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>> Thursday, 27 October 2005

I thought I won't be blogging. Haha.

I cleaned out my Gmail. I know its weird cuz Gmail has 2000++ MB of storage, but I prefer 'clean' and 'neat'. Lol. Found out a lot of rubbish. I found an old email from myself. I saw this article on the neta few months ago and I wanna save it, so I decided to send it to myself. Lol. Click the picture for the link. Its about Rain and Lee Dong Gun asked JJ to compose them a song. JJ is so kawaii in the pic! JJ rawks!

This is a pic of them. JJ looks more natural! And I think Rain doesnt have enough sleep. Haha. JJ rawks! Rain you've lost! Mwahaha. Lol. Being crazy. -___-;;

Daniel is really free now.. Been online yesterday I think. I know it today. Haha. I thought he should be really busy with his album and interviews.

I created a blend yesterday, but still using the images I used last time. Kinda paiseh to put it up cuz its almost the same as the older version.. Lol. Well I still need a few more things on it, so might put it up a few days later. =) A clue: Its really really striking.

I STILL not yet get Daniel's single and I STILL not yet ask my parents about 1U. ARGH. Cuz my parents are in a bad mood yesterday.. Sigh. I must ask them today, if not I won't be seeing him again! Lol that's so exaggerating.

When will JJ's new album be releasing? ;)

I still haven't get Daniel's autograph! Patience is a virtue~~ Never mind. At least I'm safe now. Haha.

Yesterday Zhe Jiun phoned me. She said on November 11st, Friday, we would go to The Curve for karaoke, and then stay at her house till Sunday. I haven't settle my 1U and single and I need to plan for the future. ARGH!! Daniel you're soo a bad boy!!! Can't you learn to be as good boy as JJ??!! Lol. Sorry sorry just joking.

Oh my gosh JJ you're so kawaii~! If only my brother is that cute.. -_____-;;

Pin never buy Young Generation for me!! Thats soo the most important mag I want!! Argh I think I need to ask nicky to scan it and send it to me.. Sigh.

Guess who's on my desktop now-JJ? How I wish. Its in pink. The official colour of Daniel! Haha! The wallpaper is really really nice.. From iein. Lazy to upload it. Lol.

I was thinking of taking mass communication, music and psychology in the future! xD But that only occurs in US cuz the government encourages people to have a wide range of interest.. Lol. That must've cost a lot.

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