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>> Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Currently listening to: Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

Home made avatar! xD

PMR is officially over! Woohoo~! Geography was quite easy. I did some questions before. 101% same. mwahaha. KH was 101% all perdagangan! ^%#$* can we complaint? Chinese was quite.. ok la. The essay I wrote was not supposed to be an essay to 'express my anger'. lol.

I downloaded damn lots of English songs these days. I guess I watch too much of lol. But I still have damn lots of songs to download. Mainly Chinese. Haha. I downloaded Gwen Stefanie's Hollaback Girl and listen halfway through. Damn lots of 'shit's. My bro heard that too. So I 'sacrifice' myself and deleted the song to prevent 'misleading' my bro. Bleh. Dont think I'm that good. Even if I dont have a bro I would delete the song too. Too much of 'shit's make me think that Gwen needs to learn basic cleanliness xD Sorry~

My mom was thinking of letting me to work. During holidays. I was afraid I will caught by the police cuz I'm still underage. But who cares. The police isnt that free. haha. Staying at home is boring. I'll become lamer when I'm bored, like writing with highlighter, sing songs.. bleh.

I'm freakin' bored now.

2005 is gonna end! Why did I realize this now? 3 quarter of the year is over.. time flys a bit too fast, eh?

My cousin sis went for this laser thing to remove the moles (although i dont think its mole). I heard that the two of 'em will be having braces sooner or later. I prefer using that bunch of money and buy tons of CDs, books, clothes.. some normal stuff. Now I cant differentiate both of them (they're twins). Are they trying to fool us? lol.

Speaking about both of them, I forgot to wish them Happy Birthday (I'm 1 year older for 3 days xD). Oh well. Its over now. Plus they dont know I have a blog. lol.

Added the commenting system! And one day I'll be deleting the taggie. I think.

Can VCD/DVD/CD played (in the car) play MP3? I downloaded loads of MP3s and preparing to burn them into a CD, and then I thought of this. Argh.

I dont know there's a new radio station called Fly FM. Very nice name, especially the Fly~ Ok back to the point. I heard that a new version of Mimpi! In this Fly FM. My radio sux. Klang Valley - 95.8. They have nice wallies~

Fly made me thought of Fish's Fly Away. And Fish made me thought of her new album! Chinese album release every year. Argh. I might be considering buying it, but now even pirated stuff are expensive. Argh.

JJ released his 89757 karaoke version! Must get it by this October! And also dream interpretation book. Its so cool! I flipped a dream interpretation last time. I found 'friends'. The only thing I remember is ' need to be a better friend'. They need to specify what is a 'better' friend. lol I'm being lame.

Fly Away~ dreamy name =)

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