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>> Tuesday, 20 September 2005

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Happy Birthday to Zhe Jiun! I have so no sense of timing. If nobody reminds me, I think I'll forgot my birthday.

D.N. Angel beside me. So damn shuai ^^

There's so many exams now. Argh. Luckily just 1 Sejarah exam, if not I'll be sejarah-fied. Now I'm Mathemati- and Scienceti-fied.

A few days till PMR! That's so horrifying. I never touch my sejarah and geografi. Argh. They make me sleep. Once I was studying sejarah. I felt so annoying by the words and names I felt like tearing the book, go to the telephone, phone the Ministry of Education, ask him to cancel sejarah, and then scold him like hell! That's what you'll get if you make me angry, but its quite hard la. (I think =p)

Sometimes first instinct is too true to believe. Sigh.

I reread my old diaries. Dont get too excited, cuz I wont reveal about the contents inside ;) Too bad I threw away my F1 diary. Full of him. A bit silly though. I never thought that I'll dreamt about another him so many times, like almost everyday. Not much of study last time, so maybe my brain needs some exercise and it exercised at night. I remembered that one of my new year resolution, I put "talk to him 5 times". Yes thats silly. Oh and there's one dream that i dreamt about him and others. In reality he talked to me a few times already. When I woke up, I was like "Omg! He talked to me 5 times already! Thats so fast!" After a few seconds, "Oh. its just a dream. Oh wth. So true!" Was a bit disappointed. haha. A girl will do silly stuff when she's in like =)

I dreamt about JJ a few weeks ago. I was in my aunt's son's room, but in the dream its my house. I was looking out from the window, thinking about what I eavesdropped my mom with other "aunties" (JJ is her brother. Yeap its true). [flashback] JJ came to my house. Wearing pink shirt I think. I was too shy to say hi to him, and he's the shy type too, so he just look at me. [end of flashback] Ding Dong. The door bell rang. I walked to the door, and I saw JJ. I never open the door, thats what my mom told me to. He was wearing yellow shirt, and he was so so tall! His shadow covered me. I was thinking that 172cm was so tall. I waved my hand. In reply he asked me whether I wanna watch CSI: Yxxxx (something). I never listen properly, and I asked him "huh?" When he wanna repeat, a girl called him. brown long hair, quite pretty. He said goodbye to me and then went to the girl.

Really, Lim and Teong has so much difference. Still, its a great dream =)

Compare with Iyin's dream, my dream is more towards the daily life type. She even dreamt that Twins kidnap her sis. That will make a headline if its true! =p

Just a few days till PMR! Must work a lil bit more harder!! Go go jia you!! You can do it!

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