>> Friday, 14 October 2005

Currently Listening to: Mimpi (new/radio version) - Daniel

Whoo. Home made avatar again. Not very satisfied with it though. Without the words, it looks plain. With word, it looks weird.

New version of Mimpi is weird, too. Maybe like Gemilang, it is better hear live =) I heard there's a chinese version of mimpi, called 'fei' (Fly).

Chinese version of Mimpi - Fly lyrics

I found out that I don't have music talents. I spent a few minutes to find the chorus, and I can't sing the last part. A bit weird la. Anyone heard it before?

I finally know the difference between acoustic guitar and classical guitar!
Classical guitar has shorter but wider neck than acoustic guitar. It sounds better than acoustic.
Thanks a lot to zongzai. =)

I wanna learn guitar.. Daniel and JJ are bad bad boys. lol.

I think I've been a lil neglecting JJ these days. Plenty sorry-s to you JJ~ You must remember you're always #1 in my heart (i know its a bit geli la). A BIG huggie for you~

lol. I'm getting lamer these days.

Daniel dont get jealous oh~

Argh. getting lamer.
People, slap me to reality.

Are there a certain date for famous people to be born?
September 15 - Jolin Tsai, Prince Henry, my bro
July 1st - My cousin sis, Princess Diana, Daniel



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