>> Wednesday, 30 November 2005

What is the perfect age for having a crush?
"Q1: Do you have a crush before?" (personality quiz)
"Yea." *wink*
"I dont have one yet and you have already?! I tell your mom!"
"Huh? I thought everyone had one before?"
"I'll tell your mom!"
"Er.." *Does this happens only at non-city-living people?*

She's either being too exaggerating or I'm too mature. =p

I went to Speedy at Midvalley on the second day.
Me: Mommy, can I buy this? *shows Daniel's album*
Mom: What's this? Oh, Daniel. RM35.90?! Why so expensive?
Me: Original CD are normally at this price. So, can I buy?
Mom: No la, you can buy this at pasar malam at RM5 only. You never see this yesterday meh?
Me: Umm, no. And its RM7.
Mom: But this is so expensive; RM35.90 wor. You got money?
Me: Yea.
Mom: Tell me. Why do you want to buy this? You support him?
Me: Umm..
-unimportant chats-
Cousin Bro: Why do you want to buy this? You wanna get his autograph?
Me: Umm.. *If I want it, I would be here at 12pm, get his album, and wait for his arrival. (He had a showcase that day at 1pm) Plus I have his autograph already.*
Cousin bro: They got give MVs or calendars or not?
Me: Umm.. *Got give calendars?!*
Cousin bro: Dont have la. Its not worth it, you know.
Mom: Think carefully. If you wanna buy it, you better dont regret. Think carefully.
Me: Ah, whatever. *puts back album*

Then, I walked around to find JJ's karaoke VCD. Cant find it. Hmm. Then I went to see my bro paying money for that movie he bought My cousin bro is there, too.
Cousin bro: Are you angry?
Me: No!
Although this is sweet, it doesnt works on me. ;)

Oh, I saw this guy who won the Astro Talent Quest competition and also some competition at Hong Kong. He wore blue striped shirt. Isn't it great if it's Daniel? ;)

The stay at Kedah was same ol' boring. Eat, watch TV, eat, play, eat, watch TV, eat. Luckily they will have a piano sooner or later, hoorays! Speaking of piano, one day we went to buy piano. I saw this second hand Kawai piano. Its an old model, the sound is just OMG so beautiful. Too bad somebody bought it already. =(

Translating will NEVER be my talent. =(

Ah, I remembered this dream I had a few months ago which is really.. umm, not suitable for kids, and it involves 2 enemies. I swear to the person involved that I'll tell her.. in a few years time! Lol. But I dont think she would actually remember, since I would be forgetting it. Lol.

Part 2:


Sweet is my flavour

>> Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Happy birthday Nicholas Teo!
Happy belated birthday Esther!

"When I'm shy I'll laugh foolishly, haha."
"Hmm, I think the most enchanting part of myself is my dimples!"
"Hehe, I like people call me JJ or Jun Jie; its more friendly."
Hello Jun Jie.

This chat was before JJ releases his 2nd album. Btw, Should I buy his S'pore karaoke version of his 3rd album or the Malaysian version? The S'porean version has 24 songs, while the Malaysian version includes the clip where he had his showcase in Menara PGRM, minus the part where the audiences playing at the stage.

I found this Chinese-English Dictionary. Its really good, the best among the ones I found. ^___^

Tae-Shuk is just soo sweet! I just wonder why Eun Suh would choose Joon Suh. He's so self-centred! I agree that both of them are sweet, but Tae-Shuk is sweeter. Sweet is just my flavour. Bro even said that Tae-Shuk is "sweet as a candy". Lol. I loved every scene where Tae-Shuk appears, and love it more when Tae-Shuk and Eun Suh are together. ^___^ Hmm, maybe because its Won Bin. ;)
Tae-Shuk's personality: Obsessive, strong, doesnt reveals his inner feelings, SWEET, GWIYEOWO, rich, willing to change for somebody he loves

Thing's I've learnt during watching (korean) Autumn in My Heart:
Upa - elder brother
Apa - Father
Ama - Mother
Saranghae(yo) - I love you
...yuroshipo - I will forever be with you (This phrase appears in DBSG's Hug if I'm not mistaken)
Sweet guys are so sweet that they'll melt you, like chocolate melts in your warm hand.
Koreans drink seaweed soup on their birthday.
Koreans use really small chopsticks.

Am I the last person to realize that Won Bin looks like Takuya Kimura from the front, and looks like an English from the side?

I'm really really sorry to say this, but..
Buhbye Daniel..
Not that Daniel is leaving! *touchwood* I'm not that obsessed on him anymore. I'm getting more inactive in DFC. I thought less about him. I seldom look at his pictures and drool.
I think my heart is divided into 2 parts; 1 for JJ while another is for Daniel. Previously Daniel won the war and he took up more spaces in my heart, instead of equally half. Now, its the opposite.

I was thinking to post the pics later, but, ah, I just cant resist it. ^___^
Part 1: (There's 4-5 parts)

JJ is a spokeperson for some clothes brand in China. He changed his hairstyle into some sort of hair thats is bombed. =p I still prefer his good boy look; maybe I still cant get use to his bad boy-ness.

That's all! Cheerios~!



>> Sunday, 27 November 2005

Hmm.. Blogging at this time of hour.

I saw Kenji's new album's cover and I love it. Dont you think it looks like a joker? ;) But the songs are a bit, umm, too funny to suit my taste. Lol.

I think I'm the weirdest person in the whole wide world, or even the universe! Why?
Because I'm not very interested in Chicken Little.
Because I think that Chicken Little is very nerdy.
Because I think that Chicken Little's storyline is too, umm, simple.
Because I think that Chicken Little's voice doest suit it/him. It should be younger and squeek-ier!
Because I spend more time on thinking how the sky actually fall when it isnt actually a matter. =p

Because I think that Rupert Grint isn't handsome or punkish or anything. I think he's more like ugly. *oops*
Because I think that Daniel Radcliffe looks cute.. when he was 10!
Because I think that Moody should be thinner and shorter, with the left (or is it right?) eye popping out, (you can see the nerves lol) instead of tall and fat, which makes him looks healthy. Oh and the hair should be like the White Witch in Narnia; messy. =p
Because how the director do the effects is why I wanna watch it, not because the story is exciting.
Because I wanna know how horrible does Voldemort looks like.
Because I wanna see the new cast crew. ;)

Because I'm not very interested in bothe Narnia series and the movie; its too fairytale-y.
Because everyone loves it, thats the reason I wanna it. Hey, you gotta be "in"!

And thats all for my rantings! Lol. I never thought that it would be my opinion of the movies.. Lol. I think I'll have fruits and veggies and eggs on my body right now..

I need 579 hours 04 mins to complete my 11 episodes of Pride.. o_O OMG how long is that?! *counting* approximately 25 days.. OMG.

This is the back of Daniel's album. Very nice photo, but he's too thin. ^___^;;

Found this pic from somewhere. This reminds me of Song Seoung-Hyun. Do you think I watched Autumn in My Heart a bit too much?

Speaking of Autumn in My Heart, (Argh, the name is too long) I nearly cried! Yes yes yes~ I know you would say, "OMG you're weird", but I never cried for a drama since.. 1 or 2 years ago. I will only cry when it involves REAL emotions, like the day Atilia and Trish (from MI2, if you forget) eliminated. Till now I cant believe I'm crying that day, 'cause I wasnt a fan of them.

I designed a signature to put on MT, but the biggest image size is 428x60, but mine is 468x100.. T___T Well mine looks like this:

Featuring Sakura and Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles. Dont you think they're perfect for each other? Lol. By the way, I got the phrase from an avatar, and umm, yea, it features both of them too.

I'm now creating my avatars for MT, DFC and JJFC.. Currently DFC's one is on progress, while the other 2 is still working on my brain. Oh and signatures for the 3 of them, too. The one in DFC is a rushing work. You can see the edge is a bit.. not smooth. I'm too paiseh to post it out; it barely touches my line of standard. And yes, all of them are still working on my brain. Havent found the perfect pic. Sigh.

I think I need to end here. Its too late (or early?) now (1:16AM); I need to wake up early tomorrow, and I'm getting sleepy now.. *yawn* Night night, sleep tight!


J- and K-fever!

>> Saturday, 26 November 2005

Currently listening to: JJ Lin - Yin Cha Yang Cuo

In case you ask where did this song came from, its not from any of JJ's album. Its a theme song of some Singaporean drama. The music is Mu Nai Yi, but the lyrics is different. The Chinese instruments are all replaced by a gush of wind. Lol. I can't get used to it; maybe I'm used to Mu Nai Yi. :)

Yesterday my mom and I went to morning market. I went there 'cause there's this Chinese selling (pirated) TV series. My mom requested for Winter Sonata the other day, and he came up with 3 dramas together-Winter Sonata, Autumn in My Heart and Summer Scent. I requested for My Love Patzzi, and he doesnt understand what I'm saying until I said it for the 3rd time. Is my Chinese that horrible?! -.-" Hmm, I should have requested for Full House, too, but.. I doesnt have that "love" feeling for that drama now. Ah, I jumped in and out of love very quickly. ;) I was hoping he sells J-dramas, but I can't find any. Oh well. I saw some new Taiwanese dramas; Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa and E Nan Ji Zhai Dian. These people really are fast. ;)

Choi Ji Woo and Bae Yong Jun doesn't look young, but why do they act as high school students? Some very old students. Lol. I just watched Autumn in My Heart twice, and I'm falling for it. ^___^ Jun-Hee (Song Seoung-Hyun) when was small is so kawaii! Ah especially his eyes~ Lol. I wonder how did they find somebody look alike with Song Seoung-Hyun. Hmm. Ah, not forgetting Won Bin. ^___^ Well, I nearly cried in this drama, so hoorays for me! I seldom cry on sad dramas, although I dont know why.. -.-"

Download J-drama here! Anyone have any idea where to download K-dramas?

Let's learn some Japanese slang! :D

  • Yabai- originally means dangerous or not good. But now many young kids use it as cool, great or something positive.
    eg: Kore yabai ne! = This is awesome, isn't it?
  • Maji- real, really or no kidding.
    eg: Anohito maji baka dayo. = That guy/girl/person is real idiot.
  • Kono Yarou!- You bastard! **this phrase can sound comical and cute depends on the tone of your voice.
  • Baka Yarou!- You idiot!
  • Chiku shou! or Kuso [pronounced Kuh-soe with the Kuh shortened to almost a "k" sound] - Damn it!
  • Temme - Why you little no good £$!%*^¬@?/#!!
  • Buta - Pig
    eg: "Yurusai konno buta!!" or "Shut the **** up you pig!!"
  • Nante ne! - Not really but.. something like that.
    eg: "Eh? MAJI DE? -- "Ah, nante ne!" [Eh? REALLY? -- Yeah, sorta!]
  • Nanchatte! - Oh dear, what did I just say.. **used when you're embarassed of what you just said.
  • Nankane! - Just Kidding!
  • so desu ne - Oh that's right **speaking slowily can show uncomfortableness
  • narehodo - infatic agreement/that makes a lot of sense
  • so desu ka - (rising tone on ka) really? falling intonation - ahh I see
  • sore de - And then what happened? asking for elaboration
  • Honto - Really. with rising tone on "to" = really?
Credits to: JTV forum

Your Birthdate: September 26
You lucked out the the skills to succeed in almost any arena.
Put you in almost any business or classroom, and you'll rise to the top.
You're driven and intense, but you also know when to kick back and cooperate.
Your ability to adapt to almost any situation is part of what's going to make you a success.

Your strength: Your attention to detail

Your weakness: You can be a little too proud of your successes

Your power color: Turquoise

Your power symbol: Arrow pointing up

Your power month: August

You Are Chinese Food
Exotic yet ordinary.
People think they've had enough of you, but they're back for more in an hour.

I prefer Western. =p

I was supposed to complete my theory yesterday, instead I was sketching. I was getting bored, so I decided just to play a while, and, who knows, I go sketching. ^___^;; I sketched Shin from Mayday, but what I sketched doesn't looks like him but like a Japanese. Lol. Luckily its just for fun and I'm not Mayday's fans. I haven't draw his mouth yet, 'cause I sucked at it. o_O

Downloading Pride now! Pride rox~ ^___^v


More randomness

>> Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Currently listening to: Wilber Pan-Gen Wo Zou Ba

Got this, umm, fortune cookie from somewhere.

What is your ideal job?
Haven't thought about it seriously, maybe a psychologist, or a singer! LOL!!

Where do you want to live when you are older?
Hmm.. Maybe Malaysia, Singapore, Australia. Hopefully not somewhere extremely cold or hot. o_O

Do you want to get married?
Yea, but not now. I'm too young.

Do you want to have kids, if yes, How many?
Yea, I always thought 2 would be perfect, 1 boy 1 girl. ^___^

What are you planning to do tomorrow?
Hmm.. continue downloading songs, finish my theory I guess.
Remember to pass it onto 5 more people! ^___^

JJ is a quarter-banana. Once his Taiwanese friend offered him a visit to some historical sites. JJ thought he was going to see an ancient chicken. Historical site in mandarin is called gu ji, while chicken is ji. Sometimes I'm kinda envy people who have funny friends. If I'm a friend of JJ, (please bear with my imagination.) I bet I'll be lying in the hospital bed now 'cause my stomach aches. xD

Daniel's album launching video! I'm so grateful I know a bit of HTML. =D

Did JJ compose a song called Gen Wo Zou Ba for Wilber Pan? OMG it so rox! JJ rox~~

Speaking of composing, my mom said I can try compose a song. o_O Is she expecting me to be somebody like JJ and Jay, or Avril Lavigne? Oops, my dream is a bit off the reality track, but you get the idea.

I received Daniel's autograph already! Thanks fiona~! I was expecting Daniel write "Dear: Win Zee". ;p I think my name is hard to write. Ok Ok its not "I think", its "obviously". Daniel seems to have a hard time writing my name, 'cause the cursive is a bit putus here and there. Sometimes having a unique name isn't a good thing afterall. =p

I found something interesting, but give me some time. ^___^

JJ is a spokeperson for a shoe brand in China! OMG he looks so kawaii~ I can't save the pictures, 'cause its in flash. ARGH. OMG OMG he's so kawaii.. drools

Let your fingers rest. Kinda difficult though.

The results I got from a quiz: (translated)

Which celebrity is suitable to be your boyfriend?
B - gentle, handsome, sweet, innocent - Zai zai, Jerry Yan.
Too bad it isn't JJ. =( I think JJ looks much more cuter than both of them, don't you think so? ;)


The Jay Chou-alike

>> Saturday, 19 November 2005

Currently listening to: Maksim-Grieg's Piano Concerto in A minor

I can't find my English CD! Argh. It can't be evaporating!

I went to 1U yesterday. I finally saw the "real life" Daniel's single. I know I'm slow, but I seldom go out. I never bring any money, so I cant buy it. T_T My mom said if we can do her chores and if she's satisfied, she will pay us. Ah yes I can do it, and so is my bro. He saw a Masked Rider movie (Missing Ace) at Speedy, he doesnt have the money to buy it. He saved all his money in the bank already. Haha.

I cut my hair today! Its thinner now, but maybe a bit too thin too my expectation. =p A guy cut my hair. I cant see his face clearly 'cause I took off my glasses. He cut for quite long, maybe 30 minutes? That time the radio was playing Lee Hom's Yi Shou Jian Dan De Ge, he sang along. Ermm more like lip-singing. My bro and sis said that the guy looks like Jay Chou. ARGH. I didn't see his face! I just know that he wore a watch, a bracelet, (more like those buddhist thing) has small eyes, has blonde hair, has a not-so-sexy voice. ARGH.

I finally understand now why do Mayday's fans like Mayday. 'Cause their songs are so nice! ^_^ I will download some of their songs, too, like Zhi Zu, Lian Ai-ing, and maybe more. =)

I wonder why do guys usually like Lee Hom and hate Jay. ('cause Jay is Lee Hom's "enemy".)

I was not blogging for 1 or 2 days 'cause my mom not allowed me to. She said I was going online too much. -.-" Still, I will try to resist the computer.

I love Jay's new songs! =D I might be downloading them. ^_^

Btw, does Maksim's songs usually have drums and guitars? o_O I was just expecting violin as the accompaniment.

Songs to download:

  • Mayday's songs - especially Lian Ai-ing, Zhi Zu
  • Jay's new album's songs
  • Maksim's songs


JJ pics~!

>> Wednesday, 16 November 2005

What do you think of my new layout? I know that I love it! ^_^

Pics time~! All credits to JJFC.

Days go by, he made her happy. (OMG I feel embarassed being his fans.. LOL!! JUST JOKING!!)

Seriously, I kesian Cyndi for being with him.

JJ: "Hey, this sushi isn't fresh." (OMG his expression.. o_O)

Yuck! The sushi not fresh! (OMG his expression.. o_O)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Lalala~ The bottle is something we should pity about. JJ is a spokeperson of some clothes brand in China.

(1st scene) Yida: "I'm going to eat!"
(2nd scene) Yida: "Yum~ delicious!!" JJ: "You just know how to eat~ tsk tsk."
(3rd scene) Yida: "No matter how much I eat, I wont grow fat."
(4th scene) Yida: "His eyes are so small~~"
(5th scene) JJ: "Who says!"

This reminds me of Daniel.. o_O Oh, this MV is Ting Bu Dong, Mei Guan Xi [Gibberish]. He's so cute. ^_^ Must get his 3rd karaoke!

JJ: Roar~ Doggie, be afraid of me, as I, am the mighty JJ monster!!

Doggie: *thinking* the JJ monster is acting cute when there's a camera. How sarcastic. *rolls eyes*



JJ + Daniel

>> Tuesday, 15 November 2005

I just joined JJ's Fans Club. Finally I had the chance to use the Chinese Wordstar which, somehow, is neglected. =p The members recruitment will be held at December! ^_^

JJ's karaoke VCD is finally released on November 11th! I must get it!

I found some celebrities's blogs in the forum. I especially love 柯以柔's, 方文山's and Cyndi's blogs. At least they update more. =p I dont know if its OK to post it here, so if you want it, send me a mail. ;p

JJ is a funny and clumsy and, of course, a kawaii boy. Ermm I mean guy. =p I'm looking forward to his new album and also his concert next year! Must save money now~ This is the video of the Singapore Hits Awards.. (Just him =p) Listen to JJ's version of the songs his composed for other singers! ^_^ Quality a bit not good, but at least you know what he's singing. =D Emil Chow said, "I like his dimple so much!" xD

Btw, its Best Male Vocalist Awards, not Performance. =p Sorry for the mistake.

I'm confirmed that I cant go to Planet Hollywood next Tuesday. =( But I tell myself that I can see Daniel when he have his promo tour. I MUST get his album. Btw, You Ji is very nice. =D

JJ's karaoke VCD + Daniel's album = RM60 = bankruptcy

2006 budget =p
JJ's new album + JJ's concert + Daniel's 2nd album (if got. =p) = RM200++ = worse than bankruptcy. T_T


Dreams and Complaints

>> Sunday, 13 November 2005

I'm tagged by Rene! =D

Seven things I plan to do before I die:
1. Tell all my loved ones how much I love them.
2. Make my own album. =p
3. Be my own crazy self. =D
4. Give JJ a hug.
5. Give Daniel a hug, too.
6. NOT crying. (But its impossible. =p)
7. Be a photoshop and HTML pro. ^_^

Seven things I could do before I die:
1. Meet JJ and get his autograph.
2. Meet Daniel and get his autograph, too.
3. Tell everyone (who doesn't know) that I love JJ and Daniel. =p
4. Compose a song. ^_^
5. Can play "简简单单 (Simply)" on guitar. ^_^
6. Get to see my future husband's and children's looks.
7. Get to know the future. =D

Seven celebrity crushes:
1. JJ
2. Daniel
3. Hins Cheung
4. Nicholas Teo
5. Won Bin
6. Ricky Oman or something from Phil of the Future. ;)
7. Does Dark counts? =D

Seven often repeated words:
1. Oh my god
2. What?
3. Stupid =p
4. Oh
5. I dunno
6. Huh?
7. OK

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1. Eyes
2. Height
3. Kawaii-ness
4. Lips =p
5. Hand/Fingers
6. Hair
7. Clothings

Seven tags goes to (You gotta do this as well!):
1. Jessy
2. Shi Ching
3. Cindy
4. Pin
5. Esther =D
6. Mavis/Samantha. Or JJ fans. =D
7. Anyone who has a blog. (I cant think of anybody to put here. -.-")

I didn't blog yesterday 'cause I need to paint the house. Its so tiring, and I cant practice my piano 'cause my hands are tired. -.-"

The dream I had yesterday: I was in my transporter's van with some other girls. I sat at the 3rd row from the door. We reached Yuk Chai hall and I saw Daniel. He's wearing the shirt he always wears in the spectaculars:

The striped shirt/top in my dream is in this blue, thats what I saw in Giant a few days ago. ;)

I saw Teng running towards him. We (people in van) know that Teng's scream is extremely high-pitched, so we closed our ears, in case she screams. Amazingly, she didn't scream, but walk towards that 4-storeys building (called Xing Zheng Lou in chinese) behind the hall with Daniel. After that, my transporter dropped us off. I met up with Sook Shiang (she came out from no where. o_O) and then we walked away.

The weird thing is, I never seen Teng in real life before, and I dont think the school is that rich to invite Daniel there. He's extremely expensive. xD

The dream I had today: I was in DJ's canteen, in the place to buy bread. The uncle there is fair, fat, wear specs, speaks Chinese and friendly.
So I asked him, "Uncle, you got Mayday's album?"
Uncle answered, "Nope."
I asked again, "How about Hins Cheung?"
Uncle answered, "Er.. which one you want? I have a lot."
I replied, "a.m./p.m."
Uncle replied, "Oh that one. You can get it outside there." *points*
The "outside" looks like the outside of the food court in SS2, except its much much cleaner. Btw, the CDs are pirated. (Sorry sorry..)

I think the Mayday part is because Pin said she wants Mayday's [Zhi Zu] album, and it kinda "carve" it on my brain. o_O

Next Tuesday, is the day Daniel launches his album. (Everyone knows that.) Next Tuesday, my maid is going back to Indon. Next week, my cousin are coming. Next week I'm still in KL, but the thing is, its in the wrong time. The wrong time. -.-" I MUST ask my mom (but it'll involve both of them. -.-") about this tomorrow. MUST.

Aiks, even if I'm not asking her now, I feel scared. I dont know why. I NEVER know why. Whenever I wanna request for something, I would feel scared. THAT'S why I'm bad at requesting for stuff. THAT'S why I always buy genuine CDs without my family's acknowledgement. Sigh. I think I need a psychologist. Seriously.

I doubt that she would actually let me go. I had my freedom on that day me and my friends went to The Curve, and I lost my freedom on the same day 'cause "the karaoke centre is very dangerous and only samseng girls go there." -.-" And the rest of the complaints will not be posted here, as the post is already so long. -.-"

Wish me luck~!



>> Saturday, 12 November 2005

Currently listening to: Jay Chou-Ye Qu

Yesterday was my music school's annual concert. I forgot to invite people cuz I forgot. I kept spending my time with my beloved Daniel and internet. =p Next year I'll definitely invite you guys. =D

String Ensemble: March, Rondeau. 6 violinist (if I'm not wrong) and a celloist.
Children's choir: Oh! Susanna, Dancing Queen. (I think its from The Little Mermaid) They're just so cute! But they forgot their lyrics.
Piano Solo: Elite Syncopation (Scott Joplin), played by Denissa. 1 or 2 mistakes.
Piano Solo: Alla Turca (Mozart), played by Jazzlyn. More than 5 mistakes. o_O
Guitar Duet: Right Here Waiting, by Kevin (he's cute. =p) and Jian Seng. Beautifully beautiful. ^_^
Violin Solo: Concerto in A minor (Vivaldi), The violin is like a bit broken voice. =p
Violin Solo: Bourree (Bach).
Violin Duet: The Lover's Waltz (Jay Ungar and Molly Mason), piano accompaniment by my sister. =D
Keyboard Duet: Mission Impossible. o_O
Vocal Solo: "Wo Shi Yi Zhi Hua Mei Niao". Soprano type.
Vocal Solo: "Xiao Qin Qin". Soprano type.

And then suddenly, the break cuts in. The food was nice. ^_^

Piano Quintet: Canon in D (Pachelbel), 3 violinists, 1 celloist, piano-Win Zee. =D
Piano Quintet String Quartet: All I ask of you (Andrew Lloyd Webber). The violinists and celloist above minus the pianist. =(

The break was supposed to be here.

Vocal Solo: Complicated (Avril Lavigne), she (Kathryn) doesn't have the voice and the strength to sing it. Or maybe the music is too loud. Her clothings was weird. 2 spaghetti stripes, pink inside greem inside, and plus the UGLY big pink black stripe.
Piano Solo: Nocturne (Chopin). How many Nocturnes are there? Cuz the one I'm practicing was in major key, while this was in minor key. o_O
Piano Solo: Waltz in E minor (Chopin). Chopin likes to make ppl sleep first (Its quite a sleepy song, but beautiful), then wake them up by loud music. =p
Vocal Solo: "I Dreamed a Dream".
Piano Solo: Fantasie Impromptu (Chopin). Jonathan played like "a mad man", cuz he was soo into the music.
Guitar Solo: A Sonata and.. er.. Doraemon theme song. o_O
Friends String Chamber: Unknown people playing Palladio and Titanic Highlights. Palladio was a very angry song. I can only recognised My Heart Will Go On in Titanic Highlights. (Hey, its the theme song) OMG its just so beautiful. If I were to listen to a orchestra on this song, I bet I'll be crying, its too beautiful. ^_^
Mix Instrumental Ensemble: Japanese Grafitti, by the teachers of the school. I can't listen to the melody. o_O
Vocal Solo: Soprano type.
Choir: by all students. We sang "Tong Hua" (Guang Liang) and You Raised Me Up (Josh Groban). I can't listen to my voice! Its too loud! =p

And thus the concert ends at 11PM++.

I still havent solve my Planet Hollywood problem. =( I'm soo sucked at requesting something. Thats why I seem not greedy. =p Is this supposed to be a good thing? Cuz I dont simply request for something. Lol. =p If Sook Shiang doesn't wants to accompany me, (thats like 60% she wont go. =() I shall NOT love her. (as a friend. I'm straight.) Until I forget about this. =p Will KL be jam at 10AM or so? I suggested taking Monorail if its jam, but Sook Shiang afraid that the "security is not good". =(

My current wallpaper

My current wallpaper! Featuring Krad from D.N. Angel. ^_^ Yes I know I'm bored. I was posting my current wallie on DFC, so I decided to put it here too. ^_^




>> Friday, 11 November 2005


Calm down.

Headline: VIVIAN HSU likes JJ LIN

  • Last month when JJ was still at Shanghai, he received Vivian's call and quickly rush to pay a call to her (tan ban). (OMFG)
  • At October, a concert (Cheng Se Feng Bao Yan Chang Hui) was held at Xia Men. Vivian wants JJ to play the piano for her song he wrote for her, Ai Xiao De Yan Jing (Smiling Eyes). When she sang halfway she cried, JJ stopped and comforted her. When he was going to continue, he accidentally stepped on a hole and he injured his leg. (OMFG Are you OK JJ? OMFG)
  • Recently JJ won a few awards at Singapore Hits Awards, Vivian recorded a VCR and she didn't forget to ask about his injury.
  • When Vivian was shooting for her new show Bie Ai Wo (Don't Love Me) last month, JJ was at Shanghai too. When JJ received her call, JJ rushed to her place at a remote area to pay her a call again WITHOUT HAVING DINNER. (OMFG JJ I hope you don't hve gastric OMFG OMFG)
OMFG I think Vivian is using JJ. I know JJ does rox and melt everyone's hearts when he smiles (OK maybe just me), but Vivian... and JJ...!! ARGH!! Does she just want to be on the headline?!

When I saw this report, I screamed. SCREAM!!


OK calm down!

I received my friend's letter today. I though its Daniel's autograph, since I asked fiona to help me get his autograph. -.-"

I received Daniel's reply again, but its still the same as the previous one I received. -.-" Well I think I'm lucky to received twice of his reply. =p *must think in the bright side* I prefer he write something on his reply, like "Thank you" or "Thanks" or anything! Oh yes, I'm very greedy. ;) I hope (and think) he remembers me! Oh no I'm getting greedier.

Is my name like a boy's name? Everytime I meet an online friend, this is what I'll tell them about my real name:
XXX: whats your name?
Me: WiN Zee
XXX: a boy?
Me: er.. no. gal.
XXX: oh

And when ppl ask about my age... (no matter online or real life)

Younger generation (around my age)
XXX: How old are you?
Me: 14
XXX: Oh.. next year form 3 la
Me: Er.. no. form 4.
XXX: Huh? You jump class? PTS ar?
Me: Yeap.

Older generation (uncle aunty, or 20++)
XXX: How old are you?
Me: 14
XXX: Next year form 3 hor. So fast
Me: No. form 4.
XXX: Why?
Me: Er.. jump class.
XXX: Jump class?
Me: Yea. I took PTS and skipped Std 4.
XXX: Oh.. so smart hor.
Me: er.. hehe no lar.

Yes, thats why jump class is kinda troublesome. ^_^;; But sometime it helps too. Your age is quite "flexible" during school life. =D

I downloaded Tsubasa Chronicles episode 1, and guess what? Its a SOUND clip. OMG I dont understand a word cuz its in japanese, except gomenasai, daijoubu, sakura. =p



>> Thursday, 10 November 2005

Currently listening to: Hins Cheung-Envy

This song reminded me a bit of Jay Chou's Yi Fu Zhi Ming. A bit like a funeral song. LOL!! Sorry sorry. -.-"

Daniel signed up to be the official spokeperson for Laconic. Here's a jewelry I like, but I obviously don't have that kind of money to buy it. =/

Isn't it beautiful? =p

Very creative. I like the single leather. =) Check out their site! I like things with futuristic look. =)

I got BU3 school magazine. Very very thin, and mostly in black and white. I went "hunting" for my ex-classmates and also the Shawn/Sean/Shaun guy Rene and the others always talking about. I cant rmb his looks, (lol) but I found my ex-classmates! Jason, Xue Yuan, and the other guy Li Xiang or something. He was supposed to be studying in Tropicana. They're all in the same class (3 Bestari). Is think coincident or something? =/

There will be a Malaysia version of Project Superstar! You can check out the details here. =D

Date of Registration: Dec 3rd & 4th, 10th & 11th, 16th, 17th & 18th
Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Venue: Johor Bharu (Pan Pacific Hotel), Penang (Cititel Hotel & Berjaya Times Square), Kuala Lumpur (Berjaya Times Square)

Anyone interested? I'll definitely vote for you and support you till the end! If you get through. =p


The another OMG.

>> Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Currently listening to: Hins Cheung-Interlude


I don't know what happened to my e-mail to Daniel in Oriental Daily. There's a column which Daniel will write for 20 days until the day he release his album. He welcome e-mails to his e-mail address in Oriental Daily. I'm a very "supportive" person and will send some e-mails. I 'm not expecting him to reply or anything. I checked my gmail today, and, oh my god, I received a reply from Daniel's e-mail address in Oriental Daily. He wrote nothing (I don't know if its him, but I think it is), just send me 3 images, his handwriting and his signature! I feel like shouting right now. I know the others who send him the e-mails might receive the same thing, but I'm so excited and I can't calm down!

I guess this will make up my yesterday, cuz I can't find JJ's report! (On S'pore His Awards) I find high and low, and the only thing I can't find is the entertainment news.

I feel like shouting now. The screamer finally found her voice! XD


Piano accompaniment

>> Tuesday, 8 November 2005

I went for piano accompaniment for a little boy called Christopher. He plays violin while I accompanied him with piano. Thats the only instrument I know. -.-" I'm a sucker at giving directions, and I need to. -.-" Its either his mom's problem (lol) or mine, 'cause she can't find my house, but we were nearly late I guess. I was not supposed to be nervous, but I am. Lol. Chris even sweated. XD The examiner was quite friendly, at least friendlier than the ones I had.

Some quizzes did ^_^:

You're Part Diva

You know that a girl's gotta work it to get herway in the world.
And while you aren't about to throw a tantrum at every turn...
You do amp up the drama when you know you need it.
You mix charm, honesty, and kindness to get ahead.

You Are Low Rise Jeans

You are both sexy and casual - the type of girl who looks hot without really trying.
You tend to spark imagination, only showing a peek of your skin.

You Are Downtown

You're a funky spirit that requires freedom to live.
Your city girl persona needs adventure, diversity, and great pizza.

Anyone have D.N. Angel series? Its licensed, so I can't download it. Argh. Anyone care to upload it or lend me the series? Will love you loads. ^_^



Hins Cheung!!

>> Monday, 7 November 2005

Currently listening to: Hins Cheung-Yan Jing

OMG I'm so into Hins Cheung! I'm downloading all of his songs from his a.m./p.m. album. It so rox! ^_^ Go download it somewhere. I recommend Dear U, Wu Neng Wei Li and Yan Jing. Very nice! Of course it may not sounds nice to you guys who love fast and upbeat songs. =)

Hmm. Why do I think that Marcus looks like Hins. ^_^;;

Here's a review on the album.

Updated a bit on the linkages.


Marcus Chong!

>> Sunday, 6 November 2005

Today's Star Mag. The little boy is Marcus Chong, and I'll just post the pics which have him. =x If you're actually interested in Michael Chong, visit here

8.30am: ‘An important part of my morning routine is feeding my fish,’ says Chong, who does that with his youngest child, Marcus. ‘I have liked fish for many years, and these carp have been with me for the last three years.’

9.10am: Born into a Roman Catholic family, Chong is a devout follower. ‘Religion is a binding force in our family,’ he says. The Chongs attend St Ignatius Church in Taman Megah, Selangor, every Sunday. The church is crowded, so they sit outside. From left: Marcus, 15; Melinda, 16; Marina, 21; Chong, and wife Magdalene. Another daughter, Melisa, 20, is studying pharmacology in Australia.

10.20am: The family sit down with friends Danny and Evelyn Tang at the Key Hiong (Dim Sum) restaurant in Taman Megah. They are served by restaurant owner Phang Joo Hong. ‘I have been coming here ever since I moved to Taman SEA 11 years ago,’ says Chong, ‘and her dim sum is the best!’

11am: Back at home, Chong checks out his work on the computer... usually aided by Marcus.

11.45am: ‘I used to have many jobs, even as a band-boy,’ explains Chong, as he and Marcus launch into a somewhat rusty version of The Beatles’ Let It Be.

1.30pm: The Chong family gather for a light lunch. ‘A simple Maggi mee meal for lunch, after the dim sum,’ he says. ‘Family is very important to me. In fact, my brother bought the house next door.’

I know I'm lame. -.-" At least Marcus appears almost whole page! xp Btw, its just for your info. Maggie mee for lunch must be really tasty. =x

You guys must be really really bored hanging out in my blog. All those extremely long and lame posts. -.-"

Daniel is around 163cm. So short. O_O (I'm shorter that him. LOL!) 165cm is my dream height. =D

And there goes another picture post~ =) Enjoy your day!



I found this poem here. Remind me of Jolin Tsai's Love Love Love's lyrics - crushing the certain somebody. ^_^


我都会心跳加速 双颊发烫


我感觉自己身在天堂 听着仙乐




If you can't read this, go to View, Encoding, Unicode (UTF-8) or Chinese Simplified (GB2312). If you're using Firefox, go to View, Character Encoding, Chinese Simplified (GB2312).

Another one. Woot its beautiful. ^_^

凌晨三点钟 我并不想睡

翻了翻小说 没读几个字

你睡了吗 我不想睡

你还好吗 我不想睡
I always want to sleep at 3AM. Its not because I wanna boast around (nice topic to boast though XD), I never try it before. Maybe I would listen to Z-Chen's Lin Chen 3 Dian Zhong (Morning 3AM)! Repeat it for infinite times, imagining stuff, and sleep with the song... wake up at 11AM, go online for a whole day, phone to my friends, chat for 1 hour, shopping.. And there goes another day! Oops I think I went too far. =p But I will feel guilty when I was going online at 1AM. -.-"

Thinking logically, JJ CAN'T be my long lost brother. Apart that he's a star now, he's too old to be my mom's son, unless she had him when she was... *couting* 21. A very young age indeed. Reality hurts so much. *ouch*

JJ won a 4 awards at Singapore Golden Melody Awards yesterday! (I dont even know that it exists LOL) He won Best "Chuang Zuo Ge Shou" (i dont know what you call it in English. -.-"), Best Performance Male Artiste (I dont know what is yan yi. -.-"), Best Local Male Artiste and Best Local Composed Song: Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou. ^_^ Congrats, congrats, and another big congrats!

That guy beside me is JJ after that award. I know he looks weird, like suddenly so mature. Lol. I need time for changes. He likes black I think.

He would release his new album next February, have a concert at April, and he will be er.. developing (do you call it developing in English for 'jin jun'?) in Japan. He signed a contract with Japan's BMI. I'm confused with these things, but still, congrats. ^_^ He said he went to Japan every year when he was young to visit his aunt. He IS rich, even when he was young. Hmm.. or maybe practically all Singaporeans are rich. I thought he would be going to Korea, since Han Kyung-Jin and her mom likes him so much. (not that 'like' we had in mind.) Hah. Oh well.

OMG. Japan. The country I always wanted to visit. JJ! Bring me there with you! And thus became Win Zee's most very memorable visit.. LOL!! Cut it out.

Argh. The concert.

Have you guys seen Ocean Ou De Yang's real life person before? I know I hadn't, but I know how he looks like! Yes, that person on the right is him. He's already 30 plus, have 2 kids, 1 4-year-old, and another is still 1. Can you actually combine his looks and his voice together? Cuz I can't. To me, I think his voice is a bit too young to suit his looks. (and age)

Can you actually believe that I can go broke on holidays? No not shopping. I can go broke even if I stay at home! xD I buy a lot of mags. I know its kinda crazy, but its a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Have you seen an ah ma buy 10 mags with Daniel on the cover? xD I follow my heart, although my head is quite rational. xD

Argh. The concert. x.x Somebody, give me an early birthday present next year! xP OK OK I'm serious. Give me a VIP ticket to the concert as an early birthday present! T_T Well I still have loads of time!



>> Saturday, 5 November 2005

I received an Email from acrushonyou.com. Lol. I signed up to see who's that person who sent me that mail. but I need to guess that person. Obviously not JJ or Daniel! LOL!! It made me thought of Sern though. Argh. They send those guesses to the email address I guessed. I tried with my gmail. But I have no crush now.. Oh well. Who cares. If you care, give me a name and I go try it out. xD

Hmm.. I was thinking of sending one to Daniel. xD Of course thats just purely stupid. -.-"

I'm into Hins Cheung these days. =D His Dear U is just OMG so beautiful. ^_^I'm gonna download all his songs in his am/pm album! =) Or, if I have the chance, I will buy it. ^_^ OB viously its pirated. I don't have that much money for so much albums! -.-" Don't tell me to save money for JJ's karaoke VCD and Daniel's album 'cause I think I have enough money. RM100 will be flying away. -.-" Btw, Daniel's album will be RM35.90. I thought "Made in Malaysia" stuff will not cost that much! xD Still, its cheaper than JJ's album, and MUCH cheaper than Jay Chou's album. I guess Jay's fans always broke. Hah.

I'm downloading The Myth's theme song-Endless Love, a duet of Kim Hee-Seon and Jackie Chan. I love the melody. ^_^ It made me feel like watching the movie. =) It took soo long to download it, but it's definitely worth it. ^_^

Sometimes coincidence in this world is a bit too coincident. =/

Chinese Music Blog. Reviews of Chinese albums. =)



>> Friday, 4 November 2005

Hey people, miss me? ;) Lol. I wasn't blogging yesterday cuz I went to Kuantan. Its a last-minute thing. Haha. We went there for 2 days 1 night. Duh. If not I'm not blogging now! ;p

We went to Teluk Chempedak for the first day. Well first night to be exact. People are building sandcastles with candles. When we were playing at the sea (do you actually call it "playing"? Lol.), my bro put his sandals a bit too low to the sea, and the wave flowed one away. Lol. We went searching, then we gave up. Its too dark to see. At 9.30PM there was a Raya show on 8TV, from all MI finalists. But we played until 10.30pm++. I'm not regretting for not watching the show, I had loads of fun at the beach! =D I know I'm not loyal. Don't need to comment on that. -.-" I'll regret for my ENTIRE LIFE if JJ is in it. <3

When we checked out from the hotel, I saw a bald, Malay guy. I thought that he might be Roslan. Obviously he's not. -.-" I know bald + Malay doesnt equals to Roslan!

2nd day, we went to Cherating beach. There's nobody there, its so quiet. The sea is OMG so clean and blue. The beach is OMG so clean and white. You can't find it in the West Coast. Hah. We saw sea turtles! The small ones are just OMG so kawaii. ^_^ I don't dare to touch it, though. Lol. The shell of those turtles are just OMG so beautiful. ^_^

I love surveys. =D Below is in random order.

Seven things that will scare me:
Losing my parents
2. Losing my family
3. Losing my friends
4. All sorts of disasters
5. Chillie (XD)
6. Horror movies, horror stories, anything related with the word "horror"
7. Animals without fur and feather

Seven things that I like most:
1. Family
2. Friends
3. JJ
4. Apple
5. Music
6. Personal mails (including Emails)
7. GOOD surprises

Seven most important things in my room:
1. Fan
2. Bed
3. Pillows
4. CDs
5. My accesories (Just a little. Lol.)
6. Books
7. JJ 89757 necklace (love it loads)

Seven random facts about me:
1. I used to have some penpals.
2. I don't think logically. Much.
3. I declare myself as the only person in the world who HATES chillie so much, that I wanna spread anti-chillie. LOL.
4. I can live without, even the computer, for a few weeks.
5. I'm not a Christian, but I say OMG a lot.
6. I was "inspired" to say "Wo De Tian Ah" (OMG) when I was watching Full House.
7. I declare myself as an almost vegetarian.

Seven things I can do:
1. Play the piano.
2. Sing? Bleh.
3. "Training" myself to sing a higher note which I cant reach.
4. Force myself (in a nice way) to do something.
5. Able to find out contacts from long lost friend. (usually lucky. hah)
6. Able to suggest a good excuse. (Haha)
7. Able to "encourage" myself. (Like go go jia you!) (Do you call it encourage? =/)

Seven things I can't do:
1. Dance
2. Study
3. Listen to people's problems and give a good solution. I'm a BAD listener.
4. Cry on sad movies. (-.-")
5. Reading Malay books (except comics)
6. Play the violin and guitar.
7. NOT confusing myself.

Seven words I say the most:
1. Huh?
2. What?
3. Where?
4. Oh.
5. Oh My God (I know its a phrase. -.-")
6. Really?
7. Ah.

Seven things I would do before I die:
1. Apologise to everyone (that I'm able to meet) about my mistakes in my life.
2. Meet JJ and Daniel.
3. Give my friends and family a great great big hug and tell them "I love you."
4. Travel around the world.
5. Get married and have kids (I wanna know who's my [future] husband and kids! XD)
6. Go every theme park in the world. (XD)
7. Not crying when I'm dieing.

Seven people who I would love to do this:
1. Rene =D
2. Yen Pin (Too bad she doesn't have a blog.)
3. JJ (LOL!!)
4. Daniel (LOL!!)
5. Esther
6. Cindy
7. Yijienn (No blog too.)

I know its full of craps. -.-"

IQ question! =D

God appeared in Daniel¡¦s dream and told him this:
"One day, in your singing career, you will reach 2 gates.
One gate leads to stardom while the other gate leads to oblivion.
To be a superstar, you must pass through the gate of stardom.
There will be 2 guards manning the gates.
The 2 guards know which gate leads to stardom and which gate leads to oblivion.
One guard ALWAYS tell a lie while the other ALWAYS tell the truth.
The liar guard knows that the other guard is truthful
The truthful guard knows that the other guard is a liar.
You have one question to ask any one of the guard.
And the answer you get will give you a clue on which gate to take."

Daniel is now at the 2 gates guarded by (say) Idolhunter and AgentPink.
What question should Daniel ask so that he can be 100% sure he will be a superstar?
idolhunter replied: Hi dad... which way to stardom? LOL!!! Nice answer. =D

Anybody know how to answer? Smurfy gave a hint: -ve & -ve --> +ve What does it means? I know I'm slow. -.-"


everybody can flirt ;)

>> Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Read this interesting article from today's The Star, Clove. I'll just post the interesting parts. =D

Flirtatious Behaviour

...A study performed by Professor Rubin Dunbar of Liverpool University showed that the trait most desired by the women in a cohort of 200 university students was commitment. Fot the men, commitment conceded first place to (surprise, surprise) attractiveness.
...Desiring attaractiveness isn't as shallow as it seems. Attractive persons tend to be physically symmetrical, thought to be an indicator of health coded for by 'good' genes. Other traits which are deemed attractive - full, red lips, smooth skin, glossy hair - again are indicators of robust health, which the male hopes will passed on to his offspring. Narrow waisrs and wide hips are a sign of fertility, another desirable male trait.

...How people flirt
What counts during the first few minutes (between one and four) we have to hook someone? Apparently, the substances of what we say communicates a measly 7% (men, throw out your pick-up lines). The tone and speed of our voices chip in 38% (voice training, perhaps?), but body language accounts for a whopping 55% (book salsa lessons now!).
Think you're not a flirt, eh? Think you're just friendly? Time to confess; which of these instinctive actions are you guilty of?
  • "Opening" the face: raising eyebrows, parting lips, widening eyes and flaring nostrils. These actions make a person appear non-threatening or downright inviting.
  • The "copulatory" gaze: eyes lock for a few seconds before dropping eyelids/looking away. Open eyes and dilating pupils indicate interest. They're saying "Approach me".
  • Standing tall:...Men stand straight, back arched and chests thrust out. Movements are exaggerated to gain attention. They may even swagger. Women do the same, but with a hipsway instead of swaggering. These effects can be exaggerated by wearing high heels.
  • Preening acts:: straightening clothing, smoothing/flicking hair and lick your lips send out "I want to look good for you" messages.
  • Touching yourself: stroking your cheek, caressing your arms. This is another form of preenig but can also be autoerotic (i.e. a solo means of fulfilling ones sexual desires, tsk tsk).
  • "Mirroring": aligning bodies and moving in tandem. Leaning left as he leans left, crossing your arms as she crosses hers is ike a mating dance. It says "We are compatible".
  • The "crotch display" for men: Opening the legs to allow viewing of the goods is a flirting foghorm blast. The female equivalent is probably cleavage-'revealage'.
I especially like the "How people flirt" part. I guess everyone have been flirting, including me! xD

6th Nov 2005, 8.30pm, Raya Realiti Show live at RTM. I MUST GO!! Everytime I say "I must go" and end up I can't go. Hah. I'm so a bad girl at home, I wonder my parents will actually let me go. =(

Ludwig's homepage is just OMG so damn chunted. In Flash. OMG so chunted. =D
Ludwig's homepage
Ludwig's.. er.. demos
Ludwig's blog
Ludwig's forum
He's just oh-so incredibly talented.

Pics time~! And this time the theme is back to Daniel. =D

The photos are taken at Studio One Zero One, which I have no idea where it is. =p

Ready to sing?


Having a break

** 3rd pic a bit cacat cuz I resized it.
I love his torn jeans! And I love his T-shirt design. =D Btw, he word that necklace-with-ring a few times already. ;p I'm not observant.. I came across that necklace in Xue Hai. Lol.

Phew. Long post. I love long post. =) Cheerios~!


JJ is no. 1!! <3


I just saw the ultimate news of Daniel.


I finally know why Daniel composed a song. Its actually for this.

I don't think its appropriate to post it, even to the poster. The poster I meant here is the person who post, not that big piece of paper with your favourite idol on it. LOL.

I STILL think that Daniel is perasan. Haha. And a bit of a dreamer too. Lol. That's what you get if you have the slightest chance to meet your idol. LOL.

JJ~ and also Daniel~ I'm soo hoping that you guys are related to me. This is quite possible actually. Especially Daniel. Lol. Been dreamin' again.. Not really possible, cuz I don't have relatives staying in Changlun. xP

JJ will forever be my No. 1, in case anyone of you thought that I abandoned JJ. My love for him is soo deep.. Bleh.

Haha. Blogging at this time. Lazy to blog out what I've done today. Lol.



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