>> Saturday, 5 November 2005

I received an Email from Lol. I signed up to see who's that person who sent me that mail. but I need to guess that person. Obviously not JJ or Daniel! LOL!! It made me thought of Sern though. Argh. They send those guesses to the email address I guessed. I tried with my gmail. But I have no crush now.. Oh well. Who cares. If you care, give me a name and I go try it out. xD

Hmm.. I was thinking of sending one to Daniel. xD Of course thats just purely stupid. -.-"

I'm into Hins Cheung these days. =D His Dear U is just OMG so beautiful. ^_^I'm gonna download all his songs in his am/pm album! =) Or, if I have the chance, I will buy it. ^_^ OB viously its pirated. I don't have that much money for so much albums! -.-" Don't tell me to save money for JJ's karaoke VCD and Daniel's album 'cause I think I have enough money. RM100 will be flying away. -.-" Btw, Daniel's album will be RM35.90. I thought "Made in Malaysia" stuff will not cost that much! xD Still, its cheaper than JJ's album, and MUCH cheaper than Jay Chou's album. I guess Jay's fans always broke. Hah.

I'm downloading The Myth's theme song-Endless Love, a duet of Kim Hee-Seon and Jackie Chan. I love the melody. ^_^ It made me feel like watching the movie. =) It took soo long to download it, but it's definitely worth it. ^_^

Sometimes coincidence in this world is a bit too coincident. =/

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