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>> Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Currently listening to: Wilber Pan-Gen Wo Zou Ba

Got this, umm, fortune cookie from somewhere.

What is your ideal job?
Haven't thought about it seriously, maybe a psychologist, or a singer! LOL!!

Where do you want to live when you are older?
Hmm.. Maybe Malaysia, Singapore, Australia. Hopefully not somewhere extremely cold or hot. o_O

Do you want to get married?
Yea, but not now. I'm too young.

Do you want to have kids, if yes, How many?
Yea, I always thought 2 would be perfect, 1 boy 1 girl. ^___^

What are you planning to do tomorrow?
Hmm.. continue downloading songs, finish my theory I guess.
Remember to pass it onto 5 more people! ^___^

JJ is a quarter-banana. Once his Taiwanese friend offered him a visit to some historical sites. JJ thought he was going to see an ancient chicken. Historical site in mandarin is called gu ji, while chicken is ji. Sometimes I'm kinda envy people who have funny friends. If I'm a friend of JJ, (please bear with my imagination.) I bet I'll be lying in the hospital bed now 'cause my stomach aches. xD

Daniel's album launching video! I'm so grateful I know a bit of HTML. =D

Did JJ compose a song called Gen Wo Zou Ba for Wilber Pan? OMG it so rox! JJ rox~~

Speaking of composing, my mom said I can try compose a song. o_O Is she expecting me to be somebody like JJ and Jay, or Avril Lavigne? Oops, my dream is a bit off the reality track, but you get the idea.

I received Daniel's autograph already! Thanks fiona~! I was expecting Daniel write "Dear: Win Zee". ;p I think my name is hard to write. Ok Ok its not "I think", its "obviously". Daniel seems to have a hard time writing my name, 'cause the cursive is a bit putus here and there. Sometimes having a unique name isn't a good thing afterall. =p

I found something interesting, but give me some time. ^___^

JJ is a spokeperson for a shoe brand in China! OMG he looks so kawaii~ I can't save the pictures, 'cause its in flash. ARGH. OMG OMG he's so kawaii.. drools

Let your fingers rest. Kinda difficult though.

The results I got from a quiz: (translated)

Which celebrity is suitable to be your boyfriend?
B - gentle, handsome, sweet, innocent - Zai zai, Jerry Yan.
Too bad it isn't JJ. =( I think JJ looks much more cuter than both of them, don't you think so? ;)

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