Wo Yi Ru Xiang Bei

>> Monday, 31 October 2005

Currently listening to: Hins Cheung-Dear U

How many days have I not blogging? *counting* 2 days! 2 days! Hoorays for me! =D

The reason I'm not blogging is because my mom thought that I've been online for too much. I think I am. ;)

The good things that happened recently:

  • Got my mags from Pin.
  • Young Jump is quite nice. =)
  • JJ finally appears on the papers. Lol.
  • Got Nocturne score, and learning it now. =)
  • Downloaded some guitar tabs/scores/anything, from guitaryou.com.
  • Among those guitar tabs/scores/anything I've downloaded, I downloaded Jian Jian dan dan by JJ! I always wanted the tab/score/anything. =)
  • Downloaded Dear U by Hins Cheung, and it rocks.
The bad things that happened recently:
  • I can't get to go to 1U to meet Daniel. =(
  • Actually going bankrupt on holidays. Well almost going to bankrupt.
  • The cake my mom bought for my dad's birthday is ultimately too sweet.
  • Have to sacrifice myself not to buy e-move which contains Daniel in it. The report is in third person view, but the pics are just so very nice.
  • STILL haven't got Daniel's single. I guess I'll just get his album, if I still can't get his single when his album is released.
  • JJ is not related to me. =( I hope my Singaporean cousin is somehow related to JJ! xD
  • I don't know how to play a guitar. =(
  • Nocturne is very very hard. Practiced for half an hour just to get the chords right, and another half an hour to get everything OK.
I saw a Japanese family in Esquire Kitchen on Saturday. They have 3 sons, all of them are just so kawaii, especially the eldest one. Around 16, 17 gua. Really kawaii! Made me thought of JJ. xD Although I think JJ looks more like a Korean. Maybe he sees too much of Han Kyung-Jin. xP Anyways, 3 of them are really kawaii. People who never see them experienced a great loss! xP

In case you don't know who is this guy there, he is the forever-so-kawaii-and-shuai JJ! He looks like a Korean right? Haha. I used about a few seconds to figure out who is he. He is a spokeperson for some brand of clothes, obviously in China. He's more popular there. And Singapore. Lol. Btw, I found this from obmusic.com.

Which Korean does he looks like? Give me a few days (xD) to remember. I forgot what's the Korean's name. Lol.

Oh my gosh he's just so cute. ^_^

I went to pasar malam yesterday. Its so squeezy and I nearly got lost! >_<>November's Chopin "on sale"! [PIRATED JAY CHOU'S ALBUM ALERT!!] They're freaking faster than the light. If only they can use their speed on something good for the society, like killing all mosquitoes!! XD

Btw, I heard 2 of Jay Chou's new songs a few days ago. Its called Ye Qu and Yi Lu Xiang Bei. I can't really listen the melody of Ye Qu, so I listened to the piano on the background. Its just so beautiful. ^_^ And Yi Lu Xiang Bei is the sing-able one. The only thing I heard is "Wo Yi Ru (Lu) Xiang Bei~". This is called the "Australian Syndrome", by Professor of craps, Win Zee. I used Australian instead of American cuz I used to imitate the way Australians talking, and in front of them! Its so unpolite of me. Lol. Now I do it sometimes, but of course at the back of them. Lol.

Downloaded a few beautiful layouts from cruiza.com. Although it doesnt have much stuff to keep you occupied, it is still growing! =)

Now I'm a bit busy with my piano, so I might not blog a lot. Just might. Blogging is like drugs. But, keep in mind, I'm a good girl! Lol. Busy-ness is what I love in life. It keeps me occupied and content. ^_^

"Wo Yi Ru Xiang Bei~" Oops.

Dear U rox! JJ rox! JJ rox-er than ever! <3>


Paul Moss goes online..

>> Friday, 28 October 2005

Oh my gosh. Daniel is soo famous now and you can just see his interview everywhere.. No money to buy that much la. Maybe I buy some, and the other "some" I just ask people to scan it and send it to me. I know I can cause a lot of troubles. The newest e-move magazine have Daniel on the cover! I want to buy it, cuz the poses is soo chunted ^^ But the article is mostly in a "third-person view", and thats the reason I "sacrifice" myself not to buy it. Lol. I think I ask her to scan it and send it to me. Lol.

E-pop (they love the letter 'e'? Lol.) has Daniel too! And the pages are oh-so-incredibly-nice. I wanna get it, but its in "third-person view" again. Sigh. I still haven't make up my mind whether to buy it or not.

I wonder how many interviews he actually had in a day.

Today's Sin Chew have both JJ and Daniel! JJ's Jiang Nan is really really popular in China, and there's a handphone game which its name is also Jiang Nan. By just selling the copyrights (is it copyrights? Lol.) of the lyrics and the music, money just drop from the sky. Haha. JJ you rox. ;) And the other article about Daniel is he worked with Zhang Jue Long to produce a song called Xian Zai, Hen Xiang Jian Ni, translated literally means I want to meet you now. Translating is not my thing.

I STILL haven't settle my 1U. Argh. Cuz my mom's mood is bad yesterday. I think I made her mad. Argh. I'm such a loser!

I got a few songs from my piano teacher, and most of them are from Chopin! Hah! I got addicted by saying Chopin's name (because of Jay Chou). Btw, is Nocturne in Chinese ye qu? Cuz I come across a book titled ye qu ji. Nocturne is a nice song, and its really hard to play. Cuz its Chopin's songs. =D

Obsess is BAD. Don't follow my footsteps! Nobody will anyway. Haha.

Click HERE to read Paul Moss's latest forum messages. From Paul Moss official fan club. Lol. Its soo very him. Haha. But I never thought that Paul Moss would actually use computer language (or go online!). I thought that's just for us young people. Lol.

My theory! Argh! I hate theory.. -_____-;;

Win Zee's language.
New word-sham. Meaning: spam+chat. =D


patience is a virtue~

>> Thursday, 27 October 2005

I thought I won't be blogging. Haha.

I cleaned out my Gmail. I know its weird cuz Gmail has 2000++ MB of storage, but I prefer 'clean' and 'neat'. Lol. Found out a lot of rubbish. I found an old email from myself. I saw this article on the neta few months ago and I wanna save it, so I decided to send it to myself. Lol. Click the picture for the link. Its about Rain and Lee Dong Gun asked JJ to compose them a song. JJ is so kawaii in the pic! JJ rawks!

This is a pic of them. JJ looks more natural! And I think Rain doesnt have enough sleep. Haha. JJ rawks! Rain you've lost! Mwahaha. Lol. Being crazy. -___-;;

Daniel is really free now.. Been online yesterday I think. I know it today. Haha. I thought he should be really busy with his album and interviews.

I created a blend yesterday, but still using the images I used last time. Kinda paiseh to put it up cuz its almost the same as the older version.. Lol. Well I still need a few more things on it, so might put it up a few days later. =) A clue: Its really really striking.

I STILL not yet get Daniel's single and I STILL not yet ask my parents about 1U. ARGH. Cuz my parents are in a bad mood yesterday.. Sigh. I must ask them today, if not I won't be seeing him again! Lol that's so exaggerating.

When will JJ's new album be releasing? ;)

I still haven't get Daniel's autograph! Patience is a virtue~~ Never mind. At least I'm safe now. Haha.

Yesterday Zhe Jiun phoned me. She said on November 11st, Friday, we would go to The Curve for karaoke, and then stay at her house till Sunday. I haven't settle my 1U and single and I need to plan for the future. ARGH!! Daniel you're soo a bad boy!!! Can't you learn to be as good boy as JJ??!! Lol. Sorry sorry just joking.

Oh my gosh JJ you're so kawaii~! If only my brother is that cute.. -_____-;;

Pin never buy Young Generation for me!! Thats soo the most important mag I want!! Argh I think I need to ask nicky to scan it and send it to me.. Sigh.

Guess who's on my desktop now-JJ? How I wish. Its in pink. The official colour of Daniel! Haha! The wallpaper is really really nice.. From iein. Lazy to upload it. Lol.

I was thinking of taking mass communication, music and psychology in the future! xD But that only occurs in US cuz the government encourages people to have a wide range of interest.. Lol. That must've cost a lot.


ANOTHER king of falsetto?!

>> Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Currently listening to: Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou-JJ Lin

I think JJ has falsetto! I know I'm obsessed to Daniel, but this has nothing to do with him. I can hear JJ's falsetto (I think) in his songs Mei Ren Yu, Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou.. Actually there's a lot more, I just can't remember. Lol.

How's that avatar I created? I love it. ^^ It has a 'dirty' and maybe grungy (?!) feel.. Wahaha grungy rawks!

Aethereality for the brush
Minitokyo for the pic.

I saw this lyrics at DFC.. Its Mimpi English version. Of course its not included in the album, people just kinda translate it.

One Dream
There's a plan, painting notes of love again
Here's my song, rhyming our love along

Hear the song in your heart
Dreamer's theme, the wish, the dream
Can be true
Patience my love faith renewed
I love you

As deep as it's high, as far as it's wide
This my humble aspiration
Caught by your love's determination

Now and forever
Tasting eternal bliss
Cheerful not sad, I wish you one theme
In faith accomplished with our one love, one dream

Lyrics by : izam_idol from bluehyppo

Today is.. Wednesday already! And I haven't ask my parents about 1U!! I'm in the edge between death and life for the N+1 time.. I MUST go!! I can go by myself, but I'm afraid I might get lost in 1U (I have just teeny weeny little sense of direction).. Actually I'm just an over-protected species who doesn't wants to be too protected.. Sigh. People!! Pray for me!!

JJ don't be jealous. =D You rawk too.

Jia Yin (3, 1)-falsetto.



The first 15 minutes of October 26th 2005..

Editted a few of the links, editted the wishlist. Haha I cancelled "get Daniel's autograph"! I haven't really get it, but I'm confirmed that I got it already. Lol. Thanks again, fiona!

The forummers who went to Sri Pentas 2 yesterday posted lotsa pics. Ejay looks like a doll, Nita looks taller (?!), Adam looks like a Dato', Farah looks so sweet, Daniel looks like Dato' too. I guess guys would look like Dato' if they wear batik top-make them look older. Lol.

I MUST go to 1U on 29th October! That day really got lotsa programs.
1) My theory class, 3.30-4.30PM
2) My sister's graduation (primary school la)
3) My father's birthday
How am I going to ask my parents?!

Sook Shiang doesn't really 'supports' Daniel. The 'support' I meant here is 'crazy', in other words, 'obsessed', that's why I never tell her that I got Daniel's autograph. Shh.. don't tell! Wait till she finds out, then I can boast around! Lol. But I don't think she would actually grab my shirt and shout "Ah! Why you never tell me!!" in 8 octave high, unless I got 5566's autograph, especially her 'zhe zhe's. I'm good at keeping secrets and also spreading secrets. I just spreaded one yesterday! Lol. The person involved must be really mad at me and could stab 26 times on my back.. I put 26 times cuz its my birthdate. =p

I have so much to do! Argh. And silly me actually thinking of SNAILMAIL the CD to Iyin. Its not her fault, really, cuz from the day she asked me to burn her CD until the last day I went to school, there's around 6 days to complete it. I took all the 6 days browsing DFC. Lol. Gomen~ I guess I need to spend extra cents. Lol. Btw, I got this idea from Cindy. Lol.

I think I found Daniel's sister in DFC. That's why she looks familiar! But I think its just my eyes.. Lol.

OK. 1:05 AM. That's so late >_<



3rd time in a day.. o_O

>> Tuesday, 25 October 2005

I'm actually blogging for the 3rd time in a day! Hoorays for me! Lol.

I finally downloaded the scans Nicole sent to me. Phew. 1 pic is about 1.4MB, so just guess how long I downloaded all of them. Btw, I download them 1 by 1. Maybe 10 minutes? Bleh. Just 5 minutes la. Lol.

In 1 shot I got all 3 [Xue Hai]s! Hah! I love spending the whole afternoon reading. =)

Whee~ The ultimate good news. For me, that is.

Fiona got Daniel's autograph for me!

Thanks a lot fiona! You rawks. =) I can't wait!

No time to browse DFC for the pics they took.. It started raining now.

"Rain, rain, come again; go away some other day.."


having gastric?

Phew. Everyone is having a blog, and practically I have to link all of them. Not because they force me! Hah. Their blogs are sad, with emotions and all. I think this is the advantage of being childish-happy-go-lucky! Lol. I'm just being sarcastic.

Its almost 2PM and I hadn't bath or had my lunch. The online freak who's on holiday now will have gastric sooner or later. Lol.

How many times I sent emails to Daniel? Hmm lets see.. more than five. I just wanna have his permission about his email addresses, and guess what? No he didn't reply me (how I wish), but the storage is full. Isn't he online yesterday?! Argh. So the mail will be saving as draft, AGAIN.

I haven't download the scans Nicole sent to me. Thats like, 9 days from the day she send to me? Man, why does 9 days seems sooo long?! And 1 month seems soo fast!! I hate my streamyx. It always disconnect! Argh. I guess I'm repeating everything. Lol.

I have nothing for my photoshop! I hope it doesn't feels neglected.. Damn I don't have the talent and the brain!

I love people from DFC.. They're so fast in getting news. (especially idolhunter. Oops I think Sony BMG or Daniel gave him the news.)
I hate people from DFC.. They're so fast in getting news, and practically I have to follow them and maybe even go bankrupt!
But overall, they rawks. ;)

Everyone seems to be busy, blogging once in a while, and me, the online freak, is blogging almost everyday. Ignore the almost, people.

When will I get my mags?!



Currently listening to: Evonne Hsu-Xing Fu

I'm going bankrupt sooner or later! Cuz I'm buying a lot of magazines these days.. Really troubled Pin a lot, cuz I can't go out and buy.. You just don't know how protected I am, which I hated a lot. Lol. I know I'm weird. Oops OT liao. All of them are about Daniel la.. Haha. I can't get magazines with JJ cuz now its not the 'hot' time about him, and I don't know which magazines has his interviews or something.. Currently I think I've spent about RM10. I think I'll spend more in the future. A bit obsessed about him. OK obsessed about him A LOT. But maybe less than Sook Shiang? Lol.

My sis borrows Detective Conan manga from her friend! Yay I love Conan~ He's so cute and so smart, and Shinichi (Conan's real name) is so shuai, although he never appear before.. Lol.

I've downloaded a chibi version of Dark and Daisuke.. Very very kawaii~! Especially Daisuke ^^

Kawaii right? Photobucket automatically resize it for me, so I don't need to! Heh. The exact size is actually quite big.. Taken from Minitokyo[dot]net.

My MSN is finally working! Maybe its because my threat. Or my determination. Man I'm getting more and more perasan and lame! It must be the side effects of boredom. Lol.


golden retriver~

>> Monday, 24 October 2005

Currently listening to: Dong Bang Shin Ki-My Little Princess (Acapella)

IDBI!! Oops I don't can't believe it! Today I was planning to go to Atria, and then strong wind blew the grey clouds here and I thought it was gonna rain, so I never go. Mana tau there's no rain until I reached home. ARGH!!!

Today was retirement of Pn. Caroline. Isn't it incredible that I never cry? Cuz when others cry, I would cry too. Lol. She looks like just 40++ and I never thought she would retire so fast.. Happy retirement!

Pin is absent today! And she owes me a magazine.. So you know what I told her? I told her to snail mail it to me. Lol. Next month I will have some letters to receive! Wait till I receive them then I tell you. Haha.

I failed to log in to MSN Messenger! The error message says 'service temporarily unavailable', while I tried using my dad's, it worked. o_O MSN don't you try to cheat me! I'm not that easy cheat! (Bleh.)

Listened to one of the Snow Angel's soundtrack, Bao Feng Yu by Toro. I guess I'm the only one who thinks that his singing are just talking. My standards aren't that high la, I like almost every music. (Lol.)

Pics time~! Lol.

This two photos make me feel the loneliness, especially the first one. Lol. His doggie isn't my taste. I actually have taste for almost everything in the world. Haha. I love Golden Retriever, so golden, so fur-y! His dog's fur looks curly and 'tangled'. Lol.

Btw, Daniel is online now, 3.30PM, 24th October 2005. =D

Not by me. Both of them a bit cacat cuz I resized it. The first one is from christie, second from mysterious (that's the name). Both of them damn kao nice. I opened photoshop, and when I wanna open a file, I have nothing in mind. Lol. Hey, everything needs inspiration! xD

OMG I post so much about Daniel. You guys must've been bored hanging around in my blog. >_<

I heard from Iyin that JJ is going to held a concert, next year. Is it true? I mean, he just released 3 albums, plus in the concert they normally sing their 'zhu da ge'. (hit songs? lol.) 3 albums just have about 9 songs to sing in the concert. Lol. What a short concert.

OK people. If you wanna tag, make sure that it had nothing to do with the posts! Cuz the comments I received are always 0.. Lol.


Autograph, here I come!

>> Sunday, 23 October 2005

Blogging at this time. Haha.

I can't go to Sri Pentas 2 on Monday. Sigh. But I asked somebody to help me get Daniel's autograph. Haha. Always wanted his autograph. Did I mention it in my wishlist? Haha. And she er will 'try her best to get near him'. People!! Pray for us!! Haha.

I'm performing in a concert! From my music school. My part wasn't very obvious, just give the timing to the string performers. But its important too.. The concert is in some college's hall I think, in someday, some place.. Lol.

I love JJ and Daniel <3 JJ is now "officially" my cousin bro! Haha. Cuz I have cousins whose surname is Lim too.. My father's side. So he's me 'biao ge' or 'tang ge'? Maybe Daniel will be my cousin too. Lol. Hmm his surname is 'Lee'. Haha see first la.

I changed my tagboard. Myshoutbox.com seems to have a little problem. Sometimes after I post 'Error: DB!' will appear. So I changed it to ShoutMix! The emoticons are adorable, especially the blushing one. Haha.

Yay~ Raining again! Past few days I kept complaining about the rainy days, now I want to complain the extremely hot days! Its so hot that I can even feel my skin burning. Did the Sun thinks that everyone needs Vitamin D?! Well no thanks, I have tons! Lol.

Mimpi single.. Sigh.

My routine after I on my comp:
Step 1: Click on 'User' to log on.
Step 2: Get some sweets while waiting for it to load.
Step 3: Stare at Dark and drools.
Step 4: Open Adobe Photoshop. Edit some stuff, exit it.
Step 5: Connect to Streamyx. Open 2 Firefox windows.
Step 6: Type my blog URL on the first window and DFC (Daniel Fans Club)'s URL on the 2nd.
And the rest are just plain craps.

Its 1:30AM now.. *yawn* Night night. Sleep tight.



>> Saturday, 22 October 2005

How You Are In Love

You fall in love quickly and easily. And very often.

You give and take equally in relationships.

You need your space and privacy. You don't like to be smothered.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.

How You Life Your Life

You seem to be straight forward, but you keep a lot inside.
You tend to avoid confrontation and stay away from sticky situations.
You tend to have one best friend you hang with, as opposed to many aquaintences.
You tend to dream big, but you worry that your dreams aren't attainable.

Your Brain's Pattern

You have a dreamy mind, full of fancy and fantasy.
You have the ability to stay forever entertained with your thoughts.
People may say you're hard to read, but that's because you're so internally focused.
But when you do share what you're thinking, people are impressed with your imagination.

Your World View
You are a happy, well-balanced person who likes people and is liked by others.
You question whether many conventional views on morality are valid under all circumstances.
You are essentially a content person.
Sometimes, you consider yourself a little superior.
You are moral by your own standards.
You believe that morality is what best suits the occasion.

Your Inner Child Is Surprised

You see many things through the eyes of a child.
Meaning, you're rarely cynical or jaded.
You cherish all of the details in life.
Easily fascinated, you enjoy experiencing new things.

Your Birthdate: September 26

Your birth on the 26th day of the month (8 energy) modifies your life by increasing your capability to function and succeed in the business world.
In this environment you have the skills to work very well with others thanks to the 2 and 6 energies combining in this date.
There is a marked increase in organizational, managerial, and administrative abilities.

You are efficient and handle money very well.
You're ambitious and energetic, while generally remaining cooperative and adaptable.
You are conscientious and not afraid of responsibility.

Generally sociable and diplomatic, you tend to use persuasion rather than force.
You have a wonderful combination of being good at both the broad strokes and the fine detail; good at starting and continuing. This birthday is practical and realistic, often seeking material satisfaction.


my long lost bro?!

I had a really really nice+really really disappointing dream.

Its afternoon. I came downstairs after my bath and to put my clothes to the laundry basket. I saw JJ in the study place. He's wearing blue and white stripe shirt. His hair is black. His sitting facing his back. I never really got very excited or anything. Maybe my eyes got problem. Haha.

I went out and when I came back I saw a white small car parking behind my mom's car. The car is really shining. I guess its JJ's car. Lol. At night, I can see him clearly, facing my table (2 tables in the study place). Whoo I got really excited but I tried not to show it out. I sat opposite of JJ and I started chatting with him. Whee~
"Hi JJ~"
"Why are you here?"
And I forgot the rest of the dialogue -____-;;
So at the end of our chat, I suddenly remember that I need to let JJ sign my No. 89757 album and Haven karaoke version. I fly upstairs to get it and then fly downstairs, he's not there. T__T

Next day I woke up quite early to see where's JJ. I never saw him. I looked outside and his car wasn't there. He's out. Got quite disappointed and I do some usual morning stuff.

I went to school (I'm in afternoon session) and I met Pin, Min and Rene. When its nearly 12.30PM (School starts at 12.30PM), I thought JJ is in DJ, and I never brought 89757 album and Haven karaoke version. I got nervous, and I fly to Atria to get those. Pin called me not to, but I don't listen.

I'm disappointed not because I never got JJ's autograph, its because the dream is soo real. Argh. Maybe JJ really is my long lost brother! If not why would he be in my house? This is what I really hate about very-real dreams.

Wahaha. I listened to Daniel's Fei everytime I play the comp. Haha. So nice =)

Anyone got Atria's Victoria Music's phone number? I lost the number, and I wanna ask if there's Daniel's single and book 2 or 3! xD Its actually very little. Some bought 20. Haha. Will go bankrupt sooner or later.

Dream of exam: afraid of exams; afraid of failure


Sri Pentas 2!!

>> Friday, 21 October 2005

I went to The Curve and Ikano today with Pin, Min, Zhe Jiun and Sook Shiang. We never shop actually. The main reason is to sing karaoke. Haha. Used RM38.50. RM33 for Red Box, RM5.50 for lunch. Hot plate noodle. Yum *slurps*. We sang a lot of songs, and, incredibly, I don't have a soar throat. Haha. I finally get to watch JJ VS Jin Sha Bei Feng Chui Guo De Xia Tian [Summer Breeze]. JJ hold hands with Jin Sha. Suu-weet!! Pink is now a trend for guys. JJ wore pink too. Luckily he doesn't looks very sissy. Lol. S.H.E's Superstar is a very nice song to shout and to get really high. Try it people. xD

I saw a dream interpretation book in Popular, but I just want the dream interpreting part. RM50++ you know. Found some psychology books too. (If you can find dream interpretation, you can find psychology. Duh.) I don't understand a word AT ALL. Lol. The future psychologist who doesn't understand a word of psychology. Haha.

Of course I remember Daniel! If not I'm not a fan of him.. I asked Speedy and CD-Rama for his single, and guess what-No they don't have an autographed Mimpi Single. (How I wish.) I can't find it. T___T I'll find it in Victoria Music on Monday. They better have it, or else.. *soft evil laughs*

Speaking of Monday, there's a Hari Raya concert in Sri Pentas 2 at Shah Alam, 8.30pm. Why must it be in Shah Alam instead of BU?! I hate TV3 and 8TV. Lol. JUST JOKING. How can I hate 8TV when I say it rox? I wanna go cuz there's a gathering with Daniel! Not shown in TV or anywhere. Ooh thats just so good. I wanna go, and I asked Sook Shiang, and she's busy. Argh. I wrote 'I'm interested' in DFC (Daniel Fans Club), and they put me into the list (they dont allow much people there) so I guess I need to go! xD I love you er.. *check name* megdalyn =)

Not that I'm not loyal.. I always said I'm not loyal and nobody actually believes me. I like Daniel is not to prove to you guys I'm not loyal la. =) Its just that he rox. Kawaii guys rox =)


p/s: people, pray for me so I can go to SP2 =) *pray*


Daniel's single

>> Thursday, 20 October 2005

I dug out all my photos yesterday. I was finding the film and wanna duplicate it. Find for 1 hour I think. Too much rubbish. Haha. I found my Std 1 class photo. They look so familiar, yet so unfamiliar. That time we were so innocent, so pure.. Unlike now. Haha. There's one or two in DJ now, and I kept contact with just 2. Thats so little. Hah. I remembered more things when I look at the photo. The Children's Day, I got beaten by teacher (cuz I talked too much. Hah), the passing-up-the-books competition.. Those good old days.

I hate my streamyx!! It always disconnect.. I guess its only mine. Since the thunder strike, the streamyx crazy liao. Argh. Sometimes download stuff until 80% then it disconnect. Argh. I don't care how many times you disconnect I won't surrender to you! I WON'T!! Hahaha Streamyx finally surrender! I finally downloaded the X-freshFM Interview (Daniel again), after 2 days.. of disconnecting. Phew. Why must Streamyx torture me like this..

This is how Mimpi Single's cover looks like. From chilicandy. I'm buying it either tomorrow or Monday! Haha. At MHI. I missed it. The cover looks weird o_O

The back of the single.. Reminds me of Hari Raya o_O Took at 8TV Quickie. I wanna work there xD Ignore the 33838.

At MHI, 20102005, around 8AM.

Whee~ I love pictures =) Can't wait till the releasing date of his album!!

My mom is gonna kill me when she finds out I download some many pictures.. literally.

At 8TV Quickie, 20102005, around 12AM.

Singing Mimpi I guess. Mimpi represents him. Haha.

Funny faces. I think he's receiving a call.. Either Sevelynn or Pei Ying. You guys are so lucky.


The pics a bit cacat-ed, cuz I shrinked it. His shirt reminds me of Hari Raya.. again. I love his shirt =)

Everyday is raining day.. So damn cold. Maybe its because the increasing of Bi's fans. Argh. They should be considerate!! xD

You guys must've been bored of hanging around in my blog. The only thing I wrote besides crap is Daniel. Haha. After a few months the Daniel craze will go down and JJ's craze will rise up again. Haha. You guys just gotta bear with me.

I need a new pink shirt.


the pinkies

>> Wednesday, 19 October 2005

I kinda confused with tomorrow and today. I'm supposed to wake up at 7.00AM tomorrow. My sense of timing is getting WORSE.

My blurness is getting less!! END OF THE WORLD!! You might be thinking "Win Zee siao ar? Not blur adie still wanna be blur" but nobody knows that I love my blurness a LOT. So everybody knows it now. lol.

I just received an airmail from Cindy!! I love you!! After a few weeks of waiting I finally got it! And I just LOVE surprises =) She includes a birthday card and 2 CDs in it. Costs US$3.23 I guess. Hey she puts stamps. lol. I love you!

Now I have another plan~ Shh cannot tell ;)

I MUST go to 1U at 29 Oct!! The news is from idolhunter, so it cant be wrong. I must persuade Sook Shiang to go with me (I love crazy people), since she supports Daniel too, and also ask my parents about it. Lots of things happen that day. My sister's graduation (Std 6 only la) and my dad's birthday. He cant be going to 1U wearing pink! Argh. This is not really a once-in-a-lifetime thing cuz Daniel might have a promo tour for his album (Novemeber 16!!), but it might be the last time seeing Daniel, Nita and Farah together. Hmm maybe not. Gah whatever.

Speaking of Daniel, his single is released today! But the stock will reach Klang Valley tomorrow. Hmm. I might get it on Friday (might going to The Curve) or Monday (might going to Atria). The single includes Mimpi and Jika Kau Bercinta Lagi, and its karaoke. Ooh I love karaoke ^^ I might have a soar throat next week, not because I got it from my bro ;)

'Sedalam tinggi, seluas jauh; Begitulah cita-citaku, sekiranya kau ingin tahu...'


mass communication?

>> Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Whoo hoo~ I got the latest photoshoot of Daniel's album. I love you idolhunter. But I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to post it up, cuz its not allowed for commercial use.. Well you guys just have to wait till November! So how bout an avatar? Cure your boredom when you're reading these words.

Isnt dark shuai?

I just created a really kawaii avatar! Really kawaii~~ For my MSN display picture. Till now, its still a secret. *shh*

Wen Jo said her mom works at TV3, and she (mom) knows Jien and Paul Moss. I asked Wen Jo to help me ask for their autographs. I know I'm not very loyal.

Hmm.. maybe I'll take mass comunication and work at 8TV in the future

I went to TTDI library today. From the 'hall' (I dunno whats the place), I could see a really nice angle of the sky. If only I brought a camera! But my photography skills SUX. I can even took photos of people a bit out of the center. I was thinking that maybe Daniel was upstairs finding some photography books (he's a total photography maniac). lol.

Is this the first time I 'announce' my imagination?

And then I went to pasar malam in SS3. Its really really really hot, and stupid 7-11 doesnt have slurpee or even Big Gulp. Somehow the machine was spoil. Argh.

My mom phoned E-books today for my part-time and they said I'm too young (she said I'm 15). Then she phoned Sri Tanjung. They said I could have an interview. OMG. My first interview! But I'm feeling weird. Maybe its because its a first-time and I always got nervous for first-times.. except piano exams. I thought I would fail my Grade 5 cuz my brain was totally blank when I was playing the scales. Luckily I passed with a credit (pass is 100-110; credit is 110-120).

My comp will go kaboom if I dont stop downloading stuff. You dont need to know what I download. Its all about Daniel.. JJ dont get jealous! You're still number 1!! Daniel still need to work hard.

I must wake up 7.30AM tomorrow.. a MUST!!! I know its not really worth it.. especially the magazine I asked Pin to help me buy, but its something like once in a lifetime! Its a bit weird if you know your grandma is a fan of Daniel and has a Streamyx 'hand' with Daniel's autograph. lol another imagination.

Now is 9.20PM. I havent bath yet. Whoo that is just soo not me.


No. 89757

>> Monday, 17 October 2005

Sweet love
Sweet love is what you will find in your heart. You have true and innoncent feelings and are probably a little shy around the opposite gender. Guys will love you for that, so don't put up an evil, cold-hearted mask to cover it!!! You will fall in love... just because you will! Love is heaven to you.

What Love are you Fated for?
brought to you by Quizilla

The picture is so kawaii ^^

You have a Calm Soul! Being calm and cool is what you do best. You collected thoughts and always positive attitude make you very bright and logical. When theres a problem, you know how to approach it, and solve it. Your friends rely on you on their problems, and your shoulder for their crying. You are peaceful, and enjoy nature and freedom. You rarely get angry and hardly scream, which makes you good with kids. You seem to be in tune with the world and if anything goes wrong, you always bounce back.

What Kind of SOUL do you posses? (For Girls only) Incredible Anime Pictures!
brought to you by Quizilla

I cant interact with little kids.. they're just so demanding! XD

You are a Kind lover! You have such a sweet sense of caring and tend to take more part in holding hands and warm hugs than kissing. You are the kind of person who is easy to fall for, but be warned, you just might give someone the wrong impression of you if you are just being friendly to them.

What Kind Of Love Do You Show?(With Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Nobody will ever know what I wrote in the previous post (OMVeryFG). Its not really craps actually.. but I really really cant spread it around. Keeping secret is my future talent (I still can keep secrets, except I would accidentally bocor it).

We were in Jati today and Pn Yip spotted us (is it because of her glasses?). Min and I were 'chased' back to Cengal. Torturing boredom~ *sings* dang ni gu dan ni hui xiang qi shui~ So I decided to ask teacher for permission to go to Jati. 'Its against the rules.. after my period you can go' but thats obviously after school. I saw Charis was going to return the Math Magic. I asked her for it (to cure boredom) and we found out that there was no board. Argh. So Min and I decided to ask teacher's permission to 'return the board', and the hidden message is to go to Jati (its very well hidden). After we returned it, Min said she wanna go back, and I went to Jati. After a few minutes she's in Jati too. The others went downstairs for toilet and also come to our class, its time to go (but nobody knows). I saw Iyin and I said 'hi'. She pulled me out of the class, while Min unluckily was late. Hope teacher never saw me! *pray*

I need a new wardrobe.

Staying at home is boredom, going to school now is boredom too. I just wish that there is a boredom-curer robot. No. 89757!! He can sing, he can dance, he can cook, he can drive, he can chat (thats what the lyrics said).. Perfect. Just perfect. If only I had that kind of money. lol.


I speak rough language.. occasionally

>> Sunday, 16 October 2005


(omg the word is soo big) In case you didnt know, the asterisk actually is for 'u'. Are you thinking that 'why would win zee speak such rough language?! she's a pure and innocent girl.. (thats what ppl see in me. argh)'. Well OMVeryFG is actually the very extreme version of 'Oh My God', (extreme version is OMFG) like very extremely happy, very extremely excited, very extremely sad.. well you got the drill.

I am soo not supposed to tell this to you guys, but I really wanna express it. I assure you, nobody will understand what type of language I'm using below, cuz there's no subject in it.

After I exited blogger yesterday (er its supposed to be today, Oct 16, 12.30AM), I went to another website. I checked all the stuffs I need to check and then I got bored. So I decided to go on a shooting trip to sharpen up my shooting skills. The last time I done shooting was the last day of PMR. After I decided on what I want for tomorrow's breakfast, I put on my sunglasses and sip a glass of orange juice with that cute little umbrella in it (oops). I was looking at the screen, and I felt the page loaded a bit slower than it usually does. I took off my sunglasses and put down the glass (oops) and I started staring on the screen. My heart beats faster and faster (I'm a healthy, bright girl without heart problems). My brain kept telling me 'it cant be true, it cant be true', but my heart hope it is! After a few seconds, poof, it becams koko crunch! IT IS TRUE!!! Although its kinda unavailable, I'm still really really excited =)

Got this from here.

You are Black Wolf person, who gives an impression of being difficult and rather stiff.
But you are also simple and honest.
You are responsible person and are able to observe other people well.
You are intelligent and never lose your composure.
You lead life slowly at your pace keeping your dreams and hopes.
You tend to be calm and objective, but you also have complicated side to your personality.
You are an artistic type of person.
You have good sense of humor, and have lots of talent, and are good at making conversation.
You are indifferent to public opinion and custom.
You strictly stick to your philosophy and rules of life.
You have unique identity, and people tend to see you as an inconsiderate person who is not prepossessed with common sense.
Your attitude gives an impression of unemotional cold hearted person.
You may end up receiving great fortune and honor from no where.
But this may be far from your will.
Your defiant energy is great.
You can use your individuality to do things that no other person can, and lead happy fulfilled life.

People, I need comments on what you think of me. Words in bold is what I agree with (I know I'm perasan, no need to remind me).

I'm attending school and I'm onlining on a time like this. Hmm.

Sunday, October 16, 2005. 11.14AM

Dont ask me about the OMVeryFG things. You can ask why I speak rough language, that is.


blurr sotong

Currently Listening to: C21-She Cries

Another post! Lazy to put up another avatar.. After I have none to put up, and I gotta make one myself. I know I'm lazy, no need to remind me.

I rewatch Daniel's Mimpi, which is on the results show, 24th September 2004. 2 days before my birthday, but thats not how I remember it. Well I think he sang better than the night before that, although a few out of tune. The finalists always sang better in the results show. Geramnya~

According to Daniel, his single (including Mimpi and another Malay song) will be released on 19 October 2005 (from the forum actually. isnt it great if he tells me?). Spread the news people! Now another thing to add to my wishlist.

Blurr sotong. Nice adjective. Hey people! You're viewing blurr sotong's blog! Blurr sotong = Daniel (which his friend describe him). Beware people. Everything I said might have a bit hubungan with Daniel. lol.

Who's C21? I never heard of them before. I downloaded She Cries cuz the chorus is damn nice. After I watched it my bro and I kept singing the chorus until my mom said keep quiet *sings* she cries.. she cries.. whoa.. i try but she cries~

I am soo in the blogging mood, and I have soo nothing to blog about. I love rhyming. lol.

Yes! My mom is going to fix the guitar! Well not my mom but send it to the music school to replace the strings and all. lol. Then my self-learn guitar lesson is not far away! Yippee! *jumps like the 'Rock' week where Daniel jumps*

12.31AM, Sunday, October 16 2005..


blur rox!

>> Saturday, 15 October 2005

Syaoran is soo kawaii in the avatar! kawaii is just sooo irresistible!!

Reasons why I think the new version of Mimpi is weird:
#1 Sings too carefully
#2 Pronunciation too good (blur rox!)
#3 Voice not very powerful

Lets just hope its because the quality. I heard Daniel sang before (new version), and it seems 'normal'. lol.

I changed my piano teacher again! 3rd time.. I went to this Julliad Music School, not to say near my house but quite near. I http://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=8286769&postID=112937401850813733had theory today, 2 hours. The extra 1 hour is to replace last week's PMR. 2 hours seem short. The teacher is OK. There's one girl which is my mom's friend's daughter call Wan Chien (Is it your sister, chien hui? haha). She had her Grade 8 practical this year and she got a distinction. Her Grade 6 theory also got a distinction too, I think. Damn chun. My mom said that she is a ultimate bookworm. Her mom needs to keep her books away to 'prevent her from reading'. More bookworm than me.. Those who think I dont read, thats wrong. I just read less these years =) Oh she's same age as me, currently form 2. Damn chun. My practical would be on Thursday.

Download damn lots of stuff these days. Mainly English songs and Daniel's stuff. Yes ignore the Daniel part.

Rain is a very good weather.. learn to love it! Speaking about rain, how long have I not caught in the rain? (psst.. the rain i meant is the natural phenomenon, not Bi. I'm not interested in him [I'm a rare species! catch me if you can! hmm i wanna watch the movie. *sings* Rain, rain, go away come again, go away some other day~

I'm interested in making my own layout. It shows that I'm professional! At least to me. lol. Maybe something soft and white.. Ooh that must be so nice (in case you didn't know, i'm perasan than you think I am).

JJ's karaoke version of his 3rd album will be released on November! How do I know? I phoned Halo Music. The first thing they say when they pick up the phone is "hello hello". I was thinking I thought it should be hihi Actually they meant "hello this is Halo music". I'm blurer than the blurrest person in the world (which is obviously me). Lets celebrate for my first time! Btw, why must it release in such a long time? It should be somewhere around.. July or August.

Blur rox to the max!



>> Friday, 14 October 2005

Average Poneytail

You're the type of person that has the tendency to keep it real, you're funny, but you know when to be serious if the time calls. You are laid back, and you're intellectual, you'd be surprised how many people look up to you!

What hairstyle suits your personality?
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Currently Listening to: Mimpi (new/radio version) - Daniel

Whoo. Home made avatar again. Not very satisfied with it though. Without the words, it looks plain. With word, it looks weird.

New version of Mimpi is weird, too. Maybe like Gemilang, it is better hear live =) I heard there's a chinese version of mimpi, called 'fei' (Fly).

Chinese version of Mimpi - Fly lyrics

I found out that I don't have music talents. I spent a few minutes to find the chorus, and I can't sing the last part. A bit weird la. Anyone heard it before?

I finally know the difference between acoustic guitar and classical guitar!
Classical guitar has shorter but wider neck than acoustic guitar. It sounds better than acoustic.
Thanks a lot to zongzai. =)

I wanna learn guitar.. Daniel and JJ are bad bad boys. lol.

I think I've been a lil neglecting JJ these days. Plenty sorry-s to you JJ~ You must remember you're always #1 in my heart (i know its a bit geli la). A BIG huggie for you~

lol. I'm getting lamer these days.

Daniel dont get jealous oh~

Argh. getting lamer.
People, slap me to reality.

Are there a certain date for famous people to be born?
September 15 - Jolin Tsai, Prince Henry, my bro
July 1st - My cousin sis, Princess Diana, Daniel




Daniel pics~

>> Thursday, 13 October 2005

Currently Listening to: Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson

I found Daniel's Bu Xiang Zhi Dao guitar score! But its a bit useless.. I dunno how to play the guitar, but I think it would be quite easy. Its just chords! lol.

We had this premarital sex seminar today. STD - sexually transmitted disease sure to die! I just love khei sze's jokes, although its a bit lame =) premarital sex can be really confusing. They have this activity, which this girl has sex with this guy, and the next minute she's with another guy. Confused~

I think I can predict the future. Yesterday night I was thinking of what to blog about, which I thought of home made survey (i'm getting out of control with the word 'home made'). About influenced by something. And we done a survey or something about how influenced are you by the media. Its scary you know *shivers*

I forgot the questions for the survey though. lol.

Uncle Daniel

Title "Uncle Daniel" (Very old. haha.) Subtitle "anyone knows how to carry a baby?" You dont know how to carry a baby?! High 5!

Sitting Down Here

Title "I am Sitting Down Here". Subtitle "but hey, you can't see me..." I don't understand. From this angle he's damn shuai. brown hair just damn rox.


Title "Cute". Subtitle "Looks like The Dog (big head small body)". Damn perasan. lol.

Feeling Sad

Title "Daniel Feeling Sad". Subtitle "So he went to Batu Feringghi". Funny. I love cold jokes, cuz I can laugh at it. I hate 'hot' jokes, cuz I cant laugh at it. I know I'm weird. Back to the photo. The angle is chunted. If I had my own camera, I would take photos at this angle too. lol. You know I'm easily influenced..

Daniel can't take photos now, cuz his camera is spoilt. You're asking me I know Daniel? DUH. Then how do you know it? He emailed you or what? Yeap. Oops sorry. That's my dream. lol. I get to know from yesterday's 8TV celebrity chat. He changed his hair style. Damn shuai. Vocal and English improved a lot.

Speaking of camera, my dad said if I get straight As in PMR, I can get my own digital camera! But I doubt I can. BM was so hard. I was thinking of instead of camera, I'll get a cellphone. But thinking that I need to pay for prepaid, I immediately dont want it. I'm very kiamsiap ya know. lol. Well apart from that, I'm more interested in photography~ thanks to Daniel. haha.

I found the definition of 'blues' (music genre) in dictionary.com, but I dont understand it AT ALL.

A style of music evolved from southern African-American secular songs and usually distinguished by a syncopated 4/4 rhythm, flatted thirds and sevenths, a 12-bar structure, and lyrics in a three-line stanza in which the second line repeats the first: “The blues is an expression of anger against shame and humiliation” (B.B. King).

Can anyone 'translate' it into something simpler? I'm a slow learner. hmm. I think I used it in the wrong place. lol.

I love pics ^^


Fly Away

>> Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Currently listening to: Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

Home made avatar! xD

PMR is officially over! Woohoo~! Geography was quite easy. I did some questions before. 101% same. mwahaha. KH was 101% all perdagangan! ^%#$* can we complaint? Chinese was quite.. ok la. The essay I wrote was not supposed to be an essay to 'express my anger'. lol.

I downloaded damn lots of English songs these days. I guess I watch too much of hitz.tv. lol. But I still have damn lots of songs to download. Mainly Chinese. Haha. I downloaded Gwen Stefanie's Hollaback Girl and listen halfway through. Damn lots of 'shit's. My bro heard that too. So I 'sacrifice' myself and deleted the song to prevent 'misleading' my bro. Bleh. Dont think I'm that good. Even if I dont have a bro I would delete the song too. Too much of 'shit's make me think that Gwen needs to learn basic cleanliness xD Sorry~

My mom was thinking of letting me to work. During holidays. I was afraid I will caught by the police cuz I'm still underage. But who cares. The police isnt that free. haha. Staying at home is boring. I'll become lamer when I'm bored, like writing with highlighter, sing songs.. bleh.

I'm freakin' bored now.

2005 is gonna end! Why did I realize this now? 3 quarter of the year is over.. time flys a bit too fast, eh?

My cousin sis went for this laser thing to remove the moles (although i dont think its mole). I heard that the two of 'em will be having braces sooner or later. I prefer using that bunch of money and buy tons of CDs, books, clothes.. some normal stuff. Now I cant differentiate both of them (they're twins). Are they trying to fool us? lol.

Speaking about both of them, I forgot to wish them Happy Birthday (I'm 1 year older for 3 days xD). Oh well. Its over now. Plus they dont know I have a blog. lol.

Added the commenting system! And one day I'll be deleting the taggie. I think.

Can VCD/DVD/CD played (in the car) play MP3? I downloaded loads of MP3s and preparing to burn them into a CD, and then I thought of this. Argh.

I dont know there's a new radio station called Fly FM. Very nice name, especially the Fly~ Ok back to the point. I heard that a new version of Mimpi! In this Fly FM. My radio sux. Klang Valley - 95.8. They have nice wallies~

Fly made me thought of Fish's Fly Away. And Fish made me thought of her new album! Chinese album release every year. Argh. I might be considering buying it, but now even pirated stuff are expensive. Argh.

JJ released his 89757 karaoke version! Must get it by this October! And also dream interpretation book. Its so cool! I flipped a dream interpretation last time. I found 'friends'. The only thing I remember is '...you need to be a better friend'. They need to specify what is a 'better' friend. lol I'm being lame.

Fly Away~ dreamy name =)



>> Friday, 7 October 2005

PMR was OK. The first day I was so nervous until I bit my nails. Argh. But the rest was like normal exams. I wonder adults make it looks 'important' and 'hard'.

BM was quite hard. As usual la. lol.
Science was quite easy. Paper 1 was harder than paper 2. Weird.
Maths 1 was moderate. Maths 2 was hard!! The 4th question is not in our syllabus! The cos outside the triangle. 101% correct. Can we complaint?
Sejarah was quite easy. But getting an A for it would be hard.
English was easy. As usual.

Getting straight A's is hard!!

Blogging is getting hard too. I have nothing to blog about!

I dreamt about my piano teacher today. I was letting her to mark my theory. When she saw my answer, she said "wow! you can learn guitar la." And then she said some facts about the chords, which I dont remember and wont remember. lol.

Whats the difference between accoustic guitar and classic guitar?

I am soo not supposed to go online or even play the computer now. Argh.


I listened to The Myth's (Shen Hua) theme song. Its a duet, Jackie Chan and Kim Hee Seon. I think. Chinese + Korean. I just remembered Sarangha (I love you). Damn nice! Anyone have the song?

The song made me wanna watch the movie =)


Good luck~

>> Saturday, 1 October 2005

PMR is 3 days away! Nightmare.. Luckily BM is the first day. I think history is much interesting than BM. lol.

Good luck to everyone who's taking exams now! Especially those who are taking PMR and SPM. May your exams pass with flying colours! Go go jia you~


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