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>> Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Read this interesting article from today's The Star, Clove. I'll just post the interesting parts. =D

Flirtatious Behaviour

...A study performed by Professor Rubin Dunbar of Liverpool University showed that the trait most desired by the women in a cohort of 200 university students was commitment. Fot the men, commitment conceded first place to (surprise, surprise) attractiveness.
...Desiring attaractiveness isn't as shallow as it seems. Attractive persons tend to be physically symmetrical, thought to be an indicator of health coded for by 'good' genes. Other traits which are deemed attractive - full, red lips, smooth skin, glossy hair - again are indicators of robust health, which the male hopes will passed on to his offspring. Narrow waisrs and wide hips are a sign of fertility, another desirable male trait.

...How people flirt
What counts during the first few minutes (between one and four) we have to hook someone? Apparently, the substances of what we say communicates a measly 7% (men, throw out your pick-up lines). The tone and speed of our voices chip in 38% (voice training, perhaps?), but body language accounts for a whopping 55% (book salsa lessons now!).
Think you're not a flirt, eh? Think you're just friendly? Time to confess; which of these instinctive actions are you guilty of?
  • "Opening" the face: raising eyebrows, parting lips, widening eyes and flaring nostrils. These actions make a person appear non-threatening or downright inviting.
  • The "copulatory" gaze: eyes lock for a few seconds before dropping eyelids/looking away. Open eyes and dilating pupils indicate interest. They're saying "Approach me".
  • Standing tall:...Men stand straight, back arched and chests thrust out. Movements are exaggerated to gain attention. They may even swagger. Women do the same, but with a hipsway instead of swaggering. These effects can be exaggerated by wearing high heels.
  • Preening acts:: straightening clothing, smoothing/flicking hair and lick your lips send out "I want to look good for you" messages.
  • Touching yourself: stroking your cheek, caressing your arms. This is another form of preenig but can also be autoerotic (i.e. a solo means of fulfilling ones sexual desires, tsk tsk).
  • "Mirroring": aligning bodies and moving in tandem. Leaning left as he leans left, crossing your arms as she crosses hers is ike a mating dance. It says "We are compatible".
  • The "crotch display" for men: Opening the legs to allow viewing of the goods is a flirting foghorm blast. The female equivalent is probably cleavage-'revealage'.
I especially like the "How people flirt" part. I guess everyone have been flirting, including me! xD

6th Nov 2005, 8.30pm, Raya Realiti Show live at RTM. I MUST GO!! Everytime I say "I must go" and end up I can't go. Hah. I'm so a bad girl at home, I wonder my parents will actually let me go. =(

Ludwig's homepage is just OMG so damn chunted. In Flash. OMG so chunted. =D
Ludwig's homepage
Ludwig's.. er.. demos
Ludwig's blog
Ludwig's forum
He's just oh-so incredibly talented.

Pics time~! And this time the theme is back to Daniel. =D

The photos are taken at Studio One Zero One, which I have no idea where it is. =p

Ready to sing?


Having a break

** 3rd pic a bit cacat cuz I resized it.
I love his torn jeans! And I love his T-shirt design. =D Btw, he word that necklace-with-ring a few times already. ;p I'm not observant.. I came across that necklace in Xue Hai. Lol.

Phew. Long post. I love long post. =) Cheerios~!

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