>> Wednesday, 30 November 2005

What is the perfect age for having a crush?
"Q1: Do you have a crush before?" (personality quiz)
"Yea." *wink*
"I dont have one yet and you have already?! I tell your mom!"
"Huh? I thought everyone had one before?"
"I'll tell your mom!"
"Er.." *Does this happens only at non-city-living people?*

She's either being too exaggerating or I'm too mature. =p

I went to Speedy at Midvalley on the second day.
Me: Mommy, can I buy this? *shows Daniel's album*
Mom: What's this? Oh, Daniel. RM35.90?! Why so expensive?
Me: Original CD are normally at this price. So, can I buy?
Mom: No la, you can buy this at pasar malam at RM5 only. You never see this yesterday meh?
Me: Umm, no. And its RM7.
Mom: But this is so expensive; RM35.90 wor. You got money?
Me: Yea.
Mom: Tell me. Why do you want to buy this? You support him?
Me: Umm..
-unimportant chats-
Cousin Bro: Why do you want to buy this? You wanna get his autograph?
Me: Umm.. *If I want it, I would be here at 12pm, get his album, and wait for his arrival. (He had a showcase that day at 1pm) Plus I have his autograph already.*
Cousin bro: They got give MVs or calendars or not?
Me: Umm.. *Got give calendars?!*
Cousin bro: Dont have la. Its not worth it, you know.
Mom: Think carefully. If you wanna buy it, you better dont regret. Think carefully.
Me: Ah, whatever. *puts back album*

Then, I walked around to find JJ's karaoke VCD. Cant find it. Hmm. Then I went to see my bro paying money for that movie he bought My cousin bro is there, too.
Cousin bro: Are you angry?
Me: No!
Although this is sweet, it doesnt works on me. ;)

Oh, I saw this guy who won the Astro Talent Quest competition and also some competition at Hong Kong. He wore blue striped shirt. Isn't it great if it's Daniel? ;)

The stay at Kedah was same ol' boring. Eat, watch TV, eat, play, eat, watch TV, eat. Luckily they will have a piano sooner or later, hoorays! Speaking of piano, one day we went to buy piano. I saw this second hand Kawai piano. Its an old model, the sound is just OMG so beautiful. Too bad somebody bought it already. =(

Translating will NEVER be my talent. =(

Ah, I remembered this dream I had a few months ago which is really.. umm, not suitable for kids, and it involves 2 enemies. I swear to the person involved that I'll tell her.. in a few years time! Lol. But I dont think she would actually remember, since I would be forgetting it. Lol.

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