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>> Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Happy birthday Nicholas Teo!
Happy belated birthday Esther!

"When I'm shy I'll laugh foolishly, haha."
"Hmm, I think the most enchanting part of myself is my dimples!"
"Hehe, I like people call me JJ or Jun Jie; its more friendly."
Hello Jun Jie.

This chat was before JJ releases his 2nd album. Btw, Should I buy his S'pore karaoke version of his 3rd album or the Malaysian version? The S'porean version has 24 songs, while the Malaysian version includes the clip where he had his showcase in Menara PGRM, minus the part where the audiences playing at the stage.

I found this Chinese-English Dictionary. Its really good, the best among the ones I found. ^___^

Tae-Shuk is just soo sweet! I just wonder why Eun Suh would choose Joon Suh. He's so self-centred! I agree that both of them are sweet, but Tae-Shuk is sweeter. Sweet is just my flavour. Bro even said that Tae-Shuk is "sweet as a candy". Lol. I loved every scene where Tae-Shuk appears, and love it more when Tae-Shuk and Eun Suh are together. ^___^ Hmm, maybe because its Won Bin. ;)
Tae-Shuk's personality: Obsessive, strong, doesnt reveals his inner feelings, SWEET, GWIYEOWO, rich, willing to change for somebody he loves

Thing's I've learnt during watching (korean) Autumn in My Heart:
Upa - elder brother
Apa - Father
Ama - Mother
Saranghae(yo) - I love you
...yuroshipo - I will forever be with you (This phrase appears in DBSG's Hug if I'm not mistaken)
Sweet guys are so sweet that they'll melt you, like chocolate melts in your warm hand.
Koreans drink seaweed soup on their birthday.
Koreans use really small chopsticks.

Am I the last person to realize that Won Bin looks like Takuya Kimura from the front, and looks like an English from the side?

I'm really really sorry to say this, but..
Buhbye Daniel..
Not that Daniel is leaving! *touchwood* I'm not that obsessed on him anymore. I'm getting more inactive in DFC. I thought less about him. I seldom look at his pictures and drool.
I think my heart is divided into 2 parts; 1 for JJ while another is for Daniel. Previously Daniel won the war and he took up more spaces in my heart, instead of equally half. Now, its the opposite.

I was thinking to post the pics later, but, ah, I just cant resist it. ^___^
Part 1: (There's 4-5 parts)

JJ is a spokeperson for some clothes brand in China. He changed his hairstyle into some sort of hair thats is bombed. =p I still prefer his good boy look; maybe I still cant get use to his bad boy-ness.

That's all! Cheerios~!

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