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Yesterday was my music school's annual concert. I forgot to invite people cuz I forgot. I kept spending my time with my beloved Daniel and internet. =p Next year I'll definitely invite you guys. =D

String Ensemble: March, Rondeau. 6 violinist (if I'm not wrong) and a celloist.
Children's choir: Oh! Susanna, Dancing Queen. (I think its from The Little Mermaid) They're just so cute! But they forgot their lyrics.
Piano Solo: Elite Syncopation (Scott Joplin), played by Denissa. 1 or 2 mistakes.
Piano Solo: Alla Turca (Mozart), played by Jazzlyn. More than 5 mistakes. o_O
Guitar Duet: Right Here Waiting, by Kevin (he's cute. =p) and Jian Seng. Beautifully beautiful. ^_^
Violin Solo: Concerto in A minor (Vivaldi), The violin is like a bit broken voice. =p
Violin Solo: Bourree (Bach).
Violin Duet: The Lover's Waltz (Jay Ungar and Molly Mason), piano accompaniment by my sister. =D
Keyboard Duet: Mission Impossible. o_O
Vocal Solo: "Wo Shi Yi Zhi Hua Mei Niao". Soprano type.
Vocal Solo: "Xiao Qin Qin". Soprano type.

And then suddenly, the break cuts in. The food was nice. ^_^

Piano Quintet: Canon in D (Pachelbel), 3 violinists, 1 celloist, piano-Win Zee. =D
Piano Quintet String Quartet: All I ask of you (Andrew Lloyd Webber). The violinists and celloist above minus the pianist. =(

The break was supposed to be here.

Vocal Solo: Complicated (Avril Lavigne), she (Kathryn) doesn't have the voice and the strength to sing it. Or maybe the music is too loud. Her clothings was weird. 2 spaghetti stripes, pink inside greem inside, and plus the UGLY big pink black stripe.
Piano Solo: Nocturne (Chopin). How many Nocturnes are there? Cuz the one I'm practicing was in major key, while this was in minor key. o_O
Piano Solo: Waltz in E minor (Chopin). Chopin likes to make ppl sleep first (Its quite a sleepy song, but beautiful), then wake them up by loud music. =p
Vocal Solo: "I Dreamed a Dream".
Piano Solo: Fantasie Impromptu (Chopin). Jonathan played like "a mad man", cuz he was soo into the music.
Guitar Solo: A Sonata and.. er.. Doraemon theme song. o_O
Friends String Chamber: Unknown people playing Palladio and Titanic Highlights. Palladio was a very angry song. I can only recognised My Heart Will Go On in Titanic Highlights. (Hey, its the theme song) OMG its just so beautiful. If I were to listen to a orchestra on this song, I bet I'll be crying, its too beautiful. ^_^
Mix Instrumental Ensemble: Japanese Grafitti, by the teachers of the school. I can't listen to the melody. o_O
Vocal Solo: Soprano type.
Choir: by all students. We sang "Tong Hua" (Guang Liang) and You Raised Me Up (Josh Groban). I can't listen to my voice! Its too loud! =p

And thus the concert ends at 11PM++.

I still havent solve my Planet Hollywood problem. =( I'm soo sucked at requesting something. Thats why I seem not greedy. =p Is this supposed to be a good thing? Cuz I dont simply request for something. Lol. =p If Sook Shiang doesn't wants to accompany me, (thats like 60% she wont go. =() I shall NOT love her. (as a friend. I'm straight.) Until I forget about this. =p Will KL be jam at 10AM or so? I suggested taking Monorail if its jam, but Sook Shiang afraid that the "security is not good". =(

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My current wallpaper! Featuring Krad from D.N. Angel. ^_^ Yes I know I'm bored. I was posting my current wallie on DFC, so I decided to put it here too. ^_^


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