>> Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Currently listening to: Evonne Hsu-Xing Fu

I'm going bankrupt sooner or later! Cuz I'm buying a lot of magazines these days.. Really troubled Pin a lot, cuz I can't go out and buy.. You just don't know how protected I am, which I hated a lot. Lol. I know I'm weird. Oops OT liao. All of them are about Daniel la.. Haha. I can't get magazines with JJ cuz now its not the 'hot' time about him, and I don't know which magazines has his interviews or something.. Currently I think I've spent about RM10. I think I'll spend more in the future. A bit obsessed about him. OK obsessed about him A LOT. But maybe less than Sook Shiang? Lol.

My sis borrows Detective Conan manga from her friend! Yay I love Conan~ He's so cute and so smart, and Shinichi (Conan's real name) is so shuai, although he never appear before.. Lol.

I've downloaded a chibi version of Dark and Daisuke.. Very very kawaii~! Especially Daisuke ^^

Kawaii right? Photobucket automatically resize it for me, so I don't need to! Heh. The exact size is actually quite big.. Taken from Minitokyo[dot]net.

My MSN is finally working! Maybe its because my threat. Or my determination. Man I'm getting more and more perasan and lame! It must be the side effects of boredom. Lol.

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