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>> Saturday, 26 November 2005

Currently listening to: JJ Lin - Yin Cha Yang Cuo

In case you ask where did this song came from, its not from any of JJ's album. Its a theme song of some Singaporean drama. The music is Mu Nai Yi, but the lyrics is different. The Chinese instruments are all replaced by a gush of wind. Lol. I can't get used to it; maybe I'm used to Mu Nai Yi. :)

Yesterday my mom and I went to morning market. I went there 'cause there's this Chinese selling (pirated) TV series. My mom requested for Winter Sonata the other day, and he came up with 3 dramas together-Winter Sonata, Autumn in My Heart and Summer Scent. I requested for My Love Patzzi, and he doesnt understand what I'm saying until I said it for the 3rd time. Is my Chinese that horrible?! -.-" Hmm, I should have requested for Full House, too, but.. I doesnt have that "love" feeling for that drama now. Ah, I jumped in and out of love very quickly. ;) I was hoping he sells J-dramas, but I can't find any. Oh well. I saw some new Taiwanese dramas; Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa and E Nan Ji Zhai Dian. These people really are fast. ;)

Choi Ji Woo and Bae Yong Jun doesn't look young, but why do they act as high school students? Some very old students. Lol. I just watched Autumn in My Heart twice, and I'm falling for it. ^___^ Jun-Hee (Song Seoung-Hyun) when was small is so kawaii! Ah especially his eyes~ Lol. I wonder how did they find somebody look alike with Song Seoung-Hyun. Hmm. Ah, not forgetting Won Bin. ^___^ Well, I nearly cried in this drama, so hoorays for me! I seldom cry on sad dramas, although I dont know why.. -.-"

Download J-drama here! Anyone have any idea where to download K-dramas?

Let's learn some Japanese slang! :D

  • Yabai- originally means dangerous or not good. But now many young kids use it as cool, great or something positive.
    eg: Kore yabai ne! = This is awesome, isn't it?
  • Maji- real, really or no kidding.
    eg: Anohito maji baka dayo. = That guy/girl/person is real idiot.
  • Kono Yarou!- You bastard! **this phrase can sound comical and cute depends on the tone of your voice.
  • Baka Yarou!- You idiot!
  • Chiku shou! or Kuso [pronounced Kuh-soe with the Kuh shortened to almost a "k" sound] - Damn it!
  • Temme - Why you little no good £$!%*^¬@?/#!!
  • Buta - Pig
    eg: "Yurusai konno buta!!" or "Shut the **** up you pig!!"
  • Nante ne! - Not really but.. something like that.
    eg: "Eh? MAJI DE? -- "Ah, nante ne!" [Eh? REALLY? -- Yeah, sorta!]
  • Nanchatte! - Oh dear, what did I just say.. **used when you're embarassed of what you just said.
  • Nankane! - Just Kidding!
  • so desu ne - Oh that's right **speaking slowily can show uncomfortableness
  • narehodo - infatic agreement/that makes a lot of sense
  • so desu ka - (rising tone on ka) really? falling intonation - ahh I see
  • sore de - And then what happened? asking for elaboration
  • Honto - Really. with rising tone on "to" = really?
Credits to: JTV forum

Your Birthdate: September 26
You lucked out the the skills to succeed in almost any arena.
Put you in almost any business or classroom, and you'll rise to the top.
You're driven and intense, but you also know when to kick back and cooperate.
Your ability to adapt to almost any situation is part of what's going to make you a success.

Your strength: Your attention to detail

Your weakness: You can be a little too proud of your successes

Your power color: Turquoise

Your power symbol: Arrow pointing up

Your power month: August

You Are Chinese Food
Exotic yet ordinary.
People think they've had enough of you, but they're back for more in an hour.

I prefer Western. =p

I was supposed to complete my theory yesterday, instead I was sketching. I was getting bored, so I decided just to play a while, and, who knows, I go sketching. ^___^;; I sketched Shin from Mayday, but what I sketched doesn't looks like him but like a Japanese. Lol. Luckily its just for fun and I'm not Mayday's fans. I haven't draw his mouth yet, 'cause I sucked at it. o_O

Downloading Pride now! Pride rox~ ^___^v

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