>> Sunday, 11 December 2005

I have nothing to blog about, so I'll just go ranting. Nobody will read this post anyway; it's too crappy.

My mom just bought a digital camera! Yayness. The person gave us 7 Chicken Little 2006 calendars. I was kinda bored, so I took that photo. I clicked for so many times and it didn't flash. When I want to give up, it flashed. o_O And it's just beautiful; well, at least it's clear. My mom took the camera to her trip, so I can't put it up here.

It's so hard to find quality designers in blogskins[dot]com. I found one. Her layouts are beautiful. =)

I finally finished my Nocturne! My teacher always asks me to "express myself", but the thing is, I have nothing to express, even if I'm practicing by my own. She always says that "I know you all very shy wan", but I can't feel the music! I'm so so sorry Chopin.

Woot, I'm into fanfiction mood and am writing one now! I wonder how long would it last. Lol. There's a few reasons why those stories only last a few weeks..

  • My hand gets too tired.
  • I forgot about it. =p
  • I have no inspiration at all.
  • I'm lazy.
  • Story is tooo long.
  • I can't describe it with words. Normally the storylines happen in my head. You can ask me for stories if you want. =p
I have a feeling that this story will be a long, long, one.

Korean songs always has those that sense of unique. Whenever you heard a Korean song translated to Chinese or other languages, you will immediately know that the OT is a Korean song.

By seeing your friendlist in Friendster, you can see that there's quite some poser-haters posers. Just look at the self-portrait they took by themselves!

I'll never get better in translating. =( Is there such chocolate called liquor chocolate and butter chocolate? =/

Yay, finally watched finish Winter Sonata! What I wanna write below contains spoiler, a very stupid spoiler, so if you haven't watch it but wanna watch, you better don't read it, cuz you'll hit me with rotten eggs when you watched that episode. ;)
After 3 years, Jun-Sang's operation was a success, but he went blind, while Yu-Jin came back from her studies at France. She saw her one of previous designs in a magazine, and so she decided to take a look at it. Jun-Sang was the designer AND the owner of that house, but she never knew. When she went there, Jun-Sang went out (I think Koreans like these types of storyline.. haha). She was inside for a little while when Jun-Sang came back to take some stuff. A bachelor/maid/servant asked him whether he wants him to take it for him, but Jun-Sang rejected, so the guy waited outside. When he went in, Yu-Jin accidentally knocked the table. At first he doesn't know it was her, but, yes, he guessed it. In the end they kissed beside the sunset.
My sis asked: "What about that guy outside?!"
And I asked: "I thought you can do cornea transplant?"
And then we laughed non-stop.
We laughed at the scene which is supposed to be oh-so-romantic and feels like how-i-wish-i-have-a-boyfriend-like-that.
Sorry, Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo. I guess I studied too much science, while my sis is too logical and realistic.
Btw, Bae Yong Jun looks like a Japanese after he came back from US. ;)

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