Autograph, here I come!

>> Sunday, 23 October 2005

Blogging at this time. Haha.

I can't go to Sri Pentas 2 on Monday. Sigh. But I asked somebody to help me get Daniel's autograph. Haha. Always wanted his autograph. Did I mention it in my wishlist? Haha. And she er will 'try her best to get near him'. People!! Pray for us!! Haha.

I'm performing in a concert! From my music school. My part wasn't very obvious, just give the timing to the string performers. But its important too.. The concert is in some college's hall I think, in someday, some place.. Lol.

I love JJ and Daniel <3 JJ is now "officially" my cousin bro! Haha. Cuz I have cousins whose surname is Lim too.. My father's side. So he's me 'biao ge' or 'tang ge'? Maybe Daniel will be my cousin too. Lol. Hmm his surname is 'Lee'. Haha see first la.

I changed my tagboard. seems to have a little problem. Sometimes after I post 'Error: DB!' will appear. So I changed it to ShoutMix! The emoticons are adorable, especially the blushing one. Haha.

Yay~ Raining again! Past few days I kept complaining about the rainy days, now I want to complain the extremely hot days! Its so hot that I can even feel my skin burning. Did the Sun thinks that everyone needs Vitamin D?! Well no thanks, I have tons! Lol.

Mimpi single.. Sigh.

My routine after I on my comp:
Step 1: Click on 'User' to log on.
Step 2: Get some sweets while waiting for it to load.
Step 3: Stare at Dark and drools.
Step 4: Open Adobe Photoshop. Edit some stuff, exit it.
Step 5: Connect to Streamyx. Open 2 Firefox windows.
Step 6: Type my blog URL on the first window and DFC (Daniel Fans Club)'s URL on the 2nd.
And the rest are just plain craps.

Its 1:30AM now.. *yawn* Night night. Sleep tight.

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