>> Friday, 11 November 2005


Calm down.

Headline: VIVIAN HSU likes JJ LIN

  • Last month when JJ was still at Shanghai, he received Vivian's call and quickly rush to pay a call to her (tan ban). (OMFG)
  • At October, a concert (Cheng Se Feng Bao Yan Chang Hui) was held at Xia Men. Vivian wants JJ to play the piano for her song he wrote for her, Ai Xiao De Yan Jing (Smiling Eyes). When she sang halfway she cried, JJ stopped and comforted her. When he was going to continue, he accidentally stepped on a hole and he injured his leg. (OMFG Are you OK JJ? OMFG)
  • Recently JJ won a few awards at Singapore Hits Awards, Vivian recorded a VCR and she didn't forget to ask about his injury.
  • When Vivian was shooting for her new show Bie Ai Wo (Don't Love Me) last month, JJ was at Shanghai too. When JJ received her call, JJ rushed to her place at a remote area to pay her a call again WITHOUT HAVING DINNER. (OMFG JJ I hope you don't hve gastric OMFG OMFG)
OMFG I think Vivian is using JJ. I know JJ does rox and melt everyone's hearts when he smiles (OK maybe just me), but Vivian... and JJ...!! ARGH!! Does she just want to be on the headline?!

When I saw this report, I screamed. SCREAM!!


OK calm down!

I received my friend's letter today. I though its Daniel's autograph, since I asked fiona to help me get his autograph. -.-"

I received Daniel's reply again, but its still the same as the previous one I received. -.-" Well I think I'm lucky to received twice of his reply. =p *must think in the bright side* I prefer he write something on his reply, like "Thank you" or "Thanks" or anything! Oh yes, I'm very greedy. ;) I hope (and think) he remembers me! Oh no I'm getting greedier.

Is my name like a boy's name? Everytime I meet an online friend, this is what I'll tell them about my real name:
XXX: whats your name?
Me: WiN Zee
XXX: a boy?
Me: er.. no. gal.
XXX: oh

And when ppl ask about my age... (no matter online or real life)

Younger generation (around my age)
XXX: How old are you?
Me: 14
XXX: Oh.. next year form 3 la
Me: Er.. no. form 4.
XXX: Huh? You jump class? PTS ar?
Me: Yeap.

Older generation (uncle aunty, or 20++)
XXX: How old are you?
Me: 14
XXX: Next year form 3 hor. So fast
Me: No. form 4.
XXX: Why?
Me: Er.. jump class.
XXX: Jump class?
Me: Yea. I took PTS and skipped Std 4.
XXX: Oh.. so smart hor.
Me: er.. hehe no lar.

Yes, thats why jump class is kinda troublesome. ^_^;; But sometime it helps too. Your age is quite "flexible" during school life. =D

I downloaded Tsubasa Chronicles episode 1, and guess what? Its a SOUND clip. OMG I dont understand a word cuz its in japanese, except gomenasai, daijoubu, sakura. =p

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