>> Sunday, 27 November 2005

Hmm.. Blogging at this time of hour.

I saw Kenji's new album's cover and I love it. Dont you think it looks like a joker? ;) But the songs are a bit, umm, too funny to suit my taste. Lol.

I think I'm the weirdest person in the whole wide world, or even the universe! Why?
Because I'm not very interested in Chicken Little.
Because I think that Chicken Little is very nerdy.
Because I think that Chicken Little's storyline is too, umm, simple.
Because I think that Chicken Little's voice doest suit it/him. It should be younger and squeek-ier!
Because I spend more time on thinking how the sky actually fall when it isnt actually a matter. =p

Because I think that Rupert Grint isn't handsome or punkish or anything. I think he's more like ugly. *oops*
Because I think that Daniel Radcliffe looks cute.. when he was 10!
Because I think that Moody should be thinner and shorter, with the left (or is it right?) eye popping out, (you can see the nerves lol) instead of tall and fat, which makes him looks healthy. Oh and the hair should be like the White Witch in Narnia; messy. =p
Because how the director do the effects is why I wanna watch it, not because the story is exciting.
Because I wanna know how horrible does Voldemort looks like.
Because I wanna see the new cast crew. ;)

Because I'm not very interested in bothe Narnia series and the movie; its too fairytale-y.
Because everyone loves it, thats the reason I wanna it. Hey, you gotta be "in"!

And thats all for my rantings! Lol. I never thought that it would be my opinion of the movies.. Lol. I think I'll have fruits and veggies and eggs on my body right now..

I need 579 hours 04 mins to complete my 11 episodes of Pride.. o_O OMG how long is that?! *counting* approximately 25 days.. OMG.

This is the back of Daniel's album. Very nice photo, but he's too thin. ^___^;;

Found this pic from somewhere. This reminds me of Song Seoung-Hyun. Do you think I watched Autumn in My Heart a bit too much?

Speaking of Autumn in My Heart, (Argh, the name is too long) I nearly cried! Yes yes yes~ I know you would say, "OMG you're weird", but I never cried for a drama since.. 1 or 2 years ago. I will only cry when it involves REAL emotions, like the day Atilia and Trish (from MI2, if you forget) eliminated. Till now I cant believe I'm crying that day, 'cause I wasnt a fan of them.

I designed a signature to put on MT, but the biggest image size is 428x60, but mine is 468x100.. T___T Well mine looks like this:

Featuring Sakura and Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles. Dont you think they're perfect for each other? Lol. By the way, I got the phrase from an avatar, and umm, yea, it features both of them too.

I'm now creating my avatars for MT, DFC and JJFC.. Currently DFC's one is on progress, while the other 2 is still working on my brain. Oh and signatures for the 3 of them, too. The one in DFC is a rushing work. You can see the edge is a bit.. not smooth. I'm too paiseh to post it out; it barely touches my line of standard. And yes, all of them are still working on my brain. Havent found the perfect pic. Sigh.

I think I need to end here. Its too late (or early?) now (1:16AM); I need to wake up early tomorrow, and I'm getting sleepy now.. *yawn* Night night, sleep tight!

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