainwash you people who chose cellphone instead of a digital camera. I know you'll regret it someday.
Good for you people who chose digital camera instead of a cellphone. I know you'll regret it someday. Haha.

Congrats to you people who got the results you want and more, and gambate in the future who got the results nobody you dont want.

Oh yes, did I mention that the principal in the second dream in the previous post looks like Mah Jun-Xiang? The handsom-est principal in the world! xD

A joke I read in Reader's Digest:
Snow White got a camera and she took pictures of the 7 dwarfs, the forest, the cottage... After that, she took the film to develop it.
A few days later, she went to take the photos, the clerk told her that it's not done yet. Snow White cried when she heard that. The clerk then told her: "Someday your prints will come."


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