Daniel rox!

>> Sunday, 25 September 2005

Daniel won the Malaysian Idol!! Oh my god!! I never expect him to be one. Reasons:
#1 More Malays than Chinese in Malaysia
#2 I heard that Daniel's votes were less than Nita, somewhere around that afternoon
#3 Nita has more fans which I knew (ask my class)
#4 The judges love Nita

Just after Friday, I kept thinking a lot of "what if"s.
What if Daniel isnt the Idol? Will I cry?
What if Nita win?
What if there's one vote less for Daniel and Nita win?
What if...

Just my worries. I kept wishing for him. Voted four times, just 2 replies o_O I'm not crazy, compare to the Pink.. something, which is a group of girls who support Daniel and wear pink clothes. lol.

I believe in my taste =) He got 68% of the votes. Lots of zeros.

If Xerra wasnt out, she might be my favourite. I think she's better than Nita =)

People kept saying this year's finalists were not good, comparing to last year. Aiyoh, this year's was better la. Last year I watched for a few days then I stopped. Too boring o_O I dunno why but I like Paul Moss. His advectives are so creative. "you sang like the inflated helium balloon." "You know what is a hamster? You sang like a hamster." xD

Stop talking about Daniel, Win Zee.

PMR~! Argh. I hate it. Seldom study these days. Sigh.

Oh my god Daniel you're so cute ^^ Daniel you rox! Go go jia you!

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