Marcus Chong!

>> Sunday, 6 November 2005

Today's Star Mag. The little boy is Marcus Chong, and I'll just post the pics which have him. =x If you're actually interested in Michael Chong, visit here

8.30am: ‘An important part of my morning routine is feeding my fish,’ says Chong, who does that with his youngest child, Marcus. ‘I have liked fish for many years, and these carp have been with me for the last three years.’

9.10am: Born into a Roman Catholic family, Chong is a devout follower. ‘Religion is a binding force in our family,’ he says. The Chongs attend St Ignatius Church in Taman Megah, Selangor, every Sunday. The church is crowded, so they sit outside. From left: Marcus, 15; Melinda, 16; Marina, 21; Chong, and wife Magdalene. Another daughter, Melisa, 20, is studying pharmacology in Australia.

10.20am: The family sit down with friends Danny and Evelyn Tang at the Key Hiong (Dim Sum) restaurant in Taman Megah. They are served by restaurant owner Phang Joo Hong. ‘I have been coming here ever since I moved to Taman SEA 11 years ago,’ says Chong, ‘and her dim sum is the best!’

11am: Back at home, Chong checks out his work on the computer... usually aided by Marcus.

11.45am: ‘I used to have many jobs, even as a band-boy,’ explains Chong, as he and Marcus launch into a somewhat rusty version of The Beatles’ Let It Be.

1.30pm: The Chong family gather for a light lunch. ‘A simple Maggi mee meal for lunch, after the dim sum,’ he says. ‘Family is very important to me. In fact, my brother bought the house next door.’

I know I'm lame. -.-" At least Marcus appears almost whole page! xp Btw, its just for your info. Maggie mee for lunch must be really tasty. =x

You guys must be really really bored hanging out in my blog. All those extremely long and lame posts. -.-"

Daniel is around 163cm. So short. O_O (I'm shorter that him. LOL!) 165cm is my dream height. =D

And there goes another picture post~ =) Enjoy your day!

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