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>> Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Phew. Everyone is having a blog, and practically I have to link all of them. Not because they force me! Hah. Their blogs are sad, with emotions and all. I think this is the advantage of being childish-happy-go-lucky! Lol. I'm just being sarcastic.

Its almost 2PM and I hadn't bath or had my lunch. The online freak who's on holiday now will have gastric sooner or later. Lol.

How many times I sent emails to Daniel? Hmm lets see.. more than five. I just wanna have his permission about his email addresses, and guess what? No he didn't reply me (how I wish), but the storage is full. Isn't he online yesterday?! Argh. So the mail will be saving as draft, AGAIN.

I haven't download the scans Nicole sent to me. Thats like, 9 days from the day she send to me? Man, why does 9 days seems sooo long?! And 1 month seems soo fast!! I hate my streamyx. It always disconnect! Argh. I guess I'm repeating everything. Lol.

I have nothing for my photoshop! I hope it doesn't feels neglected.. Damn I don't have the talent and the brain!

I love people from DFC.. They're so fast in getting news. (especially idolhunter. Oops I think Sony BMG or Daniel gave him the news.)
I hate people from DFC.. They're so fast in getting news, and practically I have to follow them and maybe even go bankrupt!
But overall, they rawks. ;)

Everyone seems to be busy, blogging once in a while, and me, the online freak, is blogging almost everyday. Ignore the almost, people.

When will I get my mags?!

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