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>> Wednesday, 9 November 2005

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I don't know what happened to my e-mail to Daniel in Oriental Daily. There's a column which Daniel will write for 20 days until the day he release his album. He welcome e-mails to his e-mail address in Oriental Daily. I'm a very "supportive" person and will send some e-mails. I 'm not expecting him to reply or anything. I checked my gmail today, and, oh my god, I received a reply from Daniel's e-mail address in Oriental Daily. He wrote nothing (I don't know if its him, but I think it is), just send me 3 images, his handwriting and his signature! I feel like shouting right now. I know the others who send him the e-mails might receive the same thing, but I'm so excited and I can't calm down!

I guess this will make up my yesterday, cuz I can't find JJ's report! (On S'pore His Awards) I find high and low, and the only thing I can't find is the entertainment news.

I feel like shouting now. The screamer finally found her voice! XD

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