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>> Monday, 31 October 2005

Currently listening to: Hins Cheung-Dear U

How many days have I not blogging? *counting* 2 days! 2 days! Hoorays for me! =D

The reason I'm not blogging is because my mom thought that I've been online for too much. I think I am. ;)

The good things that happened recently:

  • Got my mags from Pin.
  • Young Jump is quite nice. =)
  • JJ finally appears on the papers. Lol.
  • Got Nocturne score, and learning it now. =)
  • Downloaded some guitar tabs/scores/anything, from guitaryou.com.
  • Among those guitar tabs/scores/anything I've downloaded, I downloaded Jian Jian dan dan by JJ! I always wanted the tab/score/anything. =)
  • Downloaded Dear U by Hins Cheung, and it rocks.
The bad things that happened recently:
  • I can't get to go to 1U to meet Daniel. =(
  • Actually going bankrupt on holidays. Well almost going to bankrupt.
  • The cake my mom bought for my dad's birthday is ultimately too sweet.
  • Have to sacrifice myself not to buy e-move which contains Daniel in it. The report is in third person view, but the pics are just so very nice.
  • STILL haven't got Daniel's single. I guess I'll just get his album, if I still can't get his single when his album is released.
  • JJ is not related to me. =( I hope my Singaporean cousin is somehow related to JJ! xD
  • I don't know how to play a guitar. =(
  • Nocturne is very very hard. Practiced for half an hour just to get the chords right, and another half an hour to get everything OK.
I saw a Japanese family in Esquire Kitchen on Saturday. They have 3 sons, all of them are just so kawaii, especially the eldest one. Around 16, 17 gua. Really kawaii! Made me thought of JJ. xD Although I think JJ looks more like a Korean. Maybe he sees too much of Han Kyung-Jin. xP Anyways, 3 of them are really kawaii. People who never see them experienced a great loss! xP

In case you don't know who is this guy there, he is the forever-so-kawaii-and-shuai JJ! He looks like a Korean right? Haha. I used about a few seconds to figure out who is he. He is a spokeperson for some brand of clothes, obviously in China. He's more popular there. And Singapore. Lol. Btw, I found this from obmusic.com.

Which Korean does he looks like? Give me a few days (xD) to remember. I forgot what's the Korean's name. Lol.

Oh my gosh he's just so cute. ^_^

I went to pasar malam yesterday. Its so squeezy and I nearly got lost! >_<>November's Chopin "on sale"! [PIRATED JAY CHOU'S ALBUM ALERT!!] They're freaking faster than the light. If only they can use their speed on something good for the society, like killing all mosquitoes!! XD

Btw, I heard 2 of Jay Chou's new songs a few days ago. Its called Ye Qu and Yi Lu Xiang Bei. I can't really listen the melody of Ye Qu, so I listened to the piano on the background. Its just so beautiful. ^_^ And Yi Lu Xiang Bei is the sing-able one. The only thing I heard is "Wo Yi Ru (Lu) Xiang Bei~". This is called the "Australian Syndrome", by Professor of craps, Win Zee. I used Australian instead of American cuz I used to imitate the way Australians talking, and in front of them! Its so unpolite of me. Lol. Now I do it sometimes, but of course at the back of them. Lol.

Downloaded a few beautiful layouts from cruiza.com. Although it doesnt have much stuff to keep you occupied, it is still growing! =)

Now I'm a bit busy with my piano, so I might not blog a lot. Just might. Blogging is like drugs. But, keep in mind, I'm a good girl! Lol. Busy-ness is what I love in life. It keeps me occupied and content. ^_^

"Wo Yi Ru Xiang Bei~" Oops.

Dear U rox! JJ rox! JJ rox-er than ever! <3>

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