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>> Saturday, 31 December 2005

Got this from here.

Glad to see 2005 go (yes or no)?
- Duh. Who wants another PMR?

Age turned in 2005?
- 15.

Did you change your hair style in 2005?
- Yea, I guess. Just make it thinner and shorter.

The best part of 2005?
- Umm... There's a lot actually. =)

The worst part of 2005?
- Before PMR. Eek, mom is so annoying. =p

Did you make any new friends in 2005?
- Hmm, I guess so. Does Wan Ying and Sook Shiang counts?

Any new crushes in 2005? Who?
- Nope.

Do they know?
- ......

Who will you never forget?
- Family, friends, funny/"memorable" class/schoolmates.

Who did you wish you did not meet?
- That idotic Sern. xP

Did you have a boy/girlfriend in 2005?
- Nope.

Did you catch someone in a lie in 2005?
- Hmm.. I dont know. I dont think so.

Did you call them out?
- I dont know.

Funniest moment of 2005?
- There's a lot.. Just be in my class and you'll know. ;)

Most embarrassing moment of 2005?
- I dont know. Who wants to remember?

Did you take any vacations in 2005?
- Kuantan. Ooh, the sand is so white, the sea is so blue.. <3

Any new hobbies of 2005?
- Writing, forumming.

Did you get a new job in 2005?
- Nope.

Did you host a party in 2005?
- Nope. Nearly. ;)

Did you get in any car accidents in 2005?
- Nope. Dont curse me!

Did you get a ticket in 2005?
- Nope. Geez, I want that ticket to JJ's showcase!

Were you ever arrested in 2005?
- I'm a good girl.

Where did most of your money go?
- Food? Lol.

What song will always remind you of 2005?
- Not sure. Heaven Knows or Mimpi or Mu Nai Yi I guess.

What do you wish you'd done more of?
- Be more hardworking and confident and taller and thinner! =p

What do you wish you'd done less of?
- Be lazy and pesimisstic.

Things you were really good at in 2005?
- Crapping, blogging, photoshop, a bit of HTML, English.

Thing you wish you were better at in 2005?
- Chinese (it's de-proving), Malay, social.

Did you have a sleep over in 2005?
- Nope.

Did you go to any concerts? Which ones?
- None.

Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2005:
- YOUR voice isnt what YOU hear but what the listen-ers hear. Try to record it to somewhere. You will notice that it sounds so weird.



>> Tuesday, 27 December 2005

I had another 2 dreams a few days ago.

I was at Atria with my mom at 1.30AM ++. She asked me to wait for her till 2AM. I had a towel around my neck, apparently haven't bath. Then I walked towards a bookstore. I saw a lot of Speedy shop along. Some has customer while some doesn't and the promoter was doing her nails. The others were closed.
I reached the bookstore and looked at the clock - 1.45AM. I thought, you still have time, just go back atthat spot at 2AM. Then I saw my brother. I asked him whether he needs eraser, since school's gonna reopen. He answered "whatever". I spot the one I wanna buy (white with red wordings on it. Faber Castell if I'm not mistaken). But when I took out my wallet, I can't find the one I want. Choon Seng saw and he bought 3 (1 for him, 1 for my brother and 1 for me), he puts 2 on my hand. Initially I was confused why he gave me 2 instead of 1 (Lol). I walked towards him and asked him how's the price - RM1.50. When I took out my wallet to pay him, he said to pay him when school reopens in an annoyed tone.
I walked a little, then I saw Esther. She hadn't change. She was taking 3 Form 3s book, 1 was BM textbook. I suspect it was mine because of the wrapper, but I didn't say it out. I told her that she hadn't change. She said she changed a lot, and so am I. She even said that her and Sher Min's hair was once very loong till under the knees.

Why did Choon Seng appears in my dream? o_O

I'm in a hotel room, the room where my cousin stayed when she was getting married. I was sitting on a chair of the make-up desk, facing the door (which is quite far away). There was somebody opposite of me, but I don't know who is he/she. Then Nicholas Teo walked in from the balcony (where did he come from anyway?). He wore a black 3-quarter fit shirt and his hair was black and kinda wavy, like the hair in his Zhi Zai Hu Ni EP, but wavier. He didn't say anything, just sat on the bedside and smiled towards the door. I didn't chat too, just looking him. He looked so much thinner! I wanna ask him whether he's tired, but I resist it.

Nicholas Teo is not related to me in anyway, and no, I haven't been thinking of Nicholas Teo, not even in the past. Maybe I watched too much of Kim Jae Won. =/

Speaking of Kim Jae Won, my mom just bought me My Love Patzzi! (^_____^)v Yay yay yay. My cousin said that the show isn't very nice, who cares? It's so nice! =D Watch for straight 5 hours. =p Kim Jae Won doesn't looks like him in the drama. He looks more mature.

Soo not him...

...Soo very him. The killer smile. Not really a killer everytime. =p

Hi Win Zee,

Thank you for your support to me. Anyway, I'm sending you this email to tell you that I'm no longer using this email. So, I welcome you to join my website which is : where you can see my latest news and you could send me message there too.

I hope that you can continue to give me support. Thank you.

This might be vacation responder, like an automatic email to tell the sender that I'm in vacation or my computer spoiled or something. But the grammar a bit weird and may be wrong.. Hmm, oh well. =)

Did I tell you that I tricked 2 person with my fake results? xD 1 is my cousin sister and another is Esther! My hint is so obvious, cuz I'm afraid you might broke down or something. =p My cousin sister replied "work harder in the future" while Esther's reply - on the subject "disappointed" and "i'm so disappointed on you, winzee!!!" LOL!!! I know I know, I'm evil, but what can you say? I'm Miss Hyde!

Why am I Miss Hyde? There's once this school play our class did and we won 2nd, so we got certificates. I got 2, and nobody knows why (only heaven knows~), so Khei Sze insisted that I took 2. Wan Ying said "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", I said "Miss Jekyll and Miss Hyde". DUH. Then I changed my mind. "Miss Hyde and Miss Hyde". Hey, who would deny it? ;)


PMR results

>> Friday, 23 December 2005

Woot, PMR results were released yesterday! Everyone wore uniform except for some of us. I didn't know, cuz I didn't went to school on the last day. =p But Pn. Ng is good enough to let me take the results. ^___^ I jumped when I got the results! 8As!! I never even dream of having this kind of results. We tricked Pin that she got 6Bs 1A, I want some to fail, but, you know, the others are "considerate".

My cousin got 7As for her PMR. She's really active in her co-curriculum and yet she managed to get 7As. I'm so envy of her, although she didn't get straights. My another cousin SMSed. She asked me how much I got. For a long time I didn't have much fun tricking others. I told her (and Esther) that I got 4As 3Bs 1C, A for Chinese, English, Maths and Geography, B for KH, Malay and Science, and C for Sejarah. To prevent from them believing the results, I added, for my cousin, that "Do you believe it? I don't believe it, I can't believe it, I won't believe it", while for Esther "p/s: I'm naughty". LOL!! Call me evil. ;)

I won't allow myself to have C for major exams, OK?

May Suen is the Top 25 in Malaysia for PMR. Hmm. Predictable.

Btw, what's the extra subject in 9As?

Eventually, my parents forgot that they promised to give me a digital camera of my own if I get straights. They want to buy me a cellphone. I was kinda disappointed. I know, I'm the only person in this world disappointed for getting a cellphone. Cellphone isn't my thing. My mom promised to sponsor RM10 a month, still, I want a camera! RM10 may seem little, but I don't even use the phone for 1 or 2 months! Plus I'll lost it or hit it or dropped it. Although I sucked at using the camera, but at least you have something to do when you're freakin' bored with life and with the cellphone's games! You can improve your photography skills, take some beautiful sceneries, take some Kim Jae Won's face (lol) from the TV... Much more un-lifeless than a cellphone, don't you think so.

Curse me if you want, Nokia/Sony Ericsson/Motorola/LG/Anycall (Oops, this is supposed to be a Korean brand =p)/anything.

Brainwash you people who chose cellphone instead of a digital camera. I know you'll regret it someday.
Good for you people who chose digital camera instead of a cellphone. I know you'll regret it someday. Haha.

Congrats to you people who got the results you want and more, and gambate in the future who got the results nobody you dont want.

Oh yes, did I mention that the principal in the second dream in the previous post looks like Mah Jun-Xiang? The handsom-est principal in the world! xD

A joke I read in Reader's Digest:
Snow White got a camera and she took pictures of the 7 dwarfs, the forest, the cottage... After that, she took the film to develop it.
A few days later, she went to take the photos, the clerk told her that it's not done yet. Snow White cried when she heard that. The clerk then told her: "Someday your prints will come."




>> Wednesday, 21 December 2005

I had 2 weird dreams today.

#1 I forgot the front part. So I was outside of my house, with other of my relatives. There's one girl who seemed to have brown hair with that blg, black clip with a wig. She took off and chat with her friends. I thought, how fake. And Pei Fang was there too. I chat with her in a far distance, then I went in my uncle's house.
I asked my mom whether she saw my sister, her eyes were red and puffy, so I just walked away to find her. I can see that some of my cousins are sitting on a chair and stare blankly. My aunt was taking pictures in a dark room. I thought she was either taking a picture of my sister or playing computer.
I came by 3 columns of bathroom. On the 2nd one, the door was open. That "faker" girl, covered with towel (duh), was turning in it. There's a girl/maid outside. I came to the 3rd one. The door was short, so I can see some parts of the people in it. I saw a fleshy guy inside, I thought he/she was my brother, so I turned back. Then I saw the colour of his/her skin - DARK. I know he/she wasn't my brother, so I knocked down the door with that girl/maid. I saw a small, skinny dark guy inside. I hit him with a white towel and push him down the toilet bowl. I thought, oh no, maybe sis is down there! (down the toilet bowl). I took off that thought out of my mind and find for my sister with that girl/maid. We found for a long time and we still cant find her. I suspect that she REALLY is in that toilet bowl with that skinny guy.

I woke up. This dream is just soo scary. Then I sleep back. This is the other, much more.. interesting I guess.

#2 I'm in a room in the hostel of a private school. The others were all girls (duh). We climbed up to our "bed" (actually just a matress put on the floor) and chat. The ketua then ask us to do a survey about the school. The girls passed the paper to me. She then listed out the questions. The first question was "Do you like this school? :" while the second was "Why 'yes'? :" My paper was kinda messy. :P I saw an article of an Indian girl and felt pity for her. I cut it out and showed the other girls.
It's time for dinner. We ate outside the school. The principal and his wife was there, too. I was kinda close with this girl. I felt that she was Mavis. An Indian girl came. "Mavis" gave her a pinch of rice. I asked her (Mavis) who's that girl, she said she's (Indian girl) the girl in that article. I then took out some coins from my pocket. Just then, the principal called me. I went with them.
In their room (which seems to be one of the rooms in my old house), the principal questioned me about that Indian girl. He asked me "why did you cut out the article and showed to everyone". I answered, "Cuz it's our school's news". He then said not to do this next time. His wife told me "Tell your po po (grandmother)..." "Po po?" "Yes, Po po." "I dont have a po po." "Oh, OK, then your mother about this." (I bet she's so mad of me :P)
Then I was in a temple, finding for joss sticks to pray for my grandfather and grandmother. I found one and lighted it. My mom and her friends/relatives saw me and asked me what am I doing here. I lied to her. Then I was in my bedroom, to take some stuff. I took my clock. I was hesitating between my hello kitty clock (dont ask me why is it there.) and the square clock which I had it now. I chose the square clock. Then I took some pads (OMG I'm so embarassed). I walked down the stairs.

Then it's 11AM. Haha.

I watched The Chronicles of Narnia today. Ah, it damn rox. I like Mr. Tumnus, the unicorn Peter rides, Aslan, the wolves. =D The scene where Peter shouted "For Narnia, and for Aslan!" is a bit too soft for me. I think the voice should be lower or grand-er. That ice palace was kinda fake. Except for this 2, the others was beautiful. =) Some funny scenes were quite funny. It must be so cool to own a horse who speaks. =D
I wanted to watch Perhaps Love, brother wants to watch Narnia, mom wants to watch King Kong. They don't want to watch mine, so I chose Narnia, but mom insisted to watch hers. In the end we came too late and bought the tickets for Narnia. =D

Hmm, I seem to like ferocious animal. Oops, I mean FURRY ferocious animal. If you were to ask me this question: "Which animal would you like to own: White tiger, Polar bear, Cheetah?" I bet you'll gotta wait for, like, 3 days? Lol.

Paranoid Personality Disorder:Low
Schizoid Personality Disorder:Low
Schizotypal Personality Disorder:Moderate
Antisocial Personality Disorder:Low
Borderline Personality Disorder:Low
Histrionic Personality Disorder:High
Narcissistic Personality Disorder:Moderate
Avoidant Personality Disorder:Low
Dependent Personality Disorder:Low
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:Moderate
-- Take the Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Info --

The Histrionic is soo not me. =p

PMR results will be out tomorrow at 10AM!! But maybe you need to go to school at 11 or 12PM for the results. =/ I'm thinking that I might fail all. =(



>> Monday, 19 December 2005

I just listened to Daniel's You Ji (Organic Love). I realized that the fog of obsession blurred the reality cactus, but fortunately, the rain of logic poured down and showed me the sharp thorns. The song was actually just OK, but a nice K-song. I'm beginning to think why am I soo obsessed about Daniel last time. I can't really find a reason besides he's kinda cute, until I heard his falsetto. As magnetic as ever. His voice was weak, I tell you, weak! He sings too clear in the song, so it's kinda "fake". LOL! I'm still wondering, besides his kinda-cute look and the magnetic falsetto, what other else made me vote for him. Hmm. I need to feel lucky, cuz I get outta this obsession thing fast, and didn't buy much magazines. It's like, just 3, just RM6++. Maybe I should delete my account in DFC. Or maybe I should just give up on his new album, or just the pirated ones. Hmm.
I know I'm evil. Do not de-devilise and angelise me.

There's a way to know whether your friend deleted your contact in MSN Messenger.

Go to Tool -> Options -> Privacy. Right click any contact, if it appears "Delete" as clickable, it means that that friend of yours deleted your contact. I checked mine, and 6 people deleted my contact.. T___T

From: 滄海一聲笑- 笑不出還可以哭
Be Happy Newsletter

3 days till the day of PMR results. I'm hoping that I could get at least 5 As! Forget about BM, I never cared about it much (LOL!). We gotta watch the news on 21st. The Minister of Education needs to announce the results (like more improvements or something). After that, we can take it. NOBODY can take the results before he announce the results. I never know PMR is so important. At least not as important as this. Haha. I know I couldn't sleep before that day, so.. you'll be seeing a panda in school. Haha.

Whee~ I earned a few quick bucks! No, not at anywhere, but at home! Till now I earned RM8 or so. I know it's really really little, comparing to that few hundred bucks some of you guys earned, but at least I don't need to go anywhere! I helped my mom to calculate the marks for the SPM Add Maths, 5 cents for each paper. It's low, but those people are stupid, and you can find some zeros anywhere, so it's OK. ^___^

Btw, I consider to sleep in a single bed. No, it's not stupid to give up that twin bed! It's kinda small and it's spoiled anyway. Haha. I can put a table in the extra space! Ooh, cool. =D Oh, a radio too, please. ^___^



>> Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Stole this from Shi Ching's blog.

[1] Who are you?
[2] Are we friends?
[3] When and how did we meet?
[4] How have I affected you?
[5] What do you think of me?
[6] What's the fondest memory you have of me?
[7] How long do you think we will be friends or enemies?
[8] Do you love me?
[9] Have I ever hurt you?
[10] Would you hug me?
[11] Would you kiss me?
[12] Are we close?
[13] Would u slap me?
[13] Emotionally, what stands out?
[15] Do you wish I was cooler?
[16] On a scale of 1-10, how nice am I?
[17] Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
[18] Am I loveable?
[19] How long have you known me?
[20] Describe me in one word.
[21] What was your first impression?
[22] Do you still think that way about me now?
[23] What do you think my weakness is?
[24] Do you think that I am weird?
[25] What about me makes you happy?
[26] What about me makes you sad?
[27] What reminds you of me?
[28] What's something you would change about me?
[29] How well do you know me?
[30] Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
[31] Do you think I would kill someone?
[32] Who else reminds you of me?
[33] If you I told you I had 3 weeks to live what would we do?
[34] If I died would you cry?
[35] When was the last time we fought?
[36] Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you?
[37] What song reminds you of me?
[38] If we where going on a date where would you take me?
[39] What is in your opinion, my best asset?
[40] Do you think I willl get married?

Do it! =D



Just feel like blogging.

I just saw the cutest picture of all time in my sister's folder, and I KNOW I gotta edit it! Now it's halfway through, or maybe 3-quarters through! ^___^

JJ's twins. NO!
JJ's sister. NO! Extra information: he has an elder brother.
JJ dressed up for Jacky Wu's show (Lol). No.
Somebody edited the pic. NO!
The girl had surgery. Yes, maybe. Cuz I think she's his fans.
Its somebody who looked really really alike with JJ.
Now I know how would JJ looks like if he's a girl. She might consider to sign a contract with Halo and release an album and calls herself CC or something. Haha. Just joking.

Is there really 7 people who will look alike with you? Hmm. I guess God can't think of anymore unique faces, so he created 7 people who look like you, and if you met with one, the Egyptian curse will unlock. LOL. Wan Ying told me that Egyptian curse. Its from a Taiwan drama called something. There's a rich guy met with this poor guy and they looked alike. This rich guy wants to play a game with this poor guy, so he wants to switch identities.
Maybe that rich guy is dead. LOL. Just joking.

I just downloaded so many scores. I'm amazed with my comp's storage. Hah. Must print out some of the hard ones already, if not my comp will really clogged up like Rene's comp and go for major surgery (formatting). I'm getting lamer. -___-;; Btw, I downloaded so many JJ's pics, that my comp will go kaboom! in the next second.

1 second gone.


P/S: I'm so very lame. I know. Please ignore that last word.


JJ's messages

>> Tuesday, 13 December 2005

2004/9/28, 02:04:51
I lost my passport!

I just reached, after I came out from the plane, I found out that my passport isn't with me, so I told them immediately, but they can't find it.. (O_O So blur. Do you think the other JJ-fans-passenger took his passport as a souvenir? =p)
I'm so nervous, without my passport, I can't travel to other countries on Sunday, I need to wait for a new passport for 14 days!
These days I'm quite blur.. Haha.

2004/11/1, 02:31:40
I'll continue my promotional tour!

Wow, time flys! After my promotional tour in Taiwan, I'll be in Hong Kong..
I would like to thank all the fans, the ones who supports me, and those fans who followed me to whole Taiwan... Thanks for all your encouragements!
Although I feel that we would not meet here in a short time, but I know I'll have tha chance! (I have the feeling, hahaha)

I hope every one of won't forget me!! Wait for my 3rd album to conquer the world!!!! Hehehehe..... (So many exclamation marks, so many dots.. O_O)

2005/4/28, 03:38:21
My new message

Calling all JJ warriors
Greetings to all JJ warriors out there,
This period of running around has opened me to many new thoughts.
My music has grown, so has my vision for the future. I am sure this new album has given many of you an insight to my life, more in-depth and real.

I see my music as a huge biological magnet, the more places it has been to, the more different kinds of music lovers it will attract. The bigger it grows, the greater its area of attraction. Therefore I call out to all of you music lovers, follow me in my new escapade, in search of a place no one has been before.

I need you, every one of you to join me. So give me your greatest passion and support. Let us prepare ourselves to set out on a new journey of hope, power and love.

First of all, I need all of you to be united. Many of you I know have different views and attitudes, but I urge you to put aside these differences, and gather as one body.
Let me not become your god, but to become the one who will lead you to a deeper zone of understanding music and life.

Will you follow me?


2005/6/23, 01:06:23
i dont smoke la!
hahaha, saw on the message board people discussing if i smoke.
not that i hate smokers, but i hate the smell of nicotine...
i am one of the many third party smokers... surrounded by smoke from people around, if u are a smoker, try not to smoke in front of me! haha...

so therefore my response to this "rumour" is that, no i am not a smoker, and i don't really encourage people who smoke... (especially girls!!!) (O_O why must he emphasizes on "girls"?)

2005/12/2, 11:26:11
I'm still busy!

Yo yo! Long time no see, now we're still very busy, I'm now in US for production, trying to get those tiny bits together...
This time the music is very 'diao', haha, a lot of nice music, and some special, surprise...
By that time don't forget me.. hehehe.. be with me, and get really 'high'... :p

Year 2006 will be a very busy year, but I hope I have more chance to be with you so I'm busy, I believe that next year is a very splendid time for me! Lets anticipate together!!!

Besides producing the album, I will try something more in these few months, like practicing dances and do a few exercises, hahaha
For the concert, I must try my best!

09 April 2005, 12:07pm
It's been some time since I left the last message to my fans and music lovers out there. My apologies, I have been busy with many things, especially my new album promotions.

I have received many letters from you regarding my new album, and I am truly grateful for your honesty and encouragement. I am also very excited to have met so many of you during my first week of promotional tour, particularly in the few autograph sessions we had together. Those were great times I will cherish, seeing so many of you still supporting my music ever since my 1st album.

I have grown up much during these 2 years of being in the music industry. My music has grown with me, together with some of my thoughts and style. And I believe there will be many who may find this change somewhat hard getting used to. There will also be some of you who will be able to move on with my musical progression and rhythm. To these people, I applaud you.

My 3rd album No. 89757 isn't as straight forward as before. This is an album u can grow to love, or u can hate immediately. No.89757 is about my life, my stories, and also my views on the world we live in today. Every song in the album is a ray of light that illuminates a part of me, bit by bit. Including me when I am down, sad, or joyful. Good music isn't always that real, but music that's real and close to the heart, in my perspective, is always good music.

So my suggestion is for everyone to start listening in-depth, and try to figure out why I chose certain elements my music this time round. There will be images of others u find familiar, that's only because it was intended to be, which will also tie in with a message within the song that I want to portray.

Music to me is an enjoyment, never something to compare with. It can never get better or worse, just more different or the same. What matters most, is the attitude. And my attitude has never changed since the start of my career. Whatever I do, I make sure it is my best.

I believe in my music.
Thank you for believing in me.
Taken from:
Taiwan fanclub - JJ's messages
JJ's blog

His English.. O_O I can't believe he's a funny person. I guess all Singaporeans are like that. ;)

Umm, umm, umm, his username in forum is ukyoboy. O_O Why do I feel like I just know a new friend. xD This new friend is Hokkien lang who doesn't knows how to speak Hokkien, high 5! Umm, I guess so, cuz "he speaks English and Chinese".

I bet everyone is being bored of my JJ-ism.. Never mind, I blog for myself, and you guys are that diary-reader baddie. LOL!

OK, I gotta sleep now. Its almost 2AM.. T___T



>> Sunday, 11 December 2005

I have nothing to blog about, so I'll just go ranting. Nobody will read this post anyway; it's too crappy.

My mom just bought a digital camera! Yayness. The person gave us 7 Chicken Little 2006 calendars. I was kinda bored, so I took that photo. I clicked for so many times and it didn't flash. When I want to give up, it flashed. o_O And it's just beautiful; well, at least it's clear. My mom took the camera to her trip, so I can't put it up here.

It's so hard to find quality designers in blogskins[dot]com. I found one. Her layouts are beautiful. =)

I finally finished my Nocturne! My teacher always asks me to "express myself", but the thing is, I have nothing to express, even if I'm practicing by my own. She always says that "I know you all very shy wan", but I can't feel the music! I'm so so sorry Chopin.

Woot, I'm into fanfiction mood and am writing one now! I wonder how long would it last. Lol. There's a few reasons why those stories only last a few weeks..

  • My hand gets too tired.
  • I forgot about it. =p
  • I have no inspiration at all.
  • I'm lazy.
  • Story is tooo long.
  • I can't describe it with words. Normally the storylines happen in my head. You can ask me for stories if you want. =p
I have a feeling that this story will be a long, long, one.

Korean songs always has those that sense of unique. Whenever you heard a Korean song translated to Chinese or other languages, you will immediately know that the OT is a Korean song.

By seeing your friendlist in Friendster, you can see that there's quite some poser-haters posers. Just look at the self-portrait they took by themselves!

I'll never get better in translating. =( Is there such chocolate called liquor chocolate and butter chocolate? =/

Yay, finally watched finish Winter Sonata! What I wanna write below contains spoiler, a very stupid spoiler, so if you haven't watch it but wanna watch, you better don't read it, cuz you'll hit me with rotten eggs when you watched that episode. ;)
After 3 years, Jun-Sang's operation was a success, but he went blind, while Yu-Jin came back from her studies at France. She saw her one of previous designs in a magazine, and so she decided to take a look at it. Jun-Sang was the designer AND the owner of that house, but she never knew. When she went there, Jun-Sang went out (I think Koreans like these types of storyline.. haha). She was inside for a little while when Jun-Sang came back to take some stuff. A bachelor/maid/servant asked him whether he wants him to take it for him, but Jun-Sang rejected, so the guy waited outside. When he went in, Yu-Jin accidentally knocked the table. At first he doesn't know it was her, but, yes, he guessed it. In the end they kissed beside the sunset.
My sis asked: "What about that guy outside?!"
And I asked: "I thought you can do cornea transplant?"
And then we laughed non-stop.
We laughed at the scene which is supposed to be oh-so-romantic and feels like how-i-wish-i-have-a-boyfriend-like-that.
Sorry, Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo. I guess I studied too much science, while my sis is too logical and realistic.
Btw, Bae Yong Jun looks like a Japanese after he came back from US. ;)


1000 years later

>> Friday, 9 December 2005

"People who likes music are usually very romantic. I love romantic lyrics and warm songs. I love to remember every scene of love in my life."

How are you after 1000 years?
Myself after 1000 years later, it's just too hard to imagine.
At that time, we might be robots; no feelings, don't need oxygen, just like No. 89757.
At that time, there might have no music, humans lost their feelings, unable to produce music that touch people's heart.
Or, maybe at that time, this world doesn't exist.

Maybe after 1000 years later, I was telling stories to my grandchildren, telling stories that happened at year 2005.
I'll tell them, at that time, there's happiness, there's sadness; there's tears, there's touch; there's love, and also hatred.
I'll tell them, how cruel is the Second World War and the love that happened at that time which had made a stir.
I'll tell them, at that time a boy named JJ Lin existed. He used his voice and his music and touched everybody's heart.

One day in year 3005, while I was walking on the street, I saw No. 89757, bursting into tears.
~ WiN Zee
You can just ignore my name there (I'm just being lame), but I did write this! Isn't it beautiful? LOL!

A Dancer, A Musician and a Musical Box - About JJ. =D
School Love - About Gillian and Edison.

Go check it out! Especially the first one. ;) The second one was written by Wan Ying and, er, somebody.

Part 3:


Go bold-ing!

>> Thursday, 8 December 2005

Bold those that apply to you :

i have a cell phone.
i have friends that use me.
i am an only child.
i love dangly earrings.
i love cold weather.
i'm obsessed with the computer.
i have shot a gun before.
i can't live without music.
i have no tolerance of ignorant people.
i have ridden on a motorcycle before.
i'll be in this town forever.
i've been to 5 other countries.
i get annoyed easily.
i eventually want kids.
i have neat handwriting.
i have more than a few horrible memories.
i am addicted to chocolate.
i love airplane rides.
i love taking pictures.
i hate people who are fake.
i can be mean when i want to.
my parents care about my grades.

one of my best friends is an opposite sex.
i have way too many wallets.
i'm obsessed with lip gloss.
i am easy to talk to.
i would never eat raw fish.
i cry easily.
i hate it when people are late.
i love winter.

i have too many clothes for my closet/dresser.
i wish i was smarter.
i'm afraid of flying.
i hate drama.
i bite my nails.
i have been on an 8 hour drive.
i never fight with my parents.
(just argue ;)
i love the beach.
i have never had the chicken pox.
i have gone out in public in my pajamas.
i can't control my emotions.
i have a best friend.
i have moved more than once.
i have braces.
i have never broken a bone.
i hate my computer.
i love girls that play the drums.
i state the obvious.
i'm a happy person.
i love to dance.
i love to sing.
i love cleaning my room.

i tend to get jealous very easily.
i love cute underwear.
i love night better than day.
i don't like to study for tests.

i have been on the phone for over 5 hours.
i am too forgiving. (lol..)
i have horrible sense of direction.
i miss elementary school.

i'm a daddy's girl/boy.
i love the color pink.
i love to sew.
my eye color changes.
i should see a therapist.
i played on a girls sports team.
i become stressed easily.
i hate/detest liars.
i love the smell of rain.
i love my family.
i hate needles.

i always wanted to learn to play the drums.
i hate the feeling of failure.
i have friends in other countries.

i know how to cook.
i can be quite selfish.
at times, i still act like a little kid.

i have food allergies.
i love to read.
i wish i were more motivated for school.
i love getting stuff in the mail.

i have problems with letting go of old feelings.
i hate being alone.
i love summer.
i love the weekends.

i love black eyeliner.
i think I'm a looker.
i type with one hand.
i live in a one storey house.
i wear make-up.
i have never rode on an underground subway.
i can't swim.
i have bad memories.
i go to church.
i sing in the shower.
i hate cheerleaders.
i usually get what i want.
i have been on stage before.
i love roller coasters.
no one knows my full story of my life.
i am close to my parents.

i don't have a curfew.


Singled out

>> Wednesday, 7 December 2005

You get one wish of anything, what would you ask for? Wish for 6 more wishes.
» Be JJ's friend (It's so impossible)
» Know how to play a guitar
» Good at composing songs
» Have a perfect body (Lol)
» Be rich $___$
» Be more outgoing!

What animal would you be?
A doggie! JJ's doggie! ^___^

Something you want to do in your life:
Hmm, travel around the world and promoting JJ-ism. Lol. The travel around the world part is true. =p

One time there were these Ninjas.. (finish the statement.)
They were shopping for new capes and underwears, as it isn't in the trend now.

One song you could listen to over and over again:
Can I choose all JJ's songs? ;) OK, so I'll choose Hai Pa. ^___^

Coke or Pepsi?
Hmm, aren't they the same? Pepsi.

Something you currently desire:
Umm, go shopping at the music store and go bankrupt. =p

What’s a “hellsian”? (Take a guess no peeking in a Dictionary.)
Hmm, very very very very sian? Or did they spell wrong "hellsing"? Lol.

One good deed you've done lately:
I can't remember a thing.. Maybe, doing my chores? Bleh, I'm very evil.

A funny moment in your life:
Hmm. I can't remember much, but I know there's a lot. Hmm, lets see. Oh there's one day which it's the 2nd last day of PMR. I heard from Pin that Sook Shiang can laugh for 30 minutes non-stop. I challenged her, and that day I would just laugh whenever I saw her face. Lol. But I just laughed for 15 minutes.. LOL!

Five people I pick:
Rene, Jessy, Esther, Cindy, and umm, Mavis?


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