JJ is no. 1!! <3

>> Wednesday, 2 November 2005


I just saw the ultimate news of Daniel.


I finally know why Daniel composed a song. Its actually for this.

I don't think its appropriate to post it, even to the poster. The poster I meant here is the person who post, not that big piece of paper with your favourite idol on it. LOL.

I STILL think that Daniel is perasan. Haha. And a bit of a dreamer too. Lol. That's what you get if you have the slightest chance to meet your idol. LOL.

JJ~ and also Daniel~ I'm soo hoping that you guys are related to me. This is quite possible actually. Especially Daniel. Lol. Been dreamin' again.. Not really possible, cuz I don't have relatives staying in Changlun. xP

JJ will forever be my No. 1, in case anyone of you thought that I abandoned JJ. My love for him is soo deep.. Bleh.

Haha. Blogging at this time. Lazy to blog out what I've done today. Lol.


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