I speak rough language.. occasionally

>> Sunday, 16 October 2005


(omg the word is soo big) In case you didnt know, the asterisk actually is for 'u'. Are you thinking that 'why would win zee speak such rough language?! she's a pure and innocent girl.. (thats what ppl see in me. argh)'. Well OMVeryFG is actually the very extreme version of 'Oh My God', (extreme version is OMFG) like very extremely happy, very extremely excited, very extremely sad.. well you got the drill.

I am soo not supposed to tell this to you guys, but I really wanna express it. I assure you, nobody will understand what type of language I'm using below, cuz there's no subject in it.

After I exited blogger yesterday (er its supposed to be today, Oct 16, 12.30AM), I went to another website. I checked all the stuffs I need to check and then I got bored. So I decided to go on a shooting trip to sharpen up my shooting skills. The last time I done shooting was the last day of PMR. After I decided on what I want for tomorrow's breakfast, I put on my sunglasses and sip a glass of orange juice with that cute little umbrella in it (oops). I was looking at the screen, and I felt the page loaded a bit slower than it usually does. I took off my sunglasses and put down the glass (oops) and I started staring on the screen. My heart beats faster and faster (I'm a healthy, bright girl without heart problems). My brain kept telling me 'it cant be true, it cant be true', but my heart hope it is! After a few seconds, poof, it becams koko crunch! IT IS TRUE!!! Although its kinda unavailable, I'm still really really excited =)

Got this from here.

You are Black Wolf person, who gives an impression of being difficult and rather stiff.
But you are also simple and honest.
You are responsible person and are able to observe other people well.
You are intelligent and never lose your composure.
You lead life slowly at your pace keeping your dreams and hopes.
You tend to be calm and objective, but you also have complicated side to your personality.
You are an artistic type of person.
You have good sense of humor, and have lots of talent, and are good at making conversation.
You are indifferent to public opinion and custom.
You strictly stick to your philosophy and rules of life.
You have unique identity, and people tend to see you as an inconsiderate person who is not prepossessed with common sense.
Your attitude gives an impression of unemotional cold hearted person.
You may end up receiving great fortune and honor from no where.
But this may be far from your will.
Your defiant energy is great.
You can use your individuality to do things that no other person can, and lead happy fulfilled life.

People, I need comments on what you think of me. Words in bold is what I agree with (I know I'm perasan, no need to remind me).

I'm attending school and I'm onlining on a time like this. Hmm.

Sunday, October 16, 2005. 11.14AM

Dont ask me about the OMVeryFG things. You can ask why I speak rough language, that is.

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