my long lost bro?!

>> Saturday, 22 October 2005

I had a really really nice+really really disappointing dream.

Its afternoon. I came downstairs after my bath and to put my clothes to the laundry basket. I saw JJ in the study place. He's wearing blue and white stripe shirt. His hair is black. His sitting facing his back. I never really got very excited or anything. Maybe my eyes got problem. Haha.

I went out and when I came back I saw a white small car parking behind my mom's car. The car is really shining. I guess its JJ's car. Lol. At night, I can see him clearly, facing my table (2 tables in the study place). Whoo I got really excited but I tried not to show it out. I sat opposite of JJ and I started chatting with him. Whee~
"Hi JJ~"
"Why are you here?"
And I forgot the rest of the dialogue -____-;;
So at the end of our chat, I suddenly remember that I need to let JJ sign my No. 89757 album and Haven karaoke version. I fly upstairs to get it and then fly downstairs, he's not there. T__T

Next day I woke up quite early to see where's JJ. I never saw him. I looked outside and his car wasn't there. He's out. Got quite disappointed and I do some usual morning stuff.

I went to school (I'm in afternoon session) and I met Pin, Min and Rene. When its nearly 12.30PM (School starts at 12.30PM), I thought JJ is in DJ, and I never brought 89757 album and Haven karaoke version. I got nervous, and I fly to Atria to get those. Pin called me not to, but I don't listen.

I'm disappointed not because I never got JJ's autograph, its because the dream is soo real. Argh. Maybe JJ really is my long lost brother! If not why would he be in my house? This is what I really hate about very-real dreams.

Wahaha. I listened to Daniel's Fei everytime I play the comp. Haha. So nice =)

Anyone got Atria's Victoria Music's phone number? I lost the number, and I wanna ask if there's Daniel's single and book 2 or 3! xD Its actually very little. Some bought 20. Haha. Will go bankrupt sooner or later.

Dream of exam: afraid of exams; afraid of failure

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