>> Tuesday, 27 December 2005

I had another 2 dreams a few days ago.

I was at Atria with my mom at 1.30AM ++. She asked me to wait for her till 2AM. I had a towel around my neck, apparently haven't bath. Then I walked towards a bookstore. I saw a lot of Speedy shop along. Some has customer while some doesn't and the promoter was doing her nails. The others were closed.
I reached the bookstore and looked at the clock - 1.45AM. I thought, you still have time, just go back atthat spot at 2AM. Then I saw my brother. I asked him whether he needs eraser, since school's gonna reopen. He answered "whatever". I spot the one I wanna buy (white with red wordings on it. Faber Castell if I'm not mistaken). But when I took out my wallet, I can't find the one I want. Choon Seng saw and he bought 3 (1 for him, 1 for my brother and 1 for me), he puts 2 on my hand. Initially I was confused why he gave me 2 instead of 1 (Lol). I walked towards him and asked him how's the price - RM1.50. When I took out my wallet to pay him, he said to pay him when school reopens in an annoyed tone.
I walked a little, then I saw Esther. She hadn't change. She was taking 3 Form 3s book, 1 was BM textbook. I suspect it was mine because of the wrapper, but I didn't say it out. I told her that she hadn't change. She said she changed a lot, and so am I. She even said that her and Sher Min's hair was once very loong till under the knees.

Why did Choon Seng appears in my dream? o_O

I'm in a hotel room, the room where my cousin stayed when she was getting married. I was sitting on a chair of the make-up desk, facing the door (which is quite far away). There was somebody opposite of me, but I don't know who is he/she. Then Nicholas Teo walked in from the balcony (where did he come from anyway?). He wore a black 3-quarter fit shirt and his hair was black and kinda wavy, like the hair in his Zhi Zai Hu Ni EP, but wavier. He didn't say anything, just sat on the bedside and smiled towards the door. I didn't chat too, just looking him. He looked so much thinner! I wanna ask him whether he's tired, but I resist it.

Nicholas Teo is not related to me in anyway, and no, I haven't been thinking of Nicholas Teo, not even in the past. Maybe I watched too much of Kim Jae Won. =/

Speaking of Kim Jae Won, my mom just bought me My Love Patzzi! (^_____^)v Yay yay yay. My cousin said that the show isn't very nice, who cares? It's so nice! =D Watch for straight 5 hours. =p Kim Jae Won doesn't looks like him in the drama. He looks more mature.

Soo not him...

...Soo very him. The killer smile. Not really a killer everytime. =p

Hi Win Zee,

Thank you for your support to me. Anyway, I'm sending you this email to tell you that I'm no longer using this email. So, I welcome you to join my website which is : http://mi2daniel.proboards70.com where you can see my latest news and you could send me message there too.

I hope that you can continue to give me support. Thank you.

This might be vacation responder, like an automatic email to tell the sender that I'm in vacation or my computer spoiled or something. But the grammar a bit weird and may be wrong.. Hmm, oh well. =)

Did I tell you that I tricked 2 person with my fake results? xD 1 is my cousin sister and another is Esther! My hint is so obvious, cuz I'm afraid you might broke down or something. =p My cousin sister replied "work harder in the future" while Esther's reply - on the subject "disappointed" and "i'm so disappointed on you, winzee!!!" LOL!!! I know I know, I'm evil, but what can you say? I'm Miss Hyde!

Why am I Miss Hyde? There's once this school play our class did and we won 2nd, so we got certificates. I got 2, and nobody knows why (only heaven knows~), so Khei Sze insisted that I took 2. Wan Ying said "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", I said "Miss Jekyll and Miss Hyde". DUH. Then I changed my mind. "Miss Hyde and Miss Hyde". Hey, who would deny it? ;)

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