>> Wednesday, 21 December 2005

I had 2 weird dreams today.

#1 I forgot the front part. So I was outside of my house, with other of my relatives. There's one girl who seemed to have brown hair with that blg, black clip with a wig. She took off and chat with her friends. I thought, how fake. And Pei Fang was there too. I chat with her in a far distance, then I went in my uncle's house.
I asked my mom whether she saw my sister, her eyes were red and puffy, so I just walked away to find her. I can see that some of my cousins are sitting on a chair and stare blankly. My aunt was taking pictures in a dark room. I thought she was either taking a picture of my sister or playing computer.
I came by 3 columns of bathroom. On the 2nd one, the door was open. That "faker" girl, covered with towel (duh), was turning in it. There's a girl/maid outside. I came to the 3rd one. The door was short, so I can see some parts of the people in it. I saw a fleshy guy inside, I thought he/she was my brother, so I turned back. Then I saw the colour of his/her skin - DARK. I know he/she wasn't my brother, so I knocked down the door with that girl/maid. I saw a small, skinny dark guy inside. I hit him with a white towel and push him down the toilet bowl. I thought, oh no, maybe sis is down there! (down the toilet bowl). I took off that thought out of my mind and find for my sister with that girl/maid. We found for a long time and we still cant find her. I suspect that she REALLY is in that toilet bowl with that skinny guy.

I woke up. This dream is just soo scary. Then I sleep back. This is the other, much more.. interesting I guess.

#2 I'm in a room in the hostel of a private school. The others were all girls (duh). We climbed up to our "bed" (actually just a matress put on the floor) and chat. The ketua then ask us to do a survey about the school. The girls passed the paper to me. She then listed out the questions. The first question was "Do you like this school? :" while the second was "Why 'yes'? :" My paper was kinda messy. :P I saw an article of an Indian girl and felt pity for her. I cut it out and showed the other girls.
It's time for dinner. We ate outside the school. The principal and his wife was there, too. I was kinda close with this girl. I felt that she was Mavis. An Indian girl came. "Mavis" gave her a pinch of rice. I asked her (Mavis) who's that girl, she said she's (Indian girl) the girl in that article. I then took out some coins from my pocket. Just then, the principal called me. I went with them.
In their room (which seems to be one of the rooms in my old house), the principal questioned me about that Indian girl. He asked me "why did you cut out the article and showed to everyone". I answered, "Cuz it's our school's news". He then said not to do this next time. His wife told me "Tell your po po (grandmother)..." "Po po?" "Yes, Po po." "I dont have a po po." "Oh, OK, then your mother about this." (I bet she's so mad of me :P)
Then I was in a temple, finding for joss sticks to pray for my grandfather and grandmother. I found one and lighted it. My mom and her friends/relatives saw me and asked me what am I doing here. I lied to her. Then I was in my bedroom, to take some stuff. I took my clock. I was hesitating between my hello kitty clock (dont ask me why is it there.) and the square clock which I had it now. I chose the square clock. Then I took some pads (OMG I'm so embarassed). I walked down the stairs.

Then it's 11AM. Haha.

I watched The Chronicles of Narnia today. Ah, it damn rox. I like Mr. Tumnus, the unicorn Peter rides, Aslan, the wolves. =D The scene where Peter shouted "For Narnia, and for Aslan!" is a bit too soft for me. I think the voice should be lower or grand-er. That ice palace was kinda fake. Except for this 2, the others was beautiful. =) Some funny scenes were quite funny. It must be so cool to own a horse who speaks. =D
I wanted to watch Perhaps Love, brother wants to watch Narnia, mom wants to watch King Kong. They don't want to watch mine, so I chose Narnia, but mom insisted to watch hers. In the end we came too late and bought the tickets for Narnia. =D

Hmm, I seem to like ferocious animal. Oops, I mean FURRY ferocious animal. If you were to ask me this question: "Which animal would you like to own: White tiger, Polar bear, Cheetah?" I bet you'll gotta wait for, like, 3 days? Lol.

Paranoid Personality Disorder:Low
Schizoid Personality Disorder:Low
Schizotypal Personality Disorder:Moderate
Antisocial Personality Disorder:Low
Borderline Personality Disorder:Low
Histrionic Personality Disorder:High
Narcissistic Personality Disorder:Moderate
Avoidant Personality Disorder:Low
Dependent Personality Disorder:Low
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:Moderate
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The Histrionic is soo not me. =p

PMR results will be out tomorrow at 10AM!! But maybe you need to go to school at 11 or 12PM for the results. =/ I'm thinking that I might fail all. =(

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