1000 years later

>> Friday, 9 December 2005

"People who likes music are usually very romantic. I love romantic lyrics and warm songs. I love to remember every scene of love in my life."

How are you after 1000 years?
Myself after 1000 years later, it's just too hard to imagine.
At that time, we might be robots; no feelings, don't need oxygen, just like No. 89757.
At that time, there might have no music, humans lost their feelings, unable to produce music that touch people's heart.
Or, maybe at that time, this world doesn't exist.

Maybe after 1000 years later, I was telling stories to my grandchildren, telling stories that happened at year 2005.
I'll tell them, at that time, there's happiness, there's sadness; there's tears, there's touch; there's love, and also hatred.
I'll tell them, how cruel is the Second World War and the love that happened at that time which had made a stir.
I'll tell them, at that time a boy named JJ Lin existed. He used his voice and his music and touched everybody's heart.

One day in year 3005, while I was walking on the street, I saw No. 89757, bursting into tears.
~ WiN Zee
You can just ignore my name there (I'm just being lame), but I did write this! Isn't it beautiful? LOL!

A Dancer, A Musician and a Musical Box - About JJ. =D
School Love - About Gillian and Edison.

Go check it out! Especially the first one. ;) The second one was written by Wan Ying and, er, somebody.

Part 3:

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