>> Wednesday, 26 October 2005

The first 15 minutes of October 26th 2005..

Editted a few of the links, editted the wishlist. Haha I cancelled "get Daniel's autograph"! I haven't really get it, but I'm confirmed that I got it already. Lol. Thanks again, fiona!

The forummers who went to Sri Pentas 2 yesterday posted lotsa pics. Ejay looks like a doll, Nita looks taller (?!), Adam looks like a Dato', Farah looks so sweet, Daniel looks like Dato' too. I guess guys would look like Dato' if they wear batik top-make them look older. Lol.

I MUST go to 1U on 29th October! That day really got lotsa programs.
1) My theory class, 3.30-4.30PM
2) My sister's graduation (primary school la)
3) My father's birthday
How am I going to ask my parents?!

Sook Shiang doesn't really 'supports' Daniel. The 'support' I meant here is 'crazy', in other words, 'obsessed', that's why I never tell her that I got Daniel's autograph. Shh.. don't tell! Wait till she finds out, then I can boast around! Lol. But I don't think she would actually grab my shirt and shout "Ah! Why you never tell me!!" in 8 octave high, unless I got 5566's autograph, especially her 'zhe zhe's. I'm good at keeping secrets and also spreading secrets. I just spreaded one yesterday! Lol. The person involved must be really mad at me and could stab 26 times on my back.. I put 26 times cuz its my birthdate. =p

I have so much to do! Argh. And silly me actually thinking of SNAILMAIL the CD to Iyin. Its not her fault, really, cuz from the day she asked me to burn her CD until the last day I went to school, there's around 6 days to complete it. I took all the 6 days browsing DFC. Lol. Gomen~ I guess I need to spend extra cents. Lol. Btw, I got this idea from Cindy. Lol.

I think I found Daniel's sister in DFC. That's why she looks familiar! But I think its just my eyes.. Lol.

OK. 1:05 AM. That's so late >_<


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