>> Friday, 4 November 2005

Hey people, miss me? ;) Lol. I wasn't blogging yesterday cuz I went to Kuantan. Its a last-minute thing. Haha. We went there for 2 days 1 night. Duh. If not I'm not blogging now! ;p

We went to Teluk Chempedak for the first day. Well first night to be exact. People are building sandcastles with candles. When we were playing at the sea (do you actually call it "playing"? Lol.), my bro put his sandals a bit too low to the sea, and the wave flowed one away. Lol. We went searching, then we gave up. Its too dark to see. At 9.30PM there was a Raya show on 8TV, from all MI finalists. But we played until 10.30pm++. I'm not regretting for not watching the show, I had loads of fun at the beach! =D I know I'm not loyal. Don't need to comment on that. -.-" I'll regret for my ENTIRE LIFE if JJ is in it. <3

When we checked out from the hotel, I saw a bald, Malay guy. I thought that he might be Roslan. Obviously he's not. -.-" I know bald + Malay doesnt equals to Roslan!

2nd day, we went to Cherating beach. There's nobody there, its so quiet. The sea is OMG so clean and blue. The beach is OMG so clean and white. You can't find it in the West Coast. Hah. We saw sea turtles! The small ones are just OMG so kawaii. ^_^ I don't dare to touch it, though. Lol. The shell of those turtles are just OMG so beautiful. ^_^

I love surveys. =D Below is in random order.

Seven things that will scare me:
Losing my parents
2. Losing my family
3. Losing my friends
4. All sorts of disasters
5. Chillie (XD)
6. Horror movies, horror stories, anything related with the word "horror"
7. Animals without fur and feather

Seven things that I like most:
1. Family
2. Friends
3. JJ
4. Apple
5. Music
6. Personal mails (including Emails)
7. GOOD surprises

Seven most important things in my room:
1. Fan
2. Bed
3. Pillows
4. CDs
5. My accesories (Just a little. Lol.)
6. Books
7. JJ 89757 necklace (love it loads)

Seven random facts about me:
1. I used to have some penpals.
2. I don't think logically. Much.
3. I declare myself as the only person in the world who HATES chillie so much, that I wanna spread anti-chillie. LOL.
4. I can live without, even the computer, for a few weeks.
5. I'm not a Christian, but I say OMG a lot.
6. I was "inspired" to say "Wo De Tian Ah" (OMG) when I was watching Full House.
7. I declare myself as an almost vegetarian.

Seven things I can do:
1. Play the piano.
2. Sing? Bleh.
3. "Training" myself to sing a higher note which I cant reach.
4. Force myself (in a nice way) to do something.
5. Able to find out contacts from long lost friend. (usually lucky. hah)
6. Able to suggest a good excuse. (Haha)
7. Able to "encourage" myself. (Like go go jia you!) (Do you call it encourage? =/)

Seven things I can't do:
1. Dance
2. Study
3. Listen to people's problems and give a good solution. I'm a BAD listener.
4. Cry on sad movies. (-.-")
5. Reading Malay books (except comics)
6. Play the violin and guitar.
7. NOT confusing myself.

Seven words I say the most:
1. Huh?
2. What?
3. Where?
4. Oh.
5. Oh My God (I know its a phrase. -.-")
6. Really?
7. Ah.

Seven things I would do before I die:
1. Apologise to everyone (that I'm able to meet) about my mistakes in my life.
2. Meet JJ and Daniel.
3. Give my friends and family a great great big hug and tell them "I love you."
4. Travel around the world.
5. Get married and have kids (I wanna know who's my [future] husband and kids! XD)
6. Go every theme park in the world. (XD)
7. Not crying when I'm dieing.

Seven people who I would love to do this:
1. Rene =D
2. Yen Pin (Too bad she doesn't have a blog.)
3. JJ (LOL!!)
4. Daniel (LOL!!)
5. Esther
6. Cindy
7. Yijienn (No blog too.)

I know its full of craps. -.-"

IQ question! =D

God appeared in Daniel¡¦s dream and told him this:
"One day, in your singing career, you will reach 2 gates.
One gate leads to stardom while the other gate leads to oblivion.
To be a superstar, you must pass through the gate of stardom.
There will be 2 guards manning the gates.
The 2 guards know which gate leads to stardom and which gate leads to oblivion.
One guard ALWAYS tell a lie while the other ALWAYS tell the truth.
The liar guard knows that the other guard is truthful
The truthful guard knows that the other guard is a liar.
You have one question to ask any one of the guard.
And the answer you get will give you a clue on which gate to take."

Daniel is now at the 2 gates guarded by (say) Idolhunter and AgentPink.
What question should Daniel ask so that he can be 100% sure he will be a superstar?
idolhunter replied: Hi dad... which way to stardom? LOL!!! Nice answer. =D

Anybody know how to answer? Smurfy gave a hint: -ve & -ve --> +ve What does it means? I know I'm slow. -.-"

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