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>> Friday, 28 October 2005

Oh my gosh. Daniel is soo famous now and you can just see his interview everywhere.. No money to buy that much la. Maybe I buy some, and the other "some" I just ask people to scan it and send it to me. I know I can cause a lot of troubles. The newest e-move magazine have Daniel on the cover! I want to buy it, cuz the poses is soo chunted ^^ But the article is mostly in a "third-person view", and thats the reason I "sacrifice" myself not to buy it. Lol. I think I ask her to scan it and send it to me. Lol.

E-pop (they love the letter 'e'? Lol.) has Daniel too! And the pages are oh-so-incredibly-nice. I wanna get it, but its in "third-person view" again. Sigh. I still haven't make up my mind whether to buy it or not.

I wonder how many interviews he actually had in a day.

Today's Sin Chew have both JJ and Daniel! JJ's Jiang Nan is really really popular in China, and there's a handphone game which its name is also Jiang Nan. By just selling the copyrights (is it copyrights? Lol.) of the lyrics and the music, money just drop from the sky. Haha. JJ you rox. ;) And the other article about Daniel is he worked with Zhang Jue Long to produce a song called Xian Zai, Hen Xiang Jian Ni, translated literally means I want to meet you now. Translating is not my thing.

I STILL haven't settle my 1U. Argh. Cuz my mom's mood is bad yesterday. I think I made her mad. Argh. I'm such a loser!

I got a few songs from my piano teacher, and most of them are from Chopin! Hah! I got addicted by saying Chopin's name (because of Jay Chou). Btw, is Nocturne in Chinese ye qu? Cuz I come across a book titled ye qu ji. Nocturne is a nice song, and its really hard to play. Cuz its Chopin's songs. =D

Obsess is BAD. Don't follow my footsteps! Nobody will anyway. Haha.

Click HERE to read Paul Moss's latest forum messages. From Paul Moss official fan club. Lol. Its soo very him. Haha. But I never thought that Paul Moss would actually use computer language (or go online!). I thought that's just for us young people. Lol.

My theory! Argh! I hate theory.. -_____-;;

Win Zee's language.
New word-sham. Meaning: spam+chat. =D

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