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>> Friday, 21 October 2005

I went to The Curve and Ikano today with Pin, Min, Zhe Jiun and Sook Shiang. We never shop actually. The main reason is to sing karaoke. Haha. Used RM38.50. RM33 for Red Box, RM5.50 for lunch. Hot plate noodle. Yum *slurps*. We sang a lot of songs, and, incredibly, I don't have a soar throat. Haha. I finally get to watch JJ VS Jin Sha Bei Feng Chui Guo De Xia Tian [Summer Breeze]. JJ hold hands with Jin Sha. Suu-weet!! Pink is now a trend for guys. JJ wore pink too. Luckily he doesn't looks very sissy. Lol. S.H.E's Superstar is a very nice song to shout and to get really high. Try it people. xD

I saw a dream interpretation book in Popular, but I just want the dream interpreting part. RM50++ you know. Found some psychology books too. (If you can find dream interpretation, you can find psychology. Duh.) I don't understand a word AT ALL. Lol. The future psychologist who doesn't understand a word of psychology. Haha.

Of course I remember Daniel! If not I'm not a fan of him.. I asked Speedy and CD-Rama for his single, and guess what-No they don't have an autographed Mimpi Single. (How I wish.) I can't find it. T___T I'll find it in Victoria Music on Monday. They better have it, or else.. *soft evil laughs*

Speaking of Monday, there's a Hari Raya concert in Sri Pentas 2 at Shah Alam, 8.30pm. Why must it be in Shah Alam instead of BU?! I hate TV3 and 8TV. Lol. JUST JOKING. How can I hate 8TV when I say it rox? I wanna go cuz there's a gathering with Daniel! Not shown in TV or anywhere. Ooh thats just so good. I wanna go, and I asked Sook Shiang, and she's busy. Argh. I wrote 'I'm interested' in DFC (Daniel Fans Club), and they put me into the list (they dont allow much people there) so I guess I need to go! xD I love you er.. *check name* megdalyn =)

Not that I'm not loyal.. I always said I'm not loyal and nobody actually believes me. I like Daniel is not to prove to you guys I'm not loyal la. =) Its just that he rox. Kawaii guys rox =)


p/s: people, pray for me so I can go to SP2 =) *pray*

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