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>> Wednesday, 16 November 2005

What do you think of my new layout? I know that I love it! ^_^

Pics time~! All credits to JJFC.

Days go by, he made her happy. (OMG I feel embarassed being his fans.. LOL!! JUST JOKING!!)

Seriously, I kesian Cyndi for being with him.

JJ: "Hey, this sushi isn't fresh." (OMG his expression.. o_O)

Yuck! The sushi not fresh! (OMG his expression.. o_O)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Lalala~ The bottle is something we should pity about. JJ is a spokeperson of some clothes brand in China.

(1st scene) Yida: "I'm going to eat!"
(2nd scene) Yida: "Yum~ delicious!!" JJ: "You just know how to eat~ tsk tsk."
(3rd scene) Yida: "No matter how much I eat, I wont grow fat."
(4th scene) Yida: "His eyes are so small~~"
(5th scene) JJ: "Who says!"

This reminds me of Daniel.. o_O Oh, this MV is Ting Bu Dong, Mei Guan Xi [Gibberish]. He's so cute. ^_^ Must get his 3rd karaoke!

JJ: Roar~ Doggie, be afraid of me, as I, am the mighty JJ monster!!

Doggie: *thinking* the JJ monster is acting cute when there's a camera. How sarcastic. *rolls eyes*


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