3rd time in a day.. o_O

>> Tuesday, 25 October 2005

I'm actually blogging for the 3rd time in a day! Hoorays for me! Lol.

I finally downloaded the scans Nicole sent to me. Phew. 1 pic is about 1.4MB, so just guess how long I downloaded all of them. Btw, I download them 1 by 1. Maybe 10 minutes? Bleh. Just 5 minutes la. Lol.

In 1 shot I got all 3 [Xue Hai]s! Hah! I love spending the whole afternoon reading. =)

Whee~ The ultimate good news. For me, that is.

Fiona got Daniel's autograph for me!

Thanks a lot fiona! You rawks. =) I can't wait!

No time to browse DFC for the pics they took.. It started raining now.

"Rain, rain, come again; go away some other day.."

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