>> Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Just feel like blogging.

I just saw the cutest picture of all time in my sister's folder, and I KNOW I gotta edit it! Now it's halfway through, or maybe 3-quarters through! ^___^

JJ's twins. NO!
JJ's sister. NO! Extra information: he has an elder brother.
JJ dressed up for Jacky Wu's show (Lol). No.
Somebody edited the pic. NO!
The girl had surgery. Yes, maybe. Cuz I think she's his fans.
Its somebody who looked really really alike with JJ.
Now I know how would JJ looks like if he's a girl. She might consider to sign a contract with Halo and release an album and calls herself CC or something. Haha. Just joking.

Is there really 7 people who will look alike with you? Hmm. I guess God can't think of anymore unique faces, so he created 7 people who look like you, and if you met with one, the Egyptian curse will unlock. LOL. Wan Ying told me that Egyptian curse. Its from a Taiwan drama called something. There's a rich guy met with this poor guy and they looked alike. This rich guy wants to play a game with this poor guy, so he wants to switch identities.
Maybe that rich guy is dead. LOL. Just joking.

I just downloaded so many scores. I'm amazed with my comp's storage. Hah. Must print out some of the hard ones already, if not my comp will really clogged up like Rene's comp and go for major surgery (formatting). I'm getting lamer. -___-;; Btw, I downloaded so many JJ's pics, that my comp will go kaboom! in the next second.

1 second gone.


P/S: I'm so very lame. I know. Please ignore that last word.

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