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>> Saturday, 19 November 2005

Currently listening to: Maksim-Grieg's Piano Concerto in A minor

I can't find my English CD! Argh. It can't be evaporating!

I went to 1U yesterday. I finally saw the "real life" Daniel's single. I know I'm slow, but I seldom go out. I never bring any money, so I cant buy it. T_T My mom said if we can do her chores and if she's satisfied, she will pay us. Ah yes I can do it, and so is my bro. He saw a Masked Rider movie (Missing Ace) at Speedy, he doesnt have the money to buy it. He saved all his money in the bank already. Haha.

I cut my hair today! Its thinner now, but maybe a bit too thin too my expectation. =p A guy cut my hair. I cant see his face clearly 'cause I took off my glasses. He cut for quite long, maybe 30 minutes? That time the radio was playing Lee Hom's Yi Shou Jian Dan De Ge, he sang along. Ermm more like lip-singing. My bro and sis said that the guy looks like Jay Chou. ARGH. I didn't see his face! I just know that he wore a watch, a bracelet, (more like those buddhist thing) has small eyes, has blonde hair, has a not-so-sexy voice. ARGH.

I finally understand now why do Mayday's fans like Mayday. 'Cause their songs are so nice! ^_^ I will download some of their songs, too, like Zhi Zu, Lian Ai-ing, and maybe more. =)

I wonder why do guys usually like Lee Hom and hate Jay. ('cause Jay is Lee Hom's "enemy".)

I was not blogging for 1 or 2 days 'cause my mom not allowed me to. She said I was going online too much. -.-" Still, I will try to resist the computer.

I love Jay's new songs! =D I might be downloading them. ^_^

Btw, does Maksim's songs usually have drums and guitars? o_O I was just expecting violin as the accompaniment.

Songs to download:

  • Mayday's songs - especially Lian Ai-ing, Zhi Zu
  • Jay's new album's songs
  • Maksim's songs

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