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>> Sunday, 13 November 2005

I'm tagged by Rene! =D

Seven things I plan to do before I die:
1. Tell all my loved ones how much I love them.
2. Make my own album. =p
3. Be my own crazy self. =D
4. Give JJ a hug.
5. Give Daniel a hug, too.
6. NOT crying. (But its impossible. =p)
7. Be a photoshop and HTML pro. ^_^

Seven things I could do before I die:
1. Meet JJ and get his autograph.
2. Meet Daniel and get his autograph, too.
3. Tell everyone (who doesn't know) that I love JJ and Daniel. =p
4. Compose a song. ^_^
5. Can play "简简单单 (Simply)" on guitar. ^_^
6. Get to see my future husband's and children's looks.
7. Get to know the future. =D

Seven celebrity crushes:
1. JJ
2. Daniel
3. Hins Cheung
4. Nicholas Teo
5. Won Bin
6. Ricky Oman or something from Phil of the Future. ;)
7. Does Dark counts? =D

Seven often repeated words:
1. Oh my god
2. What?
3. Stupid =p
4. Oh
5. I dunno
6. Huh?
7. OK

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1. Eyes
2. Height
3. Kawaii-ness
4. Lips =p
5. Hand/Fingers
6. Hair
7. Clothings

Seven tags goes to (You gotta do this as well!):
1. Jessy
2. Shi Ching
3. Cindy
4. Pin
5. Esther =D
6. Mavis/Samantha. Or JJ fans. =D
7. Anyone who has a blog. (I cant think of anybody to put here. -.-")

I didn't blog yesterday 'cause I need to paint the house. Its so tiring, and I cant practice my piano 'cause my hands are tired. -.-"

The dream I had yesterday: I was in my transporter's van with some other girls. I sat at the 3rd row from the door. We reached Yuk Chai hall and I saw Daniel. He's wearing the shirt he always wears in the spectaculars:

The striped shirt/top in my dream is in this blue, thats what I saw in Giant a few days ago. ;)

I saw Teng running towards him. We (people in van) know that Teng's scream is extremely high-pitched, so we closed our ears, in case she screams. Amazingly, she didn't scream, but walk towards that 4-storeys building (called Xing Zheng Lou in chinese) behind the hall with Daniel. After that, my transporter dropped us off. I met up with Sook Shiang (she came out from no where. o_O) and then we walked away.

The weird thing is, I never seen Teng in real life before, and I dont think the school is that rich to invite Daniel there. He's extremely expensive. xD

The dream I had today: I was in DJ's canteen, in the place to buy bread. The uncle there is fair, fat, wear specs, speaks Chinese and friendly.
So I asked him, "Uncle, you got Mayday's album?"
Uncle answered, "Nope."
I asked again, "How about Hins Cheung?"
Uncle answered, "Er.. which one you want? I have a lot."
I replied, "a.m./p.m."
Uncle replied, "Oh that one. You can get it outside there." *points*
The "outside" looks like the outside of the food court in SS2, except its much much cleaner. Btw, the CDs are pirated. (Sorry sorry..)

I think the Mayday part is because Pin said she wants Mayday's [Zhi Zu] album, and it kinda "carve" it on my brain. o_O

Next Tuesday, is the day Daniel launches his album. (Everyone knows that.) Next Tuesday, my maid is going back to Indon. Next week, my cousin are coming. Next week I'm still in KL, but the thing is, its in the wrong time. The wrong time. -.-" I MUST ask my mom (but it'll involve both of them. -.-") about this tomorrow. MUST.

Aiks, even if I'm not asking her now, I feel scared. I dont know why. I NEVER know why. Whenever I wanna request for something, I would feel scared. THAT'S why I'm bad at requesting for stuff. THAT'S why I always buy genuine CDs without my family's acknowledgement. Sigh. I think I need a psychologist. Seriously.

I doubt that she would actually let me go. I had my freedom on that day me and my friends went to The Curve, and I lost my freedom on the same day 'cause "the karaoke centre is very dangerous and only samseng girls go there." -.-" And the rest of the complaints will not be posted here, as the post is already so long. -.-"

Wish me luck~!

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