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>> Tuesday, 15 November 2005

I just joined JJ's Fans Club. Finally I had the chance to use the Chinese Wordstar which, somehow, is neglected. =p The members recruitment will be held at December! ^_^

JJ's karaoke VCD is finally released on November 11th! I must get it!

I found some celebrities's blogs in the forum. I especially love 柯以柔's, 方文山's and Cyndi's blogs. At least they update more. =p I dont know if its OK to post it here, so if you want it, send me a mail. ;p

JJ is a funny and clumsy and, of course, a kawaii boy. Ermm I mean guy. =p I'm looking forward to his new album and also his concert next year! Must save money now~ This is the video of the Singapore Hits Awards.. (Just him =p) Listen to JJ's version of the songs his composed for other singers! ^_^ Quality a bit not good, but at least you know what he's singing. =D Emil Chow said, "I like his dimple so much!" xD

Btw, its Best Male Vocalist Awards, not Performance. =p Sorry for the mistake.

I'm confirmed that I cant go to Planet Hollywood next Tuesday. =( But I tell myself that I can see Daniel when he have his promo tour. I MUST get his album. Btw, You Ji is very nice. =D

JJ's karaoke VCD + Daniel's album = RM60 = bankruptcy

2006 budget =p
JJ's new album + JJ's concert + Daniel's 2nd album (if got. =p) = RM200++ = worse than bankruptcy. T_T

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