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>> Thursday, 20 October 2005

I dug out all my photos yesterday. I was finding the film and wanna duplicate it. Find for 1 hour I think. Too much rubbish. Haha. I found my Std 1 class photo. They look so familiar, yet so unfamiliar. That time we were so innocent, so pure.. Unlike now. Haha. There's one or two in DJ now, and I kept contact with just 2. Thats so little. Hah. I remembered more things when I look at the photo. The Children's Day, I got beaten by teacher (cuz I talked too much. Hah), the passing-up-the-books competition.. Those good old days.

I hate my streamyx!! It always disconnect.. I guess its only mine. Since the thunder strike, the streamyx crazy liao. Argh. Sometimes download stuff until 80% then it disconnect. Argh. I don't care how many times you disconnect I won't surrender to you! I WON'T!! Hahaha Streamyx finally surrender! I finally downloaded the X-freshFM Interview (Daniel again), after 2 days.. of disconnecting. Phew. Why must Streamyx torture me like this..

This is how Mimpi Single's cover looks like. From chilicandy. I'm buying it either tomorrow or Monday! Haha. At MHI. I missed it. The cover looks weird o_O

The back of the single.. Reminds me of Hari Raya o_O Took at 8TV Quickie. I wanna work there xD Ignore the 33838.

At MHI, 20102005, around 8AM.

Whee~ I love pictures =) Can't wait till the releasing date of his album!!

My mom is gonna kill me when she finds out I download some many pictures.. literally.

At 8TV Quickie, 20102005, around 12AM.

Singing Mimpi I guess. Mimpi represents him. Haha.

Funny faces. I think he's receiving a call.. Either Sevelynn or Pei Ying. You guys are so lucky.


The pics a bit cacat-ed, cuz I shrinked it. His shirt reminds me of Hari Raya.. again. I love his shirt =)

Everyday is raining day.. So damn cold. Maybe its because the increasing of Bi's fans. Argh. They should be considerate!! xD

You guys must've been bored of hanging around in my blog. The only thing I wrote besides crap is Daniel. Haha. After a few months the Daniel craze will go down and JJ's craze will rise up again. Haha. You guys just gotta bear with me.

I need a new pink shirt.

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