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>> Tuesday, 13 December 2005

2004/9/28, 02:04:51
I lost my passport!

I just reached, after I came out from the plane, I found out that my passport isn't with me, so I told them immediately, but they can't find it.. (O_O So blur. Do you think the other JJ-fans-passenger took his passport as a souvenir? =p)
I'm so nervous, without my passport, I can't travel to other countries on Sunday, I need to wait for a new passport for 14 days!
These days I'm quite blur.. Haha.

2004/11/1, 02:31:40
I'll continue my promotional tour!

Wow, time flys! After my promotional tour in Taiwan, I'll be in Hong Kong..
I would like to thank all the fans, the ones who supports me, and those fans who followed me to whole Taiwan... Thanks for all your encouragements!
Although I feel that we would not meet here in a short time, but I know I'll have tha chance! (I have the feeling, hahaha)

I hope every one of won't forget me!! Wait for my 3rd album to conquer the world!!!! Hehehehe..... (So many exclamation marks, so many dots.. O_O)

2005/4/28, 03:38:21
My new message

Calling all JJ warriors
Greetings to all JJ warriors out there,
This period of running around has opened me to many new thoughts.
My music has grown, so has my vision for the future. I am sure this new album has given many of you an insight to my life, more in-depth and real.

I see my music as a huge biological magnet, the more places it has been to, the more different kinds of music lovers it will attract. The bigger it grows, the greater its area of attraction. Therefore I call out to all of you music lovers, follow me in my new escapade, in search of a place no one has been before.

I need you, every one of you to join me. So give me your greatest passion and support. Let us prepare ourselves to set out on a new journey of hope, power and love.

First of all, I need all of you to be united. Many of you I know have different views and attitudes, but I urge you to put aside these differences, and gather as one body.
Let me not become your god, but to become the one who will lead you to a deeper zone of understanding music and life.

Will you follow me?


2005/6/23, 01:06:23
i dont smoke la!
hahaha, saw on the message board people discussing if i smoke.
not that i hate smokers, but i hate the smell of nicotine...
i am one of the many third party smokers... surrounded by smoke from people around, if u are a smoker, try not to smoke in front of me! haha...

so therefore my response to this "rumour" is that, no i am not a smoker, and i don't really encourage people who smoke... (especially girls!!!) (O_O why must he emphasizes on "girls"?)

2005/12/2, 11:26:11
I'm still busy!

Yo yo! Long time no see, now we're still very busy, I'm now in US for production, trying to get those tiny bits together...
This time the music is very 'diao', haha, a lot of nice music, and some special, surprise...
By that time don't forget me.. hehehe.. be with me, and get really 'high'... :p

Year 2006 will be a very busy year, but I hope I have more chance to be with you so I'm busy, I believe that next year is a very splendid time for me! Lets anticipate together!!!

Besides producing the album, I will try something more in these few months, like practicing dances and do a few exercises, hahaha
For the concert, I must try my best!

09 April 2005, 12:07pm
It's been some time since I left the last message to my fans and music lovers out there. My apologies, I have been busy with many things, especially my new album promotions.

I have received many letters from you regarding my new album, and I am truly grateful for your honesty and encouragement. I am also very excited to have met so many of you during my first week of promotional tour, particularly in the few autograph sessions we had together. Those were great times I will cherish, seeing so many of you still supporting my music ever since my 1st album.

I have grown up much during these 2 years of being in the music industry. My music has grown with me, together with some of my thoughts and style. And I believe there will be many who may find this change somewhat hard getting used to. There will also be some of you who will be able to move on with my musical progression and rhythm. To these people, I applaud you.

My 3rd album No. 89757 isn't as straight forward as before. This is an album u can grow to love, or u can hate immediately. No.89757 is about my life, my stories, and also my views on the world we live in today. Every song in the album is a ray of light that illuminates a part of me, bit by bit. Including me when I am down, sad, or joyful. Good music isn't always that real, but music that's real and close to the heart, in my perspective, is always good music.

So my suggestion is for everyone to start listening in-depth, and try to figure out why I chose certain elements my music this time round. There will be images of others u find familiar, that's only because it was intended to be, which will also tie in with a message within the song that I want to portray.

Music to me is an enjoyment, never something to compare with. It can never get better or worse, just more different or the same. What matters most, is the attitude. And my attitude has never changed since the start of my career. Whatever I do, I make sure it is my best.

I believe in my music.
Thank you for believing in me.
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His English.. O_O I can't believe he's a funny person. I guess all Singaporeans are like that. ;)

Umm, umm, umm, his username in jun-jie.com forum is ukyoboy. O_O Why do I feel like I just know a new friend. xD This new friend is Hokkien lang who doesn't knows how to speak Hokkien, high 5! Umm, I guess so, cuz "he speaks English and Chinese".

I bet everyone is being bored of my JJ-ism.. Never mind, I blog for myself, and you guys are that diary-reader baddie. LOL!

OK, I gotta sleep now. Its almost 2AM.. T___T

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