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>> Saturday, 15 October 2005

Syaoran is soo kawaii in the avatar! kawaii is just sooo irresistible!!

Reasons why I think the new version of Mimpi is weird:
#1 Sings too carefully
#2 Pronunciation too good (blur rox!)
#3 Voice not very powerful

Lets just hope its because the quality. I heard Daniel sang before (new version), and it seems 'normal'. lol.

I changed my piano teacher again! 3rd time.. I went to this Julliad Music School, not to say near my house but quite near. I theory today, 2 hours. The extra 1 hour is to replace last week's PMR. 2 hours seem short. The teacher is OK. There's one girl which is my mom's friend's daughter call Wan Chien (Is it your sister, chien hui? haha). She had her Grade 8 practical this year and she got a distinction. Her Grade 6 theory also got a distinction too, I think. Damn chun. My mom said that she is a ultimate bookworm. Her mom needs to keep her books away to 'prevent her from reading'. More bookworm than me.. Those who think I dont read, thats wrong. I just read less these years =) Oh she's same age as me, currently form 2. Damn chun. My practical would be on Thursday.

Download damn lots of stuff these days. Mainly English songs and Daniel's stuff. Yes ignore the Daniel part.

Rain is a very good weather.. learn to love it! Speaking about rain, how long have I not caught in the rain? (psst.. the rain i meant is the natural phenomenon, not Bi. I'm not interested in him [I'm a rare species! catch me if you can! hmm i wanna watch the movie. *sings* Rain, rain, go away come again, go away some other day~

I'm interested in making my own layout. It shows that I'm professional! At least to me. lol. Maybe something soft and white.. Ooh that must be so nice (in case you didn't know, i'm perasan than you think I am).

JJ's karaoke version of his 3rd album will be released on November! How do I know? I phoned Halo Music. The first thing they say when they pick up the phone is "hello hello". I was thinking I thought it should be hihi Actually they meant "hello this is Halo music". I'm blurer than the blurrest person in the world (which is obviously me). Lets celebrate for my first time! Btw, why must it release in such a long time? It should be somewhere around.. July or August.

Blur rox to the max!

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