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>> Wednesday, 19 October 2005

I kinda confused with tomorrow and today. I'm supposed to wake up at 7.00AM tomorrow. My sense of timing is getting WORSE.

My blurness is getting less!! END OF THE WORLD!! You might be thinking "Win Zee siao ar? Not blur adie still wanna be blur" but nobody knows that I love my blurness a LOT. So everybody knows it now. lol.

I just received an airmail from Cindy!! I love you!! After a few weeks of waiting I finally got it! And I just LOVE surprises =) She includes a birthday card and 2 CDs in it. Costs US$3.23 I guess. Hey she puts stamps. lol. I love you!

Now I have another plan~ Shh cannot tell ;)

I MUST go to 1U at 29 Oct!! The news is from idolhunter, so it cant be wrong. I must persuade Sook Shiang to go with me (I love crazy people), since she supports Daniel too, and also ask my parents about it. Lots of things happen that day. My sister's graduation (Std 6 only la) and my dad's birthday. He cant be going to 1U wearing pink! Argh. This is not really a once-in-a-lifetime thing cuz Daniel might have a promo tour for his album (Novemeber 16!!), but it might be the last time seeing Daniel, Nita and Farah together. Hmm maybe not. Gah whatever.

Speaking of Daniel, his single is released today! But the stock will reach Klang Valley tomorrow. Hmm. I might get it on Friday (might going to The Curve) or Monday (might going to Atria). The single includes Mimpi and Jika Kau Bercinta Lagi, and its karaoke. Ooh I love karaoke ^^ I might have a soar throat next week, not because I got it from my bro ;)

'Sedalam tinggi, seluas jauh; Begitulah cita-citaku, sekiranya kau ingin tahu...'

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