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>> Sunday, 16 October 2005

Currently Listening to: C21-She Cries

Another post! Lazy to put up another avatar.. After I have none to put up, and I gotta make one myself. I know I'm lazy, no need to remind me.

I rewatch Daniel's Mimpi, which is on the results show, 24th September 2004. 2 days before my birthday, but thats not how I remember it. Well I think he sang better than the night before that, although a few out of tune. The finalists always sang better in the results show. Geramnya~

According to Daniel, his single (including Mimpi and another Malay song) will be released on 19 October 2005 (from the forum actually. isnt it great if he tells me?). Spread the news people! Now another thing to add to my wishlist.

Blurr sotong. Nice adjective. Hey people! You're viewing blurr sotong's blog! Blurr sotong = Daniel (which his friend describe him). Beware people. Everything I said might have a bit hubungan with Daniel. lol.

Who's C21? I never heard of them before. I downloaded She Cries cuz the chorus is damn nice. After I watched it my bro and I kept singing the chorus until my mom said keep quiet *sings* she cries.. she cries.. whoa.. i try but she cries~

I am soo in the blogging mood, and I have soo nothing to blog about. I love rhyming. lol.

Yes! My mom is going to fix the guitar! Well not my mom but send it to the music school to replace the strings and all. lol. Then my self-learn guitar lesson is not far away! Yippee! *jumps like the 'Rock' week where Daniel jumps*

12.31AM, Sunday, October 16 2005..

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